The Compleat Tex Avery (1993)

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The Compleat Tex Avery (1993)

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The Compleat Tex Avery (1993) 4 DVD Set


Frederick Bean "Fred/Tex" Avery (February 26, 1908 – August 26, 1980) was an American animator, cartoonist, voice actor and director, famous for producing animated cartoons during The Golden Age of Hollywood animation. He did his most significant work for the Warner Bros. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, creating the characters of Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, and developing Porky Pig and Chilly Willy (this last one for the Walter Lantz Studio) into the personas for which they are remembered.
Source: Wikipedia

All of Tex Avery's MGM shorts were released uncensored in a North American MGM/UA laserdisc set, called The Compleat Tex Avery, including the "politically incorrect" Uncle Tom's Cabana and Half-Pint Pygmy (although these were removed from the Region 2 DVD release, now out of print). THIS is the Region 2 DVD release.

REVIEW of the Laserdisc release written for Frames Per Second: The Magazine of Animation

Batty Baseball (4/22/44) Avery spoofs baseball. That guy in the stands should have just kept his mouth shut.
Big Heel-Watha (10/21/44) A big dumb Indian tries to capture Screwy Squirrel.
Blitz Wolf (8/22/42) A wolf that resembles Hitler takes a crack at the three little pigs.
Dumb-Hounded (3/20/43) Droopy tracks down escaped convict Wolf. Is this the only cartoon where Droopy actually barked??
Happy-Go-Nutty (6/24/44) Screwy Squirrel escapes from Moron Manor and torments Meathead some more.
Jerky Turkey (4/7/45) A clever turkey eludes the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.
One Ham's Family (8/14/43) Wolf, dressed as Santa, tries to bag some ham but is outsmarted by Jr. Pig.
Red Hot Riding Hood (5/8/43) Wolf tries to pull the old Red Riding Hood gag in order to meet up with Little Red, but Grandma has other ideas.
Screwball Squirrel (4/1/44) Screwy Squirrel beats the stuffing out of Sammy Squirrel then torments Meathead the Dog for the rest of the picture.
Swing Shift Cinderella (8/25/45) Wolf has eyes for Red, but someone has eyes for Wolf.
The Early Bird Dood It (8/29/42) A worm tries to outmaneuver an early bird with aid from a cat.
The Screwy Truant (1/13/45) Screwy skips school and wreaks havoc on the truant officer.
The Shooting of Dan McGoo (3/3/45) Wolf tries to kill Droopy, but Red quickly draws his attention.
What's Buzzin' Buzzard (11/27/43) Two buzzards are desperate to get a bite to eat.
Who Killed Who (6/19/43) Avery spoofs a few murder mysteries.
Wild and Woolfy (11/3/45) Once again, Wolf tries to kidnap Red but Droopy is in the way.

Bad Luck Blackie (1/22/49) A kitten enlists the aid of a black cat who causes things like flower pots, safes, and battleships to fall on a bulldog that is tormenting him.
Henpecked Hoboes (10/26/46) A hungry George & Junior try to catch some chickens.
Hound Hunters (4/12/47) George & Junior, the blundering duo, become dog catchers.
King-Size Canary (12/6/47) A hungry cat starts a Jumbo-Gro feeding frenzy that goes awry.
Little Tinker (5/15/48) A little skunk will try anything to find a girlfriend.
Lonesome Lenny (3/9/46) Screwy is adopted by Lenny the big dumb dog. This is the last Screwy Squirrel cartoon.
Lucky Ducky (10/9/48) A pesky little duck is too much for these two hunting dogs to handle.
Northwest Hounded Police (8/3/46) Droopy is once again in hot pursuit of escaped felon Wolf.
Red Hot Rangers (5/31/47) George & Junior battle a pesky little flame.
Senor Droopy (4/9/49) Droopy and Wolf battle it out in a bullfight.
Slap Happy Lion (9/20/47) The biggest, baddest lion in the jungle is put in his place by a mouse.
The Cat that Hated People (11/20/48) A cat that is fed up with people goes to the moon only to find out that people aren't so bad after all.
The Hick Chick (6/15/46) A dumb cluck rooster tries to prevent a suave rooster from stealing the chicken of his dreams.
What Price Fleadom (3/20/48) Homer falls in love with a female flea who lives on the back of a bulldog.

