Born From Pain - War (2006) [Metal]

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Born From Pain - War (2006) [Metal]

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Born From Pain - War

ARTIST.....: Born From Pain
TITLE......: War
LABEL......: Metal Blade Records

RIP DATE...: Sep-28-2006
STORE DATE.: Nov-17-2006
GENRE......: Hardcore
QUALITY....: VBR  /  44,1Hz  /  Joint-Stereo
SIZE.......: 84,6 MB

Track Listing:

01 - Relentless                                 03:38
02 - Behind Enemy Lines                         03:03
03 - Stop At Nothing                            02:54
04 - Bury Me Fighting                           04:43
05 - Crusader                                   03:47
06 - Grey Life                                  03:45
07 - The War Is On                              06:04
08 - Scorched Earth                             02:04
09 - Eyes Of The World                          04:04
10 - Doomsday Clock                             04:22
11 - Iron Will                                  05:20
12 - Behind Enemy Lines (Alternative Version)   03:10

                                                46:54 min
Release Notes:

BORN FROM PAIN was founded in the early summer of '97 after the
demise of the glorious Feeding The Fire. Rob, formerly of Point Of
No Return, Feeding The Fire, Backdraft and Wheel Of Progress, and
Che, decided to start a new , raw , heavy and in-your-face
hardcore band, along with their friends Wouter, formerly of
Feeding The Fire, and Serve , formerly of Quarantine. The outcome
was BORN FROM PAIN. The band started doing gigs late summer of
that very same year, unleashing the rage upon mankind. Playing an
energetic mix of modern NY-style hardcore, with a big metal
influence, combined with lyrics spewing anger and frustration,
they've earned themselves a lot of respect over the years.

Since that summer BORN FROM PAIN have been playing tons of shows
with a wide variety of bigger, and smaller, hardcore and metal
acts. Leaving crowds burned and beaten by their ever-raging live
performance. 8 years, 4 CDÆs and numerous tours later they are the
well oiled live-machine they are known to be.

After the release of the ôImmortalityö mcd on GSR Music, BORN FROM
PAIN predominantly played the underground hardcore scene, rounding
the tour-cycle off with a successful tour alongside cult hardcore
band Cold As Life. Not long after that the release of their
premiere full-length release ôReclaiming The Crownö followed and
made the band a steady and growing factor in the European
heavy-hardcore scene. Successful tours with Hatebreed and the
Eastpak Resistance tour were embarked upon and were the first sign
of the steady rise of one of EuropeÆs most renowned metalcore acts
to date.

After the overwhelming feedback to their second full-length
release ôSands Of Timeö, BORN FROM PAIN embarked on tour with the
likes of Terror, Madball as well as the bigger metal/hardcore
festivals all over Europe. After that the crusade left Japan and
the USA smashed to pieces by the ferocity of the BORN FROM PAIN
war machine.

Having established their reputation and respect the band geared up
to record their 3rd full-length effort, once again, at Tue
MadsenÆs Antfarm Studio. ôIn Love With The Endö saw the light of
day in April of 2005 and once more, had the band receiving amazing
feedback. The intensity of playing shows got higher and Born From
Pain set out for a full 1,5 years of touring. Their first official
head-line tour with Zero Mentality became fact, after which the
summer festivals followed with great success. The beat went on
with supporting great bands like Six Feet Under and Soulfly, just
like the all-out crushing performances during the Persistence Tour
(alongside Hatebreed, Agnostic\ Front and Napalm Death). The
summer of 2006 already looks like the best summer ever with
confirmations for Wacken Open Air, With Full Force, Earthshaker
Festival and a couple more to follow. After having conquered
Europe, BORN FROM PAIN is now ready to release a devastating blow
to the rest of the world. Schedules for Japan, USA and South
America are being set up while we speak.

In the meantime Born From Pain is busy writing for their new cd
due to be recorded in August 2006. Expect all Born From Pain
trademarks, like groove, aggressiveness, heaviness and sheer
pressure to be pushed to unknown heights.

BORN FROM PAIN will be touring the world for this release, before
and after the recordings always and anywhere! Beware!

New album from Born From Pain. Enjoy <3!
Born_From_Pain-War-(Promo)-2006-MTD.rar  [84.62 Mb]

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