Tarja Turunen - Henkays Ikuisuudesta (2006)

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Tarja Turunen - Henkays Ikuisuudesta (2006)

Post by pitamagoito » Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:32 pm


** album from beautiful voice - tarja turunen /ex-nightwish/

Style: Pop/Classical
Year: 2006
Release date: 15.11.2006
Country: Finland
Label: Passion/Universal
Format: CD
Quality: MP3, VBR ~ kb/s
Total Size: 79.6 MB


01. Kuin Henkays Ikuisuutta [ 04:33 ]
02. You Would Have Loved This [ 04:00 ]
03. Happy New Year [ 04:12 ]
04. En Etsi Valtaa, Loistoa [ 03:30 ]
05. Happy Christmas (War Is Over) [ 04:36 ]
06. Varpunen Jouluaamuna [ 03:29 ]
07. Ave Maria [ 06:16 ]
08. The Eyes Of A Child [ 04:27 ]
09. Mykit Nukkuu Lumiset [ 04:18 ]
10. Jo Joutuu Ilta [ 03:12 ]
11. Marian Poika [ 03:33 ]
12. Magnificat: Quia Respexit [ 03:38 ]
13. Walking In the Air [ 04:41 ]
14. Jouluyo, Juhlayo [ 03:47 ]
Total Play Time: 00:58:12

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Re: Tarja Turunen - Henkays Ikuisuudesta (2006)

Post by freeasabird » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:55 pm



         : ____    :
         _/   /____:
         \______   /       SER STRiKES BACK WiTH ANOTHER NEW RELEASE
         :/   /   /:
  <-+--- /________\_ ----------------------------------------------------+->
         : /   /   /                                    ....... .
         :/   /   /:                                    :     : :
         /   /   / :                              ....  :     : :
     ____\_______\_:_____________   _____         :  :  :     : :
    _\_   \ __\_   \     _ /__   \__\__  \   . :: :..:  :.....: :
   /  /   //   /   //    /_\ /   /_  _/ _/__
  /  /___/ /  /   //    //  /___/ /  \     //\
         :  __\_   \         ______  _____ .    . ____      _____  ____
         : /   /   /        _\_    \_\__  \:    :/   /______\_   \/   /_____
         :/   /   /:  ____ /  /    /  _/ _/:_   \_____    /  /   /______   /
         /___/____\_  \  //  /____/   \     /   :/  /    /  /___/ //  /   /
         : /   /   /   \//_____\ /____/____/    /________\_______//_______\
         :/   /   /:
         /_____  / :
         :  /____\ :           Tarja Turunen: Henkõys ikuisuudesta
                            ____              ____
_ __\/\ _ __    ___ _ ___ __\_ /              \ _/__ ___ _ ___    __ _ /\/__ _
 _ _\/\\ /_//-//__((_))__\\  X/  RELEASE INFO  \X  //__((_))__\\-\\_\ //\/_ _
 ..    \/                  \/                    \/                  \/     .
 :  :                                                                    :  :
 :..:... Supplier : SER 2006              Release Date : 11/15/2006   ...:..:
    :  : Ripper   : SER 2006              Street Date  : 11/01/2006   :..:...
 ...:..: Genre    : Vocal                 Source       : CDDA            :  :
 :  :    Label    : Passion/Universal     Tracks       : 14 Tracks    ...:..:
 :  :    Quality  : VBR/APS/44.1kHz       Channels     : Joint Stereo :  :
 :..:... Language : English/Finnish       Size         : 80,1 MB      :..:...
    :  : Software : EAC v0.95             Encoder      : LAME v3.90.3    :  :
    :  .                                                                 : .:
                            ____              ____
_ __\/\ _ __    ___ _ ___ __\_ /              \ _/__ ___ _ ___    __ _ /\/__ _
 _ _\/\\ /_//-//__((_))__\\  X/  DESCRiPTiON   \X  //__((_))__\\-\\_\ //\/_ _
       \/                  \/                    \/                  \/

    The brightest star of the Finnish rock scene, the soprano singer Tarja
    Turunen has in a short time become one of the most well-known Finnish
    faces in the world of music.

    Turunen, who was born in the city of Kitee, Finland, started her
    musical studies at the age of six, and moved to study classical
    singing at the age 18 at the Sibelius Academy of Kuopio city.
    At the same time Tarja's classmate Tuomas Holopainen was starting his
    acoustical project, and invited Turunen to join the band. Tarja said
    yes to the invitation, and thus Nightwish was born.
    The band's first demo-tape was enough to get them a recording deal
    with Spinefarm Records. Shortly after signing the band in 1997
    Spinefarm released their debut album "Angels Fall First", a
    masterpiece mixing modern metal music with operatic, classical vocals.

    At the time, Tarja was joining the Savonlinna Opera Festival Choir
    where she performed Wagner and Verdi among others. It was the
    beginning as well for Tarja Turunen to establish a career that
    compromises two different kind of music and a long way to go until the
    audience in general has accepted this fact.

