[Wii] SSX.Blur.PAL.MULTI5.(2007)-WiiERD

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[Wii] SSX.Blur.PAL.MULTI5.(2007)-WiiERD

Post by TheAnomaly » Sun Apr 08, 2007 5:07 am



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WiiERD Presents to you:
                  SSX Blur, Electronic Arts 

      Street Date.....................: 16/03/2007
      Release Date....................: 14/03/2007
      Platform........................: Wii
      Category........................: Sport
      Origin..........................: PAL
      Languages.......................: ENG/GER/FRA/SPA/ITA 
      Filename........................: wiierd-sb.rxx
      Files...........................: 94x50 MB


      SSX Blur is everything you expect from the
      franchise, delivered in a totally unexpected way.
      Revolutionary controls take full advantage of the
      Wii's potential by putting you in total command
      of your skier or rider, on-the-ground and
      in-the-air, by translating every motion you make
      into the skills that create mountain legends. One
      of your hands controls you as you tear down the
      mountain; the other hand unleashes your virtually
      unlimited array of aerial maneuvers. This is the
      soul of SSX, remixed, re-energized, and fully
      * Soul of the SSX on the Wii: SSX Blur brings us
        the essence of the franchise - re-mixed,
        re-energized and fully realized.
      * On the Ground and In the Air: We are pushing
        the envelope and taking full advantage of the
        hardware's potential to give you a 'Wii-ified'
        SSX experience. Use the Nunchuck on-the-ground
        to carve down the slopes and huck into the air,
        while using the remote in-the-air to pull off
        spins, flips and tricks.
      * Paint your Uber Tricks: To unleash your uber
        tricks, think of yourself as an artist painting
        different shape outlines in the air for each
        aerial maneuver.
      * Feel the Groove: With dynamic music mirroring
        your experience, you will feel the tunes
        intensify as you stick your tricks and your
        groove meter starts to fill. Keep grooving to
        boost your speed and amp up your air.
      * The Mountain is your Playground: With 3
        distinct peaks and 12 tracks all freshly
        styled, you can bomb down the mountain nonstop,
      * Mac is Back: Mac, Kaori, Psymon, Allegra, and
        many more of the SSX favorites, are all back
        and ready to rip. There will also be two
        brand-new faces for you to hit the runs with.
      * Motion Based Front End: Every second of your
        SSX Blur experience will be maxed out with
        motion. The UI is entirely motion-based with
        virtually no use of buttons. Aim the remote at
        the screens to navigate your way from one place
        to the next.
      Language note:
      This release has 5 languages to choose from!
      To check it change your Wii Settings to a
      different language and start the game again. This
      can be done by going to Wii menu, choose Wii
      settings, go to page 3 and choose a language,
      confirm and start the game again. Enjoy!

      Groups note:
      For the people saying: "ooh why do these PAL groups
      pre PAL (pre)-retail. It's just a dupe from the
      NTSC ones as you can just as well convert it to PAL."
      Euhm sorry? And to think we live in a mental clinic
      yes you can convert them but then again some games
      give problems and lags because of the frequency
      difference. So it's not a dupe and no we dont just
      convert the NTSC that would be just lame. But I
      guess you can see that for yourself. Just check the
      frequence difference. As well as the retail not
      having any framedrops because of bad conversion and
      final no subs or language that are not synced well.
      Yes this can all occur with converting the games.
      (this piece was approved by our ex-shrink)

      We seek:
      We seek NTSC/NTSC-J (pre)-retail suppliers
      We seek PAL pre-retail suppliers.
      Find our shrink if you got what we need.
      So if you wanna have something to do, go and fuck
      a girl or something....live your life...and please
      if you work at a mental clinic, contact us...We
      fired our shrink after he slept with our
      girlfriends, without asking us
                 Fully unscrambled raw dump

                We Ain't Weird, We Are WiiERD
Confirmed working for the WiiKey and Wiinja ModChips.

Wii.SSX.Blur.PAL.MULTI5.(2007)-WiiERD.tar  [4.38 Gb]

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Post by scorpio7a » Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:02 pm

thanks :)

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Re: [Wii] SSX.Blur.PAL.MULTI5.(2007)-WiiERD

Post by tstcharly » Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:13 pm

sorry , i don't inderstand why i can download movie with emule but not game. When i click to the link , there is nothing. please can u help me ? Thx

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Re: [Wii] SSX.Blur.PAL.MULTI5.(2007)-WiiERD

Post by tstcharly » Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:59 pm

that's okay i found .

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