Turbine Stollprona - Effekthascherei (2016) [Rock]

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Turbine Stollprona - Effekthascherei (2016) [Rock]

Post by tux- » Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:52 pm

Turbine Stollprona
Effekthascherei (2016)
From the band's self-description:
Effekthascherei: /ɛfɛkthaʃəˈrai/ noun; a German word for cheap showmanship and gimmickry.
Can be also interpreted as being over-powered by
the consumption of hashish.

Things are rarely as simple as they appear, currents can change at a whim, and beautiful facades can be scraped away to reveal something foul. It is this complexity the band seeks to replicate and condense into musical allegory. Turbine Stollprona glide through genres, mainly post-rock, krautrock, and prog-rock; but don’t trivialize them. Variety is one thing, cheap imitation, or Effekthascherei, another. The former the band employs, the latter they berate.

Track list:

1. Rosa Teil
2. Jens Müller wollte unbedingt ihren Vater anrufen
3. Dreidel
4. Von Grotkötter
5. Drehreif II

RAR'ed and MP3'ed.

Turbine Stollprona - Effekthascherei [2016].rar  [39.24 Mb]

Enjoy. :pir8

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