Downgrade/Upgrade Your PSP and Play Backups

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Downgrade/Upgrade Your PSP and Play Backups

Post by thepriest » Sun Apr 22, 2007 4:27 am

This guide is a step by step guide on downgrading/upgrading your psp, Please read carefully before doing anything below. Please dont attempt if you are afraid of doing it wrong.
If you have any problems with this tutorial, be warned that this community (admins, mods, or any other members or users) or/and myself cannot be held responsible.
You have been warned!

The link below is for customising your PSP to custom firmware 3.90 M33-2.
Before folling this link, to customise your psp, make sure that you back up all the contents that you wish to keep...more simply, if you have photos, music or saved games, be sure to copy these to your PC prior to upgrading your PSP. After the upgrading is done, all these files can be copied back to your PSP memory stick. Also, to perform the process you need to have the battery at more than 75% capacity and the power cable connected and in charge.

The main advantages vs 1.50 firmware and others are:

-> You can run games directly from the PSP memory card without needing any loaders (ie. Devhook). Still, if you want to have nearly 100% compatibility I suggest that you also use the latest version of Devhook (check if the latest version is compatible with this firmware version).

-> You will end with a more updated firmware with new apps/tweaks/improvements than the old 1.50

-> You can run old PSX (PSone) games on your PSP without needing any emulators, with the Popstation application

What you need to get started

- PC (Windows XP)
- A 1.5/CFW PSP
- PSP Pro Duo Memory Stick.minimum 64MB.Not Checked with 4GB Plus.
- Any Pandora Battery (modified battery)
- Pandora GUI
- USB Cable.
- For slim please use this downgrader. PSP Downgrader

Now follow these steps

- Install Pandoras GUI

- Open Pandoras GUI

- Now for the 'locate 1.5 Sony Firmware Update'
Click on Local File and select the 1.5 eboot you just downloaded.

- Just Check whether the location of the 'PSP Memory Stick' is Correct.

- For the 'Target Folder' Click on PSP/GAME150.

- Next Click on 'Format My PSP'.
An Instruction Message will appear.
Click OK and Exit USB Mode.
Remove the Memory stick and reboot your PSP With the Memory Stick Back in.

- Enter USB Mode Again and Click on 'Copy Files'.
Again An Instruction Message will appear.
Click OK and Exit USB Mode.
Remove the Memory stick and reboot your PSP With the Memory Stick Back in.

- Leave your PSP Disconnected and in your PSP,go to GAME and then to Memory Stick.
You'll have 2 on the second one 'Pandora Installer'.(Dont Worry About the Corrupted Datas)

- Reconnect your PSP to your PC via USB Mode, and click on 'Write IPL'
Once this is done
An Instruction Message will appear again.
Click OK and Exit USB Mode.
Remove the Memory stick and reboot your PSP With the Memory Stick Back in.

- Leave your PSP Disconnected and go to GAME and then to Memory Stick.
Now Run the 'Pandoras Battery Creator'.
Once this is done,pat your back cause you are in the Possession of a Pandoras Battery and a Magic Memory Stick

Now the Main Part.
- Take out the Pandoras Battery you just created and Put it in the PSP in which you want to install CFW or UNBRICK it.

- Turn on the PSP and you should get a screen
You can do that by pressing Triangle when you are on the Pandora Screen

- Once you have done that(If you wanted to) press x.
It will Install 1.50 on your PSP.

- Now IF you want to convert your Pandoras battery back to a normal one,you can do so by pressing L and R Simultaneously.

Now that you have 1.50 installed
Follow these Steps to Install the Latest CFW.

- Download 3.52M33 file here
Then Place the UPDATE folder in PSP/GAME n Run it.

- Now You are on 3.52M33, you cant directly go to 3.90M33-2
You must First go to 3.52M33-4 then to 3.90M33 and then to 3.90M33-2
You can get 3.52M33-4 here
Again place the UPDATE file in PSP/GAME

- Now you'll want to Upgrade to 3.90M33
Download the 3.90M33 file here

and then download the 3.90 from the official sony update site

Copy the UPDATE folder into /PSP/GAME/
copy the 3.90 sony update(eboot file)and put it in same folder, with name "390.PBP".
Alternatively, you can let the installer to download for you via wifi.
Run it, the update will be done by Sony updater. At the end when you are asked to reboot the
PSP pressing X or O, do it.

- To Update to 3.90M33-3,Same Rule:
Download the 3.90M33-3 File here
Place the UPDATE Folder in PSP/GAME n run the UPDATE

After following all the steps provided above, to be able to play a Back up PSP game follow this:

1. Create a folder in the root of the PSP memory stick with the name «ISO» (without comas)

2. Place any PSP ISO or CSO type files in that folder.

3. Be sure to have a UMD game disc in the drive...any UMD game disc will do. (Although games can be launched without any UMD disk, this is just to keep it on the safe side)

4. To play, simply go to the games folder on your PSP and select the memory stick option. All backed up games should appear and are able to be launched with the «X» key.

With thanks for some of the tutorial from

With regarding the firmwares, we are currently getting problems linking them, i will refer you to a site where you can get the from Dark-Alex and download the files which link to above. Cheers.
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- Have updated this to the lastest firmware.

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