The switch to colour was a gradual process mostly taking place from the 1930s to the 1950s. This section contains any movie which is completely in black and white from old classics to newer ones such as Schindler's List.
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The Purchase Price
(USA, 1932) [B&W, 68 m.].

Direction: William A. Wellman.
Arthur Stringer (history, "The Mud Lark").
Writer: Robert Lord.
Cinematography: Sidney Hickox (B&W).
Music: Leo F. Forbstein / Charles Tobias, Peter Tinturin, Sidney Clare (songs).
Company: Warner Bros. Pictures (Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.).
Cast: Barbara Stanwyck (Joan Gordon), George Brent (Jim Gilson), Lyle Talbot (Ed Fields), Hardie Albright (Don Deslie), David Landau (Bull McDowell), Murray Kinnell (Spike Forgan), Leila Bennett (Emily), Matt McHugh (Waco), Clarence H. Wilson (Justice of the Peace), Lucille Ward (Wife of Justice of Peace), Crauford Kent (Peters), Victor Potel (Clyde), Adele Watson (Mrs. Tipton), John Miller (Man on floor), Anne Shirley (A Farmer's Daughter), Harry "Snub" Pollard (Joe).
IMDb. Torch singer Joan Gordon, tiring of her relationship with small-time hood and racketeer Eddie Fields, flees to Montreal and becomes the mail-order bride of down-to-earth farmer Jim Gilson. Their chance for happiness is threatened by Gilson's own stubborness, a lecherous neighbor and the reappearance of Fields.

AMG SYNOPSIS: Barbara Stanwyck, displayed in all her pre-Code glory, once again plays "damaged goods" in Warner Bros.' The Purchase Price. Hard-boiled nightclub singer Joan Gordon (Stanwyck) gets fed up being the kept woman of her married boss, bootlegger Ed Fields (Lyle Talbot). Fleeing New York City, she ends up in North Dakota as the mail-order bride of wheat farmer Jim Gilson (George Brent). -- Hal Erickson


Code: Select all

--- File Information ---                                                        
File Name:                                      The Purchase Price (1932) iNTERNAL DVDRip XviD AXN.avi        
File Size (in bytes):                           733,194,240                     
--- Container Information ---                                                   
Base Type (e.g "AVI"):                          AVI(.AVI)                 
Subtype (e.g "OpenDML"):                        OpenDML (AVI v2.0),                   
Interleave (in ms):                             83          
Preload (in ms):                                504       
Audio alignment("split across interleaves"):    Aligned         
Total System Bitrate (kbps):                    0            
Bytes Missing (if any):                         0            
Number of Audio Streams:                        1       
--- Video Information ---                                                       
Video Codec Type(e.g. "DIV3"):                  XviD              
Video Codec Name(e.g. "DivX 3, Low-Motion"):    XviD ISO MPEG-4                      
Duration (hh:mm:ss):                            1:07:44                
Frame Count:                                    97416             
Frame Width (pixels):                           576                  
Frame Height (pixels):                          432                  
Storage Aspect Ratio("SAR")"                    1.333                     
Pixel Aspect Ratio ("PAR"):                     1.000                     
Display Aspect Ratio ("DAR"):                   1.333                          
Frames Per Second:                              23.976          
Pics Per Second:                                23.976            
Video Bitrate (kbps):                           1308                 
MPEG-4 ("MPEG-4" or ""):                        MPEG-4                   
B-VOP ("B-VOP" or ""):                          B-VOP              
QPel ("QPel" or ""):                                          
GMC ("GMC" or ""):                                             
NVOP ("NVOP" or ""):                                          
H264 ("H264" or ""):	                                            
Quality Factor (bits/pixel)/frame:              0.219"                            
--- Audio Information ---                                             
Audio Codec (e.g. "AC3"):                       0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3                    
Audio Sample Rate (Hz):                         48000             
Audio Bitrate(kbps):                            128                 
Audio Bitrate Type ("CBR" or "VBR"):            CBR            
Audio Channel Count (e.g. "2" for stereo):      2          
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

The.Purchase.Price.1932.iNTERNAL.DVDRip.XviD-AXN.avi  [699.23 Mb]

Subtitles (direct download): spanish / english / french.

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Added snapshots. ~ erdamon

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Re: The.Purchase.Price.(1932).FS.DVDRip.XviD-AXN

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Re: The.Purchase.Price.(1932).FS.DVDRip.XviD-AXN

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Re: The.Purchase.Price.(1932).FS.DVDRip.XviD-AXN

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Re: The.Purchase.Price.(1932).FS.DVDRip.XviD-AXN

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