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Animated movies for kids of all ages (U and PG certificate).
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*-,._.,-*~> POSTING RULES FOR MOVIE LINKS <~*-,._.,-*

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Technical Specs and screenshots are now compulsory in this forum

Enter the subject line in this order:

• Movie Name (use IMDb movie name).

• IMDb Year (in brackets automatically, if movie has a year in the name, put 2 dots before the year (e.g. ..2001) to remove brackets).

• If there is a commentary audio stream add a (+Commentary) tag. If more than 1 commentary stream use (.Commentary.x2) etc...

• If there are links in the thread for movie extras, deleted scenes etc... then add an (+Extras) tag.

• If an originally foreign languaged movie is dubbed in English then add (English.Dubbed).

• If there are hardcoded English subs then add (English.Subbed).

• Special edition tags (e.g. UNRATED, UNCUT, UNCENSORED, EXTENDED, REMASTERED, CRiTERiON, SUPERBiT, SE, Directors.Cut etc...).

• (Optional) Extra scene tags (e.g. LiMiTED, STV, FESTiVAL etc... please no TV or READNFO tags).

• (Optional) iNTERNAL release tag (iNT)

• Fullscreen tag (FS) if the aspect ratio is in the range of 1.200:1 to 1.399:1. Widesceen (WS) is always assumed if no FS tag so no need for it.

• Scene release 'fix' tags (e.g. PROPER, REPACK, FiXED, RERiP, REAL etc...).

• Source (e.g. DVDRip, CAM etc... use R5.DVDRip not just R5).

• Audio Codec (e.g AAC, DTS etc... do not add tag if audio is MP3, 2ch AC3 or LiNE. AC3 only if 3ch or more).

• Video Codec (e.g. DivX5, XviD, x264 etc..., DivX must have version i.e, 3LM, 3FM, 4, 5 or 6).

• Release group/Releaser (if available) (e.g. DiAMOND, FiNaLe, PUKKA etc...).


Below is an example of the above subject line.


• As the example above, there should be no spaces anywhere in the subject line, it is all dots except for the dash before the release group.
• Automatic rules are in place to fix mistakes in the subject lines.
• Some of these rules change the first letter case on some words (e.g. the, and etc...) if you want a capital letter enter the first letter twice (e.g. TThe, AAnd etc...).

• Got any questions? Ask :)

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