Help Where's the Crack/CD Key/Patch/Clone/Noob FAQ

Games which require a supplied crack to work or do not have a protection system.
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Help Where's the Crack/CD Key/Patch/Clone/Noob FAQ

Post by stevenrollastercoon » Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:57 pm

Alright I'm pretty tired of answering this question again and again so listen up.

Click here if you can't download
Click here to read the rules and more important info regarding this topic
How to install the game: Don't burn (well you can if you want too, but it's just a waste of time, money and resources. Google Daemon Tools and download it.

Mount it (which creates a virtual CD/DVD drive) and uses virtually no system resources even on an old 7 year old P3. Right click>Virtual CD/DVD Rom>Select number of devices to create them

Then go back to the same menu and you'll see device 0-3 (up to 4). Select them>Mount Image> Brose to the image (if you can't see make sure all show all images is selected) mount and there you go. Told you it was better than burning :wink:

Also when you apply the crack you no longer need the DVD so feel free to free up your hard drive, HOWEVER make sure you upload to a minimum 1:1 ratio. Don't get selfish people are keeping their emule running for you to download the game. What do you think would happen if no one was sharing. If you have shared it to a minimum 1:1 ratio and you still got space left on your hard drive don't delete it keep uploading

The CD Key is in the nfo of the release

But when you go to open the NFO it doesn't open up. You either have to open it up with notepad (right-click>open with>notepad) or google a program call DAMN NFO Viewer.

And the CD Key is not XXXX-XXXX-XXXX as shown on the site it's really A3DB-4DDE-6699, well something like that. Legally we can't display it so you must download the NFO and view it yourself
Taken from Crysis.(2007)-Razor1911

Code: Select all

Install Notes
 1. Extract RARs
 2. Mount or Burn iso
 3. Install     
 4. Use the keygen from the Razor1911 dir on the disc
 5. Copy crack   
 6. Play and regret that you didnt save money to buy a new pc!
 Razor 1911 Greetings                           
in this case you will just listen to what it says and use a keygen which will generate a key for the game.

If you download a game you cannot play it online. This is because when you connect to play online you connect to an authentication server every time you join a server and it blacklist you because that key has been used a million times already (even with a keygen). A CD-key only works for 1 person/1 account. It might be a bit more expensive so I would suggest to buy it on ebay where you can save up 40% on brand new copy game (it is cheap because sellers are allowed to adjust the prices unlike retail stores + because their buying large quantities ex >1000)

For the crack what you will do is go inside the CD and follow the instructions outlined in the NFO. Copy that .exe and replace it with the .exe that was installed in the game. The crack is always inside a folder called (name of the release group) ex. Crysis.(2007)-Razor1911
so that will be in a folder called Razor1911. If you do not see a folder like that such as ones with older games it will be inside a folder called crack.

Now to copy that what you will have to do is click it press CTRL+C on your keyboard (or right-click>Copy) and press CTRL+V to paste (or right click>Paste).

The .exe is located wherever the shortcut is linking to.

Using Doom 3 as an example:

It will be in a folder called "C:\Program Files (x86)\DOOM 3\doom3.exe

(most users will just see Program Files, it's like this with X64 versions of vista)

Usually it will be the name of the developer/publisher and then the game directory then the exe. Sometimes it might be in a folder called bin which will be in the game directory. Bin meaning a system like directory where critical important data is stored.

Simply replace that a pop-up message will appear and click yes to overwrite it. If it didn't show up it's in the wrong place. If you can't find it do a search (title of game).exe [without brackets]. or rightclick the shortcut on your desktop>Properties> Target

Copy that line and paste it into My Computer or a windows folder to go directly too it

If you have a clone (no crack, harder/more of a pain cause you most likely need special programs) release follow the instructions on the NFO. Click here to get the programs under CD/DVD Protection Utilities: A crack will still work if there is one released at the time, however make sure it related to the same version of your installed game

To apply a patch 1st you will have to get the patch files on a site like Secondly you'll have to apply a new .exe because that old .exe is usually replaced with an old outdated one. Even if it still works its a good idea because the patch might not fully function 100%. Go to and find your game there. If you don't have winrar installed go to to install it

If the .exe is not working go their to find a fix as the game might be NUKED (meaning not working)

If it still doesn't work try updating your drivers for video (click here if you have a Nvidia GPU) (Click here for ATI). If you don't know what your graphics card is: Start>Run>dxdiag>Display>Name:

Audio usually Sound1>Name

Still not working make sure you meet the system requirements:

Still not turn down all options. Especially the resolution and audio. Try turning V-snyc on/off (caps your FPS to 40). Still not working reinstall the drivers or update to the latest one. Check to see for an updated .exe at which applies to your release version(if the release is NUKED and there's not a fix yet wait a couple of days, it will be posted immediately as it's out). Make sure you don't have patch 1.01 installed with .exe version 1.00 or vice versa. If all else fails double check and THEN post for help

If ur really short on money and really want to play online their are cracked servers. Please support the developers

Head onto

Just select the game you want and they will have give u the instructions on what to do next. Please note not all games are popular and loaded with server. Older games might have next to zero servers with 0 people in them. Very popular games like Call of Duty 4 should be loaded. Other games that are mid-recent like Day of Defeat: Source might have only a couple of full server so keep in mind the map selection might be limited. Not all games are there just the top popular few

If you want to play a mmorpg like World of Warcraft YOU MUST BUY THE GAME
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