Games which are an identical copy of the original disk and require CD/DVD emulation software to run.
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Post by Razor73 » Fri Oct 12, 2007 7:06 pm


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mount with dtp.... ah shit, sorry i dunno who has been writing our 
nfos lately but he has been one boring motherf**ker.  Anyway, your
favourite cloner is back here to entertain u nubs while this utter 
shit game downloads.

PROCYON sadly presents:  THRILLVILLE! :(

Your crazy uncle Mortimer (Morty) is having trouble building his theme parks, 
so he asks you for help. You must work with Morty (your wild imagination, 
his inventions) to build the greatest park ever! But a new park chain 
called "Globo-Joy" is stealing all your ideas! Eventually, they get closed 
down, and Morty gets a job as a college professor in England, so he leaves 
the park to you. Then you are left with the last park, Treasures of 
Thrillville, where there are no rides,stalls, or games. You do not have 
any starting attractions at all, and you must quickly change that. Once 
you have completed all of the missions gold, you unlock these mini-games.

I don't know why we release this kind of shit but some f**king idiot 
will leech this.

Anyway onto more chat from the PROCYON channel whilst cloning this trash:

<cloner> why the f**k isn't my disc drive working
<cloner> i f**king had this game for 3 hours already!
<cloner> i now i cant finish it 'cos my f**kin drive ain't working
<leader> you got the right drivers?
<cloner> hell yes
<cloner> it was working fine yesterday
<cloner> why does this shit always happen to me?
<leader> maybe that little clip on the side is i nthe wrong position
<cloner> i havent touched it since heroes of f**kwit magic release
<cloner> i'm growing impatient
<cloner> ANGRY even
<leader> throw that shit out tha window

. . .

<cloner> OMG i f**kin did it!!!
<cloner> f**k!!!!!
<leader> it works?
<cloner> no, i threw it out the window
<leader> the disk?
<cloner> NO the whole drive
<cloner> i live on the 6th floor, made a nice *smash*
<leader> :D
<cloner> f**k SHIT f**k
<cloner> brb

. . .

<cloner> shit
<leader> what? did ya break it?
<cloner> well i couldn't open the drive
<cloner> so i had to pound it against a rock
<leader> :o
<cloner> quite HARD
<cloner> and you know what?
<cloner> that f**king disk wasnt even there
<leader> ???
<cloner> i got so mad i threw the remaiders of the drive on to the freeway
<cloner> and when i got back upstairs i found the thrillville disk inside my bag
<leader> lol
<cloner> i'm actually cryin right now
<leader> kiss my black ass bro

. . .

<cloner> wonder if i could make that drive work again
<cloner> brb.

mount with dtpro, install, play!
Thrillville_Off_The_Rails_CLONECD-PROCYON-CD1-ENG.mdf  [699.51 Mb]
Thrillville_Off_The_Rails_CLONECD-PROCYON-CD1-ENG.mds  [24.9 Kb]
Thrillville_Off_The_Rails_CLONECD-PROCYON-CD2-ENG.bin  [723.16 Mb]
Thrillville_Off_The_Rails_CLONECD-PROCYON-CD2-ENG.cue  [77 Bytes]
Thrillville_Off_The_Rails_CLONECD-PROCYON-CD3-ENG.bin  [717.21 Mb]
Thrillville_Off_The_Rails_CLONECD-PROCYON-CD3-ENG.cue  [77 Bytes]
Thrillville_Off_The_Rails_CLONECD-PROCYON-ENG.nfo  [2.6 Kb]


tnx tlf

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Re: Thrillville.Off.the.Rails.[CLONECD].(2007)-PROCYON

Post by Sengoku » Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:21 pm

Thanks Razor73 !!!! :samurai :samurai

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