    The debut was followed in 1998 by Nightwish's breakthrough album, the
    platinum selling "Oceanborn", which contained such hit songs as
    "Sleeping Sun" and a cover version of the main theme of the
    "Snowman"-animation, "Walking in the Air".

    "Oceanborn" took the band to the stage in Finland and abroad, and
    Tarja's unbelievable stage charisma instantly made her the number one
    singer favourite of metal fans all over the world.
    TarjaÆs face has been illustrating magazines from all over the world.
    Just to mention some of them we need to come with an amazing list from
    several countries like Norway, Germany, Spain, Brazil, France, Sweden,
    Belgium, Netherlands, Finland and Argentina. Scream Magazine, Roadie
    crew, Inferno, Rumba, Sue, Metallian, Blue wings (Finnair), Iltalehti
    (novedadespaper), Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Metal Heart, Aardschok,
    Epopeya, Rock Brigade, Heavy Oder Was!?, Hell Awaits, Flash, Legacy
    Magazine, Orkus, Rock Tribune, Close Up Magazine, Hard NÆHeavy,

    In many of these publications, Tarja has been several times recognised
    among the best singers and specially in her home country, Soundi
    MagazineÆs readerÆs poll elected Tarja in 2002 as best Finnish singer
    and as the most wonderful person.

    Despite the band growing success Tarja made time available for her
    studies and other projects. In the end of 1999 Turunen took part as a
    soloist singer in a modern ballet production of the Finnish National
    Opera House called "The Evankeliumi".

    The show was written and directed by the famous Finnish choreographer
    Jorma Uotinen together with Kõrtsy Hatakka of the Finnish band
    Waltari. All performances of ôThe Evankeliumiö were completely sold

    In the beginning of 2000 Nightwish took part in the Finnish
    qualification of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song
    Sleepwalker. Nightwish was second despite an overwhelming win in the
    public televoting.

    This hasnÆt been the first time for a TV appearance by Tarja that has
    also been in some well-known Finnish programmes such as Lista Yle TV,
    Kokkisota MTV3, Hotelli Sointu TV1, Vaarallinen risteys MTV3, Huomenta
    Suomi MTV3 and Jyrki MTV3.

    In May 2000 Nightwish released their third album öWishmasterö, which
    immediately rose to the charts all over the world and went platinum in
    Finland in a matter of weeks.
    "Wishmaster" sold over 150.000 copies worldwide.
    The year 2000 was very busy for Tarja and Nightwish, who constantly
    toured Europe, Finland, Canada and South America.

    There was more demand for gigs than the band could handle, so in 2001
    the first live Nightwish-recording was made on New Years Eve 2000-
    2001, when Nightwish played a gig at club Pakkahuone in Tampere,

    The gig was filmed and recorded, and that material was then made into
    a DVD and VHS. The Finnish fans also got a limited edition full-length
    Live CD. All of these formats were released under the name "From
    Wishes to Eternity - Live", and every format proved to be a huge
    seller reaching once again, gold in Finland in CD format and gold in
    Germany in DVD.

    Before making their next full-length album, the band released a Mini-
    CD called "Over the Hills And Far Away" which quickly sold platinum in
    Finland and has achieved already double platinum status in their home
    country. After the "Over the Hills and Far Away" -EP the band started
    working on their 4th full-length studio album "Century Child", but
    while the musicians were recording and writing the album, Tarja
    decided to go one step forward with her vocal studies by enrolling in
    the Music University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

    Although the studying schedule of Karlsruhe was very tight, Tarja
    managed to find time not only to record her vocals for "Century
    Child", but also to record vocals for the Argentinean bassist Beto
    Vazquez's album "Infinity" that become also an immediate success
    worldwide with releases in far East, Russia, hole Europe and South
    America, outstanding achievement for the band just because of the link
    with TarjaÆs name.
    After some warm up concerts in Germany, Tarja also tour the classical
    stages of South America in Chile and Argentina performing a Lied
    Concert named ôNoche Escandinavaö (Scandinavian Night) together with
    Marjut Paavilainen, Ingvild Storhaug and Izumi Kawakatzu
    The sold out concerts sponsored by the Embassies of Finland, Germany,
    Japan, Norway and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires brought
    to South America songs from Jean Sibelius, Ture Rangstr÷m, Leevi
    Madetoja, Oskar Merikanto, Hugo Wolf, Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler,
    Johannes Brahms, Felix Mendelssohn performed by Tarja Turunen creating
    a special connection between Tarja and the audience that will see her
    later once again developing her classical career in these countries.

    Nightwish's fourth album Century Child was released in the spring of
    2002, and it has sold nearly 250.000 copies worldwide. The album
    release was followed by the massive "World Tour of the Centuryö which
    was three months long and took Nightwish's to ten countries around the
    world where the band performed 25 shows in front of 150.000 people.

    Exhausted of the world tour, Nightwish made a decision to have a long
    break to give its members some time of their own. Most members of
    Nightwish quickly engaged in several side projects, and Tarja went
    back to Karlsruhe before the end of the year to continue her studies.

