The Bacon Brothers - New Year's Day (2008) [Folk]

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The Bacon Brothers - New Year's Day (2008) [Folk]

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ARTiST: The Bacon Brothers
ALBUM: New Year's Day
BiTRATE: 208kbps avg
QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
LABEL: Forosoco Records
GENRE: Folk/Rock
SiZE: 71.59 megs
PLAYTiME: 0h 45min 31sec total
RiP DATE: 2009-02-07
STORE DATE: 2008-11-18

Track List:
01. New Year's Day                   4:30
02. Go My Way (The iPod Song)        4:23
03. Almost Got Rich                  3:41
04. Bunch Of Words                   4:03
05. Bitter Man                       4:17
06. Tell Me What I Have To Do        4:06
07. Architeuthis                     4:56
08. Children                         4:01
09. Eye Of The Storm                 3:47
10. Wild Life                        4:25
11. Kikko's Song                     3:22

Release Notes:
Many Hollywood actors like Bruce Willis, Don Johnson and Eddie Murphy, just to
name a few, have tried to cross over into music, but unlike them Kevin Bacon and
his brother Michael make consistently pretty darn entertaining music. Their
newest album ôNew Years Dayö is no exception.

Their music is rock nÆ roll fueled with alternative country, folk, blues,
Americana, and even reggae. I especially like the first four tracks. The
opening/title track is one of the most versatile songs IÆve heard in a long
time, starting off with metal riffs that are as driving as anything you may hear
from that genre, later transitioning to a light-hearted folk-rock number, and
sporting an interlude with yet another style, and it all comes together to make
an extremely well crafted song with a very nice refrain melody. The jazzy-bluesy
tracks like ôGo My Wayö (whose intro reminds me of the beginning of Los Lonely
BoysÆ ôHeavenö) and ôAlmost Got Richö make me clap my hands and tap my feet, and
ôBunch of Wordsö, spiked with reggae rhythms, proves their flexible talent. The
Bacon Brothers show their serious and tender side in ôChildrenö, which sounds
almost like a BeatlesÆ song. Every track is unique and has various tempos and
themes, yet all go well together to form one deliriously catchy album.
Undeniably, the chemistry between the siblings is awesome, but it is almost
impossible to single out any of the other band members. Ukulele, keyboards and
background chorus make good contributions to this album. The arrangements are
laid back but hip enough to listen to repeatedly.

What I also like about the album are the meaningful, honest and fun lyrics that
make sense. You donÆt have to analyze what they are singing about because their
lyrics are simple and straightforward, but these simple lyrics have dead-on and
good messages, sometimes with some humor. This album is pure lighthearted fun,
it is easy to tell that The Bacon Brothers had a blast recording it, and I have
a great time listening to it. Recommended.
The_Bacon_Brothers-New_Years_Day-2008-404.rar  [68.96 Mb]

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