Using rTorrent (No GUI)

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Using rTorrent (No GUI)

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First you have to install it

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apt-get install rtorrent
Type in rtorrent to open it

As you can see it looks very confusing. Let's start with a few basic steps:

If you hit enter (return) you'll be able to load a torrent or a URL. Backspace on the other hand does the same thing, but automatically starts it. If you want to change a directory you'll want to use the enter function.

CTRL+Q Quits the program

CTRL+O changes the directories of where you want the torrent to download (highlight the torrent). It's deafulty set to ./root

CTRL+D Stops a download

CTRL+R Inatinates a hash check of the torrent

Use the up/down arrow keys to switch between torrents. Left arrow will bring up useful info about the torrent such as peers, file list, etc. Just use the Right arrow to go back to the main screen. There's also a config file which you can choose to use and set up some stuff so everytime it'll load from the config file (do a search for rtorrent.rc)

If you want to throttle the speed you use the ASD/ZXC keys

For some more complex commands please refer to This Guide (^ meaning CTRL)
[D 15/0]

Current number of download slots in use and the maximum (0 if unlimited).

[H 1/32]

Current number of active HTTP requests (for tracker announces and downloads of .torrent files), and the maximum.

[U 3/14]

Current number of upload slots in use, and the maximum, which depends on the global upload rate limit.

[S 6/40/768]

The three numbers represent handshakes/open sockets/max open sockets.

[F 4/128]

The two numbers represent open files/max open files. The library dynamically closes the least used files as needed.

P.S. Linux is giving me a real headache in terms of installing and getting these things working perfectly (I reformatted now it doesn't work). It should work based on what's here, but there might be some additional config might be required. LGoogle it and have patient as I'm having a bit of trouble myself and a bit tired of asking for professional help again and again. I've had it I'm moving back to Windows :P if you need some help with anything linux based feel free to ask, however no promises :wink:
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rtorrent RSS

Post by stevenrollastercoon »

rtorrent & rss

This was written for a "virgin" Debian installation, but you can probably adopt most of it to other distributions.

add a unstable/testing repository to your sources.list (read rootkit's post below!)
apt-get update
apt-get install rtorrent (might need to reboot because of a possible kernel update)
apt-get install php5-cli
apt-get install screen
apt-get install bzip2 (to unpack phpnotify)
maybe also install unzip and unrar

useradd username (replace username with the desired username)
passwd password (replace password with the desired password, use a strong password!)
mkdir /home/username
chown username:users /home/username

login as the new user
make sure you are in his home dir /home/username

mkdir stuff
mkdir session
mkdir watch
tar xfvj phpnotify-gunde.tar.bz2
mv phpnotify-gunde notify (not necessary but I like it for better comprehension)
cd notify
chmod 777 notify.php
nano config.php (setup the filters and stuff, set $downloadDir = '../watch'; ), Ctrl-O to save, Ctrl-X to exit
cd ..
nano (copy&paste this and change the settings for your wants &


# Default directory to save the downloaded torrents.
directory = /home/newuser/stuff

# Default session directory. Make sure you don't run multiple instance
# of rtorrent using the same session directory. Perhaps using a
# relative path?
session = /home/newuser/session

# Watch a directory for new torrents, and stop those that have been
# deleted.
schedule = watch_directory,5,5,load_start=/home/newuser//watch/*.torrent
schedule = untied_directory,5,5,stop_untied=

Save the file as .rtorrent.rc

screen -S notify
cd notify
Ctrl-A-D (to deattach screen, hold Ctrl and press A, then D)

screen -S rt

(to get back into a screen do "screen -x name", eg "screen -x rt". if you are lost do "screen -list". attached means you are inside the screen, detached means you are outside.)

phpnotify now downloads new torrents to /watch according to your filters. rtorrent watches that directory and loads new .torrent files automatically.
For some explanations on regexps ("filters") to use with notify check out this wonderful page:

This guide has been copied from ScT, I'll try it myself and edit it to make thing eaiser if necessary

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