Single song videos as well any concerts, tours etc...
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Enya - The Video Collection (2001).DVD9.PAL.untouched
This DVD contains all the Enya video's released prior to the 'Lord of the Rings' film trilogy. If you've seen her videos on MTV or elsewhere you pretty much know what to expect.
For fans of the Irish sound sorceress this DVD is definitely a must. Strangely, the DVD, which in October 2001 - is so published one month after September 11, the Enya yes again known a large audience made - has appeared, has long oop and actually no longer available. Fans who are thus encountered recently on the music of the elfin Irish, must to the corresponding actually just the standard music video collection to get even according to dig deep into their pocket. This DVD also includes a half-hour documentary "A Life in Music," in which Enya talks about her beginnings. Of course, the artist-couple Nick and Roma Ryan, Enya's career is this of such importance comes chance to speak and describes their cooperation. The DVD also contains very interesting Making Ofs the videos "Carribean Blue" and "Only Time", enter the revealing insight into Enya's work.
Starring: Enya
Format: PAL
Language: English (Stereo)
Subtitles: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Region: Region 2
Aspect Ratio: 4: 3 - 1:33: 1
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Warner Music Group Germany
Release date: October 29, 2001
Production year: 2001
Playing time: 85 minutes


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Video: MPEG-2, PAL, 8340kbps, 720x576, 4:3, 25,000 fps
Audio: English, PCM, 2ch, 1536kbps, 48 kHz
Subtitle: Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Italienisch, Spanisch
Playtime: 1:23:00s
[K®]-Enya - The Video Collection (2001).rar  [5.16 Gb]

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