Snow Patrol - Songs For Polarbears (1998) [Rock]

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Snow Patrol - Songs For Polarbears (1998) [Rock]

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ARTIST: Snow Patrol
TITLE: Songs For Polarbears
LABEL: Jeepster
TIME: 77:23 min
SIZE: 114,9 MB
RIP DATE: Apr-30-2006
RELEASE DATE: Apr-24-2006

Track List:

01. Downhill From Here                         03:23
02. Starfighter Pilot                          03:20
03. The Last Shot Ringing In My Ears           04:26
04. Absolute Gravity                           02:45
05. Get Balsamic Vinegar... Quick You Fool     03:27
06. Mahogany                                   02:47
07. NYC                                        04:28
08. Little Hide                                02:41
09. Make Up                                    02:12
10. Velocity Girl                              04:37
11. Days Without Paracetamol                   03:32
12. Fiveteen Minutes Old                       03:09
13. Favourite Friend                           02:46
14. One Hundred Things You Should Have Done    06:18
    In Bed
15. Sticky Teenage Twin                        02:08
16. Limited Edition                            02:33
17. Jj                                         01:47
18. My Last Girlfriend                         03:00
19. T.M.T.                                     02:52
20. I Could Stay Away Forever                  04:28
21. When You're Right, You're Right            03:31
    (Darth Vader Bringing In His Washing Mix)
22. Raze The City                              04:21
23. Riot, Please                               02:52

Release Notes:

Cheapster is more like it... Trying to cash in on
Snow Patrol now. Good album nonetheless especially
if you missed it the first time now. Enjoy

AMG says:

Snow Patrol's 1999 disc on Jeepster Records
showcases the band's sometimes-edgy indie rock and
occasionally spacy indie pop. The Edinburgh,
Scotland, trio mixes tempos immediately, starting
off with the crunchy "Downhill From Here" and the
exuberantly poppy "Starfighter Pilot." The pace
slows down quickly with the third track, the
withdrawn and melancholy "The Last Show Ringing in
My Ears." The borderline hip-hop beats of the fourth
track, "Absolute Gravity," startle the listener,
making it clear that listening to the disc is going
to be a colorful ride. "Mahogany" is another
acoustic-based ballad, sticking out on a disc full
of non-traditional beats and chords. All of the
songs highlight the band's earnest approach to
songwriting. Tracks like "Velocity Girl" and
"Favorite Friend" are some of the disc's catchiest
and most endearing songs, calling upon a pop
sensibility that's somehow different from the
standard 1990s indie artists. Over-indulgent song
titles like "One Hundred Things You Should Have Done
in Bed" and "When You're Right You're Right (Darth
Vader Bringing in His Washing Mix)" are examples of
the band's unabashedly quirky approach to music.
They're able to pull it off with their undeniable
musicianship and musical sensibilities. On Songs for
Polar Bears, Gary Lightbody appears on guitars,
vocals, and keyboards, while Mark McClelland chimes
in on bass and keyboards and drummer Jonny Quinn
rounds out the lineup. Guest artists include Isobel
Campbell, Richard Colburn, Fraser Simpson, and Tom
Simpson. The album was recorded in Edinburgh,
Scotland, by producer Jamie Watson.
Snow_Patrol-Songs_For_Polarbears-(Reissue)  [114.53 Mb]

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