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Zero 7 - EP3 (2015) [Electronic]

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:27 pm
by freeasabird
Artist.......: Zero 7
Album........: EP3
Label........: Make
Genre........: Electronic
Source.......: WEB 2015-04-19 2015-04-14
Quality......: 320kbps/44.1kHz/Joint Stereo

track  title                                          time

 1.    400 Blows                                      3:34
 2.    The Colour Of Spring                           5:25
 3.    Last Light                                     3:57
 4.    Crush Tape                                     4:39
 5.    400 Blows                                      4:25

                                            Runtime  22:00
                                            Size     50.67

Release Notes:

Following the release of their æSimple ScienceÆ EP in August last year, Sam
Hardaker and Henry Binns, better known as Zero 7, announce they have a new EP
coming this Spring. As a nod to their very early, pre-major label days and the
very first music they released; æEP 1Æ and æEP 2Æ, this new EP is entitled æEP
3Æ. Speaking of the new music, the band said, ôLate last year we finished a
couple of stray songs we'd been working on and have been trying to find a
suitable home for them since. As they didn't really fit with much else we were
doing at the time, they were put aside while we thought about what to do with
themà. To us, they seemed to share something with the Mark Hollis cover we did a
while ago so we've buddied them up and thrown in a little instrumental for good
measure and come up with the imaginatively entitled it 'EP 3'. Hope you enjoy.ö
Once again, the band called on some previous collaborators to feature on the EP
AustraliaÆs Danny Pratt features on lead track æ400 BlowsÆ, which finds the duo
in exquisite form, positioning soft electronics, alongside some gorgeous piano
passages, all stitched together with their wonderfully atmospheric, cinematic
production. On second track æThe Colour of SpringÆ, LondonÆs Only Girl lends her
luscious, dulcet voice, complimenting the songÆs dark, brooding soundscapes
perfectly. æLast LightÆ, the third track on the EP, features the inimitable JosÚ
Gonzßlez, delivering an unmistakable vocal performance. Next is æCrush TapeÆ is
a wonderful, experimental electronic instrumental, closing the vinyl EP in
excellent fashion.

And the good news from the Zero 7 camp doesnÆt stop there and it seems æEP 3Æ is
a taster of whatÆs to come, with a full album, their first in five years,
planned for Autumn release. The band comments, ôWe are currently working on new
tracks and will let you know about release plans as soon as we have them. There
will definitely be more to come in the summer!ö

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