LinkCreator: ED2K links with http sources. Good or bad?

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LinkCreator: ED2K links with http sources. Good or bad?

Post by raffe »

This is not a big issue (the bigger issue is to get me to remember to use AICH hash :oops: ),I am just a little curious. :ibnerd

When I use LinkCreator I can, among other things, add HTTP-sources. The difference in the links look like this
Link without HTTP-sources
Link with HTTP-sources
ed2k;//|file|YUMI-|1310075|7724D615A909253C45E2A46FA2AFA2C2|h=M2XNKH4KLG7PBZBIZWHMEBDQQOCCBY2S|s= ... .0.1.9.exe|/
It kind of sounds cool and good to have HTTP-sources. But in the Tutorial for Posting Movies on STF we say "When you run it (no installation required) just keep the default settings", then only AICH is checked. But maybe "keep the default settings" is just to keep it simple? Or maybe it gives problems?

So, should we use it, should we not use or does it not matter if we use it or not?

This is how it looks in LinkCreator

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Re: LinkCreator: ED2K links with http sources. Good or bad?

Post by momijigari »

Don't use http sources, please.
We do not want to link directly to other sites in any way, shape, or form (not counting imagehosting sites, of course).

Linking to a developer (but not the file itself) is fine, but other than that, only pure ed2k links are allowed.


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