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*-,._.,-*~> POSTING RULES FOR DVDR, DVD9, HDTVRip, HDDVDRip or BDRip LINKS <~*-,._.,-*

Post by .:jOe:. » Thu Feb 21, 2008 7:49 am

While screenshots are not compulsory for DVDR, DVD9, HDTVRip, HDDVDRip and BDRip releases in this forum, they are welcome nonetheless.

When posting DVDR, DVD9, HDTVRip, HDDVDRip or BDRip links please make sure your subject line follows these rules.

IMDb.Title.of.Movie.(IMDb.Year).DVDR.Format-ReleaseGroup [LANGUAGE(S)]

IMDb.Title.of.Movie.(IMDb.Year).DVD9.Format-ReleaseGroup [LANGUAGE(S)]
IMDb.Title.of.Movie.(IMDb.Year).HDTVRip.Resolution.AudioCodec.VideoCodec-ReleaseGroup [LANGUAGE(S)]
IMDb.Title.of.Movie.(IMDb.Year).HDDVDRip.Resolution.AudioCodec.VideoCodec-ReleaseGroup [LANGUAGE(S)]
IMDb.Title.of.Movie.(IMDb.Year).BDRip.Resolution.AudioCodec.VideoCodec-ReleaseGroup [LANGUAGE(S)]

so for example:

Toy.Story.2.(1999).DVDR.PAL-Grupo.Cine-Digital [EN/ES]
Ice.Age.(2002).HDDVDRip.1080i.DTS.x264-fanxy@silu [EN/JP]

So to clarify, there is a dot between each word, brackets around the year and a dash before the release group.

DVDR/DVD9 format should be either NTSC or PAL.
HDDVDRip (High Definition TV Rips) and BDRip (Blu-ray Disc Rip) resolutions should be 1080p (1920x1080 or 1920x800 progressive), 1080i (1920x1080 or 1920x800 interlaced) or 720p (1280x720 or 1280x544 progressive).

Code: Select all

Language codes are:
EN = English
ES = Spanish
CT = Catalan
FR = French
IT = Italian
PT = Portuguese
DE = German
PL = Polish
NL = Dutch
TR = Turkish
RU = Russian
HU = Hungarian
JP = Japanese
CN = Cantonese
MD = Mandarin
KR = Korean
DK = Danish
NO = Norwegian
SE = Swedish
FI = Finnish
If the release has more tags such as PROPER, REPACK, UNRATED etc... then put the tag before the source.

so for example:

Shrek.(2001).RECUT.EXTENDED.DVDR.NTSC-Replica [EN]


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