x265 replace x264...? Releasing Standards...?

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x265 replace x264...? Releasing Standards...?

Post by jdhome »

A few years ago there was a welcome change from the groups:
Scene Standard-Definition HDTV format change

So I leave this question here:
x265 will soon replace x264 ... ??

when will x265 replace x264 as standard for HDTV, BDRip releases etc ...

I did reencode tests (with NVenc. by NVIDIA hardware) on my old SD collections of .XviD.avi and x264.mkv
and I managed to reduce about 10Tb to little more than 4Tb with 2HDs empty
In some I even tried to increase the resolution from 624x352px to the current 720x404px, and the image in some aspects was even better in terms of definition.

Will you start to see SD releases of 45-minute episodes with about 150m..????

Here is a tip for those who want to share this with the release groups
because practically and nowadays all smart TVs can read x265 and VP9 in 4k UHD

Supported compressed video codecs on 4K TV LG

H.264 vs H.265 — A technical comparison. When will H.265 dominate the market?

Sorry for my poor grammatical English

Greetings from PT :thumbs :v

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Re: x265 replace x264...? Releasing Standards...?

Post by raffe »

Most x265 TV releases here at STF are 2160p, as you see here search.php?keywords=x265 but there are releases also for other resolutions out there. I am sure there will be a change, but that always take some time. But as you see at https://scenerules.org/ the rules for Webrips (that is slowly replacing HDTV) include x265

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