Thunder Prince (1982) Movie *Complete**

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Thunder Prince (1982) Movie *Complete**

Post by moeke » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:29 am

Thunder Prince / Heungnyongwanggwa Bihodongja

Image ... e&aid=9630
Director: Lenny Washington
Producer: Joseph Lai
Genre: fighting
Group: TardDubs
Type: Movie
Source: www

The movie is about a young boy, whose father, Blue Thunder, was murdered by the villainous "Black Mantis." After Black Mantis kills his father and steals the family fighting style, Blue Thunder's son takes on the name "Thunder Prince" and vows revenge.

He comes upon a wise old man who teaches him how to fight, but discourages revenge. When face-to-face with Black Mantis, Thunder Prince must decide which he will choose once and for all, honor or revenge.

Video Codec...............H264/AVC
Frame rates...............23976

[TardDubs] Thunder Prince [87326D99].mp4  [330.05 Mb]

Enjoy !!!

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