    Once again the huge demand for more shows pushed the band to perform
    two extra headlines sold out shows for 15.000 people at Oberhausen
    Arena and Munich in January 2003.
    When the official break was finally over, Nightwish got into the
    Summer of Innocence tour starting in June 2003. The experienced left
    behind 14 countries and 400.000 eyes that have been witnesses of those
    incredible nights.

    After three huge tours the band had in their hands an unbelievable
    amount of good off-stage and on-stage material. A documentary was an
    obvious choice when a usage for the material was planned, but the band
    felt that something extra was needed to support the various touring
    The answer was found when the Finnish music journalist Mape Ollila,
    who has been closely working with the band since the very beginning of
    Nightwish, asked Tuomas for an in-depth interview. Tuomas agreed, and
    the interviewers were then taken to Tuomas Holopainen's summer cottage
    with Nighwish members and crew.

    With the interview combined with the touring material, the result was
    the 2 hours and 15 minutes long documentary, which tells the band's
    tale in their words, from the very beginning to the present day.

    The new DVD ôEnd of the Innocenceö was released in October 2003
    At this point the year has already been very successful for Tarja, but
    it was definitely crowned by the invitation received from Finnish
    President Tarja Halonen and husband Dr. Arajõrvi to assist to the
    President's Palace for the Finnish Independence Day Party, the most
    important social event of the country that takes place every year.

    Tarja Turunen achieved a new status when Yle TV Station official web
    page named her as The Most Impressive dressed lady in the party
    according to the people vote. Also the most important Finnish daily
    Newspapers as Ilta Lehti and Ilta Sanomat awarded her as the Queen of
    the Night and the Second Most Impressive dressed lady respectively.

    Many magazines and novedadespapers reflected this new mentioned status
    in their publications in the following month with a full national
    coverage of the issue.

    To end with an astonishing year, in December 19th 2003 Tarja Turunen
    performed, after tree years, an intimate Christmas Concert. The small
    ValkealaÆs Church welcomed 600 people whom stood up to return a warmth
    applause to the artist after 60 minutes of traditional Finnish
    Christmas music from Sibelius, Kotilainen and Melartin as well as some
    arias from Bach and Mozart.
    Nightwish started recording a brand new studio album and Tarja
    Turunen, after registering her parts, once again in the classical
    field, travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to share her voice this
    time offering a one month singing course to already trained musicians.

    Among the facts we can expect for 2004, weÆll find Tarja flying to
    Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Romania for a second tour with her
    classical line up of Noche Escandinava.
    The first official web page (already many not official ones can be
    found) for Tarja will be launched under www.tarjaturunen.com Nightwish
    has released their new album, ôOnceö what will take Tarja to
    uncountable photo sessions, press conferences and interviews in
    Finland and worldwide.
    Just a warm up for the 2004 World Tour expected to be biggest one so
    far for a Finnish act abroad.
    Still Tarja will need to find some time to co produce and sing in her
    brother TimoÆs iskelma (schlager) debut album.

    What seems in advance to be the most busy year for Tarja Turunen so
    far, 2004 will also show the beginning of her solo career with a long
    time planned Christmas Album.
    Album global sales with Nightwish exceed 1.000.000 copies.
    Tarja has already performed for more than 500.000 people worldwide.
    Many songs and video clips from Nigthwish have already been in high
    rotation in several countries.

    New xmas album "Henkõys Ikuisuudesta".



    01. Kuin Henkõys Ikuisuutta                                  [ 04:33 ]
    02. You Would Have Loved This                                [ 04:00 ]
    03. Happy New Year                                           [ 04:12 ]
    04. En Etsi Valtaa, Loistoa                                  [ 03:30 ]
    05. Happy Christmas (War Is Over)                            [ 04:36 ]
    06. Varpunen Jouluaamuna                                     [ 03:29 ]
    07. Ave Maria                                                [ 06:16 ]
    08. The Eyes Of A Child                                      [ 04:27 ]
    09. M÷kit Nukkuu Lumiset                                     [ 04:18 ]
    10. Jo Joutuu Ilta                                           [ 03:12 ]
    11. Marian Poika                                             [ 03:33 ]
    12. Magnificat: Quia Respexit                                [ 03:38 ]
    13. Walking In the Air                                       [ 04:41 ]
    14. Jouluy÷, Juhlay÷                                         [ 03:47 ]

                                                          Total: [ 58:12 ]
                            ____              ____
_ __\/\ _ __    ___ _ ___ __\_ /              \ _/__ ___ _ ___    __ _ /\/__ _
 _ _\/\\ /_//-//__((_))__\\  X/   GREETiNGS    \X  //__((_))__\\-\\_\ //\/_ _
       \/                  \/                    \/                  \/

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         iPC - JUST - MGC - pyt - radial - RNS - RTB - ss - UBE - ViC

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Tarja_Turunen-Henkays_Ikuisuudesta-2006-SER.rar  [79.59 Mb]

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