[Russkij] A Film About Mikhail Kalatozov (2006)

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[Russkij] A Film About Mikhail Kalatozov (2006)

Post by Haller » Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:24 pm

A Film About Mikhail Kalatozov
Фильм о Михаила Калатозова


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Director: Mikhail Kalatozishvili
Script Vadim Dolgiy
Producer: Mikhail Kalatozishvili
Photography: Archil Ahvlediani
Film Editing: Leonid Melman
Sound: Alexey Yurovskiy
Original Music: Rustavi Ensemble (dir. Anzor Eirkomaishvili)
Production Company: Mikhail Kalatozov Fund
Country: Russia
Year: 2006
Runtime: 102 min
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English (srt)
Genre: Documentary

Cast: Sergei Solovyov, Claude Lelouch, Andrei Konchalovsky, Tatiana Samoilova, Alexei Batalov, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Aleksandr Zatsepi, Eduard Martsevich.


The career of revered Russian filmmaker Mikhail Kalatozov is explored in this documentary film comprised of rare behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with French director Claude Lelouch, and conversations with some of the biggest names in contemporary Russian cinema. Kalatozov's grandson Mikhail Kalatozishvili pays tribute to the director of such timeless classics as I Am Cuba, Salt for Svanetia, and The Cranes are Flying as such notable fans as Andrei Konchalovsky, Sergei Solovyov, and Alexei Batalov discuss the remarkable influence Kalatozov had on their own film careers. (Jason Buchanan, Rovi)

The third disc in The Ulitmate Edition is another full-length documentary, a stand-alone piece about Mikhail Kalatozov--simply titled A Film about Mikhail Kalatozov. Made in 2006 by the director's grandson, Mikhail Kalatozishvili, the two-hour program gathers admirers and collaborators together to discuss the movies the elder Kalatozov made. This includes the stars of The Cranes are Flying, Tatiana Samoilova and Alexei Batalov; Cuba writer Yevgeny Yevtushenko; French director Claude Lelouch (the only one who doesn't speak in Russian in the film); composer Aleksandr Zatsepin and actor Eduard Martsevich, who both worked on Kalatozov's last film, The Red Tent; and Russian filmmakers Andrei Konchalovsky and Sergei Solovyov. There are generous helpings of all the films discussed, as well as awesome behind the scenes footage. Interestingly, I Am Cuba is paid the least attention here. (Jamie S. Rich, DVD Talk)
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DVDRip by Haller | Source: Milestone DVD5, shared by Karl Mundt (TPB)
MKV | 1.35 GB | 102 min | 3 streams (video/audio/subtitles: en)
Video: H.264 | 720 x 480 res | 4:3 dar | 29.97 fps | 1663 kbps
Audio: AC3 | 2 ch | 48000 Hz | 192 kbps cbr | ru
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A.Film.About.Mikhail.Kalatozov.2006.[DVDRip.H264.AC3.2ch.Ru].[En.Subs].[Documentary].[Haller].mkv  [1.35 Gb]
ripped by Haller from Soy Cuba - Ultimate Edition DVD (Disc 3). Optional English subtitles (srt) into mkv container.

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