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Using NFO Files

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 2:36 am
by TheAnomaly
How To Use NFO Files
by TheAnomaly
What is a NFO file?
A .NFO file is a text file that contains information about a particular release that you have downloaded. NFO files are written by release groups and provide much information about the group, the release, installation instructions, and serials. Most NFO files contain ASCII art as well.

How do I view NFO files?
The easiest way to view a NFO file is with Notepad. To open a NFO file using Notepad, right click the NFO file and choose Open With->Notepad. If you would like to use a program, I recommend downloading DAMN NFO Viewer. This is a free program that will display NFO files properly, and is better than using Notepad. Remember, whether using Notepad or DAMN NFO Viewer, you want the Font to be set to Terminal because most NFOs are written in this format (and the ASCII art can be viewed this way).

If you download a game or a piece of software that is packaged (RAR, ISO, BIN, etc.), many times you will find the NFO in there. If you can't locate the NFO, you can search for it on sites like or that keep a collection of NFOs.

What does a NFO file contain?
This depends on the release group and the type of file they release. A NFO file may contain:

*A release group logo done in ASCII art
*Information on the release (including serial numbers, filesize, bitrate information, resolution size, protection, crack information, file format, etc.)
*A brief description of the release
*System Requirements
*How To Install information
*Release Group info (Greetings and Thanks, contact information, news about the group, etc.)

To summarize, the NFO file is a text file that provides all the information you need for a particular release. If you would like to read more about NFO files (including how to make your own NFO file), please view the following webpage: