Question regarding database

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Question regarding database

Post by hpmmfs2 »

I am looking for a database program for windows or linux (ubuntu, debian, Raspbian), that can do these things:
1.) obviously, title, and other normal metadata of the particular movie, tv series and episodes/seasons
2.) able to keep it in an organized way either tree like or some other method, to do with seasons and episodes and various versions of a movie
3.) hash the files and keep the hash, but that are able to be compared directly with ed2k or even torrent
4.) obviously as a database, it needs to be searchable

Optional things will be things like, linking to the actual files in question through the database, etc

If anybody has any candidate that would do the above, or any ideas where I can find it, I would be very appreciative
Currently I have, my now vast, library in ntfs external drives (this will change soon), separated by folders with the different series, seasons, or movies for each. But this is not a good system overall
In the future I will be using ZFS, hopefully on NAS (either diy or retail), but the need to be able to search and compare vs what is online is what is driving this change
I am willing to program this myself, but I would prefer to either have a ready made version or source code for something that is either what I need or is close to what I need. The hash verification being what I honestly don't know what is involved in programming...
Hopefully this will bare fruit, if it does it might be of interest for everyone else on this site and other situations
(I am not against using a media player as the way to do this, but I am not aware of what capabilities media players have now, nor how to modify one to do the above)

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