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*-,._.,-*~> POSTING RULES FOR LINKS <~*-,._.,-*

Post by ZiN »

Our official stance on the links that you post.

· Posting fake or unshared links, which have 0 full sources within 24 hours of your post will result in warnings and ultimately a ban.

· It is impossible for us to moderate the copy/pasting of links from one site to another, nor do we intend to try, as we are unable to determine, without any reasonable doubt, who the original poster was and what site got the link first. Therefore you are ultimately responsible for what you post, up until the file you are posting is fully sourced and relatively well spread as per the first rule above.

· If you don't want what you post on another site to be copy/pasted here by someone else then it is your responsibility to post it here quickly before someone else does. eD2k is a sharing community, the more sites you post your links on, the more sources that file will get. If this is not your way of thinking then you need to find different networks to spread your files on, we have no interest in listening to your complaints.
Before posting links make sure you post them in the correct forum.

· Read the forum descriptions found on the board index.
· If a file has more than one audio stream or hardcoded subtitles in a language other than English then treat the foreign language(s) or subtitle(s) as the main language and post in the appropriate foreign language forums.

· To help with this somewhat complex process, Chaindead has created an application called "Movie Subject Line Creator", which will not only tell you the correct section to post in, but also the proper subject line according to the following rules.

Next you need to make sure that your subject line is correct.

These rules apply for the following English audio forums only, rules for other forums can be found within the respective forums.
· Retail Rips (2007-) (BDRip, DVDRip)
· Retail Rips (2000-2006) (BDRip, DVDRip)
· Retail Rips (19xx) (BDRip, DVDRip)
· Non-Retail (19xx-) (DVDScr, WP, R5, PDVD, VHS, LD, TV)
· Cinema Releases (TC, TS, CAM)
· Black & White

Enter the subject line in this order:
Required: IMDb Movie Title.
Required: IMDb Year
Required: If there is a commentary audio stream add a (+Commentary) tag. If there is more than one commentary stream, use (.Commentary.x2) etc.
Required: If there are links in the thread for movie extras, deleted scenes etc., add an (+Extras) tag.
Required: If an originally foreign languaged movie is dubbed in English, add (English.Dubbed).
Required: If there are hardcoded English subs,add (English.Subbed).
Required: Special edition tags (e.g. UNRATED, UNCUT, UNCENSORED, EXTENDED, REMASTERED, DC, SE,, CRiTERiON etc.).
Optional: Extra scene tags (e.g. LiMiTED, STV, FESTiVAL etc. please no READNFO tags).
Optional: iNTERNAL release tag (iNT)
Required: Fullscreen tag (FS) if the aspect ratio is in the range of 1.200:1 to 1.399:1. Widesceen (WS) is always assumed if there is no FS tag, so there's no need for it.
Required: Scene release 'fix' tags (e.g. PROPER, REPACK, FiXED, RERiP, REAL etc.).
Required: Source (e.g. DVDRip, CAM etc. use R5.DVDRip not just R5).
Required: Audio Codec (e.g AAC, DTS etc. Do not add tag if audio is MP3 or 2ch AC3 and codec is XviD/DivX, or AAC and codec x264. AC3 only if 3ch or more).
Required: Video Codec (e.g. DivX, XviD, x264 etc.).
Required: Release group/Releaser (if available) (e.g. DiAMOND, FiNaLe, PUKKA etc.).


· There should be no spaces anywhere in the subject line, it is all dots except for the dash before the release group.

Now that you have a proper subject line you can read Posting movies on STF - The Guide. to see what content you need in your post.

Questions? Ask.

(And as always, post ed2k links in plain text only - that means no tags of any kind.)
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