Car of Tomorrow (9/22/51) The future of automobiles is displayed here.
The Chump Champ (11/4/50) Droopy and Spike compete for the title of "King of Sports". Not to mention a kiss from the "Queen of Sports".
Cock-a-Doodle Dog (2/10/51) Spike is having a little trouble sleeping thanks to a loud-beaked rooster.
The Counterfeit Cat (12/24/49) A cat tries to disguise himself as a dog in order to get to a canary.
The Cuckoo Clock (6/10/50) A slightly crazed cat tries to kill the cuckoo in a clock.
Daredevil Droopy (3/31/51) Droopy and Spike compete to become the Daredevil Dog at a circus.
Doggone Tired (7/30/49) Speedy is ready to go hunt rabbits, but can he get a good nights sleep so he can get up at 5 in the morning to blast that bunny?
Droopy's Good Deed (5/5/51) Droopy and Spike compete for the title of Best Scout, and a chance to meet the President.
Garden Gopher (9/30/50) Spike is trying to bury his bones with no help from a pesky little gopher.
The House of Tomorrow (9/22/51) The future of automobiles is displayed here.
Little Rural Riding Hood (9/17/49) A city wolf tries to show his countrified cousin some culture by introducing him to a real Red Riding Hood.
Out-Foxed (11/5/49) A clever British fox tries to outwit Droopy.
The Peachy Cobbler (12/9/50) A shoemaker gets a little help from some elves.
Symphony in Slang (6/16/51) Joe is having trouble getting his point across to the keeper of the Pearly Gates.
Ventriloquist Cat (5/27/50) A cat confuses a dog by throwing his voice.
Wags to Riches (8/13/49) Spike stands to inherit millions of dollars if something should happen to Droopy.

Billy Boy (5/8/54) Wolf inherits a very hungry little billy goat goat goat goat.
Cellbound (11/25/55) Spike escapes from prison and ends up in the warden’s TV set.
Deputy Droopy (10/28/55) Droopy must guard the safe from Slim and Shorty.
Dixieland Droopy (12/4/54) The story of Dixieland musician John Pettibone and Pee Wee Runt, the horn blowing flea. Together they make it to the Hollywood Bowl.
Drag-A-Long Droopy (2/20/54) Droopy and his sheep have to defend themselves against the Wolf and his cattle.
Droopy's Double Trouble (11/17/51) Spike wants a free meal, but Droopy and Drippy have him slightly confused.
Farm of Tomorrow (9/18/54) Check out the farm of the future.
Field and Scream (4/30/55) We follow Ed on his fishing and hunting adventure.
The First Bad Man (9/30/55) The story of the first bank robber and cattle rustler; Dinosaur Dan.
Homesteader Droopy (6/26/54) Droopy must defend his new ranch against Dishonest Dan.
Little Johnny Jet (4/18/53) A WWII bomber is tired of seeing jets, but changes his mind when his son turns out to be a jet.
Magical Maestro (2/9/52) The Great Poochini in tormented by a magician who he had earlier rejected.
One Cab's Family (5/17/52) Dad assumes Junior is going to grow up to be just like him; a taxi cab. But Junior has other ideas.
Rock-a-Bye Bear (7/12/52) Spike gets a job house sitting for a high-strung hibernating bear. All he has to do is keep it quiet.
The Flea Circus (11/6/54) Poly-Itchy, the flea circus clown, will do anything to get attention from FiFi LaFlea.
The Three Little Pups (12/26/53) Snoopy, Loopy, and Droopy try to elude a low-key wolf dog catcher.
TV Of Tomorrow (6/6/53) The future of television is reviewed here, although there is no mention of Dolby THX.

Half-Pint Pygmy (8/7/48) George & Junior hunt for the world’s smallest pygmy so they can claim the $10,000 reward.
Uncle Tom's Cabaña (7/19/47) The truth about Uncle Tom's Cabin. This is the first one of them Hollywood cartoon companies ever got the straight dope on this Uncle Tom stuff.
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