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Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 6:43 am
by bjorn j
Genres: Action, Comedy, Family

The CIA only hires the best. Top operative, JJ, has proven that he has the skills needed to be a fantastic spy. There's only one problem: JJ's so hardened by the life that he's not good with people and tends to kill first and ask questions later. JJ's boss thinks that his soldier-like behavior makes him unsuitable for intelligence work. He sends JJ on one last mission to prove his point. JJ and his partner must monitor a family. That's it. When nine-year-old Sophie stumbles across the operation, JJ makes a deal with her to maintain their cover. He agrees to teach Sophie how to be a spy. What JJ doesn't realize is that Sophie has decided to teach him some people skills, including how to have fun.

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Name........:   My Spy 2020
Release Date:   2020-04-17
Genre.......:   Action Comedy Family
Runtime.....:   1:39:20
RARs........:   49x15mb
Language....:   English

Video.......:   AVC, crf=19.0
Resolution..:   720x302
FPS.........:   23.976 fps
Source a/r..:   2.40:1

Audio.......:   AAC
Subtitles...:   None
Source......:   BluRay

My.Spy.2020.BDRip.x264-WaLMaRT.mkv  [690.12 Mb]