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Emule for Dummies

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2007 9:49 pm
by Thomson_Gutshot

1. Go here: ... m=download

2. Download the installer. (If you don’t know how to download the installer, don’t bother continue)

3. Start the installer, from wherever you have downloaded it to.

4. Select a language and click on OK


5. Click on Next

6. Click on I Agree

7. Click on Next

7. Click on Install

7. Click on Close

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2007 10:14 pm
by Thomson_Gutshot

1. Start Emule. (If you don’t know how to start Emule, don’t bother continue)

Important: If you get a screen like the one shown below, when you start Emule, then click on Cancel.

2. Click on Options (Top right Corner)

3. Click on Connection
4. Do the settings as I have, except your download and upload capacities.
5. Download and upload capacities should be what your connection is:
Type in what fit to your connection, both in upload and in download. Use the numbers below.

Important: You should only use 80 % of your upload speed. To find out what 80 % of your upload speed is do this: “upload” * 0.80 = result.
Example: 32 kb/s. * 0,80 = 26 kb/s

56 kbit. = 6 kB/s.
64 kbit. = 8 kB/s.
128 kbit. = 16 kB/s.
256 kbit. = 32 kB/s.
512 kbit. = 64 kB/s.
1 mbit. = 124 kB/s.
2 mbit. = 248 kB/s.
3 mbit. = 372 kB/s.
4 mbit. = 496 kB/s.
5 mbit. = 620 kB/s.
6 mbit. = 744 kB/s.
7 mbit. = 868 kB/s.
8 mbit. = 992 kB/s.
9 mbit. = 1116 kB/s.
10 mbit. = 1240 kB/s.
20 mbit. = 2480 kB/s.
100 mbit = 12400 kB/s.


6. Click on Security
7. Copy and paste this

Code: Select all 

into "Update from URL" and click on the Load button
8. Remember to enable "Filter Servers Too" and “Enable Protocol Obfuscation”
9. Click on OK


Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 12:38 pm
by Thomson_Gutshot
Servers and ed2k links

1. Open Emule.
2. Copy and paste this:

Code: Select all

into "Update server.met from URL" and click on the Update button

3. Close down Emule.
4. Open Emule. Emule should now automatically connect to a random server but not KAD.

5. Click on the "Users" tab.

6. Double-click on DonkeyServer No2.

7. If you are connected to the server, this message will appear in the right low corner.

If not. This message will appear. Then please chose another server.

8. Click on this link: test.cue  [78 Bytes]

9. Click on the Transfers button.

9. If the Testfile is showing, your Emule client is working, and you can now click on any ed2k link on this site and download it. If not, you have done something wrong and you need to start over.

NOTE: The KAD network does not work until you either have restarted the client after having downloading something for at least 5 minutes, or clicked on the "KAD" button and then the “bootstrap” button, after having downloading something at least 5 minutes.

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 3:05 pm
by Thomson_Gutshot
For advanced usage of eD2k/eMule beyond installation, use these guides

a. Configuring eMule (Server List / Upload and Connection limits / Improve Security)

The most important configuration that must immediately go after eMule installation is covered here.

b. Accelerating eMule (Speed / Credit System / Download Queues / KAD)

When eMule is properly configured and running optimally, understand how to maximize download efficiency.

c. Troubleshooting eMule (LowID / Banned or Blacklisted / Reinstalling)

If eMule is not running optimally or generating errors, read to resolve major issues that will otherwise downgrade performance.