Issue with sharing over LAN

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Issue with sharing over LAN

Post by Elmojo »

Hi all,
I'm noticing some odd behavior lately from eMule, and I'm hoping you guys (and gals!) can help me out.
Recently, I've noticed that the files I'm sharing over my local network (from my server) aren't actually being shared in eMule.
What I mean is that if I look at my "Shared Files" section, I see my folders listed like normal, such as x:\Movies, W:\TV Shows, etc...
However, those that are UNC shares from my server (\\Server\TV Shows) are just empty when I click on them. If I right click and choose {Open Folder}, it opens right up and I see all my files, so I know the link is working, it's just not sharing these files with the world.
If I go to [Options] and check under the [Directories] section, the paths are shown in the UNC section.
This kinda seems to have started ever since I updated to the latest version of eMule. I was previously on an older eMule XT mod version, and it always worked just fine.
Anyone know how to fix this?
I've got a ton of 'value' out of this ecosystem over the years, and I don't feel right, not giving back my pat by sharing what I have.

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