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Ed Sheeran - Loose Change (2010) [Pop]

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2014 8:54 pm
by freeasabird

ed sheeran-loose change

i n f o

label........: Sheeran Lock
date ripped..: 02.02.2011
date released: 00.00.0000
url..........: n/a

release size.: 36,9 MB
encoder......: lame 3.97 v2
bitrate......: avg. 154kbps
mode.........: joint-stereo

tracks.......: 08
source.......: cdda


n o t e s

Ed Sheeran's new EP has been an instant hit - reaching
number two in the iTunes album chart.

At the time of writing, only Grammy award winner
Rihanna has sold more copies - for her album, Loud.

No 5 Collaborations Project was funded by Ed and sees
him joined by 10 of the UK's leading MCs.

"I feel great, but it's a lot to take in," said Ed.
"It's all down to the fans being really supportive -
they are the main reason it is where it is."

Ed insisted on releasing the EP off his own back
before agreeing to put pen to paper on a major label
contract with Atlantic.

With no label or press backing, Ed thought the
collaborations EP would be a low key release that
would be "rediscovered" by fans following his future

Made a lot of noise early this year heres one of his
EPs from last year

enjoy & support

d a t a

#    t r a c k  n a m e                         t i m e

01-  the a team                                 [04:22]
02-  homeless                                   [03:33]
03-  little bird                                [03:47]
04-  sofa                                       [03:22]
05-  one night                                  [03:29]
06-  firefly                                    [04:17]
07-  the city (live at sticky studios)          [05:09]
08-  firefly (bravado dubstep remix)            [04:27]

      36,9 m e g s                   t o t a l  [32:26]
Ed_Sheeran-Loose_Change-CDEP-2010-CMS.rar  [36.91 Mb]