Playing & Finding Subtitles

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Playing & Finding Subtitles

Post by NiKEUS » Mon Dec 22, 2003 8:46 pm

Subtitle Solutions

The language indicated above the subtitle sites is the language the site is in, not just the subtitles it provides.

Various Languages (search engine) (tv series only) (tv series only, must register + annoying popups) (tv series...French/some English) (tv series...French/some English) (TV Series... Spanish / English / Italian)

Bosnian, Croatian & Serbian

Bulgarian (Bulgarian and English subs)




English (must register) (must register) (must register - excellent for asian subs) (excellent for hindi subs) (popups!) (tv series) (tv, some movies)


French (asian movies) (tv series) (some Eng./tv series/movies)


Greek (Greek TV Series)



Italian [tv, tv movies and some extra, must register] [tv and some extra]



Portuguese Brazilian (tv series)



Spanish (tv series only, must register) (all sorts of movies [not only Asian]); must register) (movies/TV series/Anime with focus on Asian productions; must register) (translator group)



Subtitle Players
VLC Media Player

Subtitle Software
SubRip SubRip allows you to rip subtitles from your DVDs.
SUBmax is a subtitle editor, manipulator, adjuster, player.
Subtitle Tool is a program for editing, time shifting, speed changing, joining, spliting and checking subtitles.
WinSubMax adds subtitles to your SVCD's.
Subtitle Workshop is a subtitle editing tool.
Time Adjuster is another subtitle editing tool.

Add subs to SVCD with Virtual Dub tutorial - a similar guide w/different tools
Convert DivX to VCD with subtitles - for more advanced users
OGG / OGM movies to VCD or SVCD using Graphedit - burning .ogm/.ogg files to VCD/SVCD

Getting subtitles to play.
You should keep your movie and your subtitles both in the SAME folder, a lot of the times your media player will pick up the subtitles (otherwise you have to go to the subtitle options in your media player and select the subtitle files manually).

An alternate method to playing subtitles is DirectVobSub. Once you install this application all you have to do is make sure the filename of the movie and the name of the subtitle file are the same (except for the extension of course).

Note: if you can't find the subtitle file that exactly matches the movie file, it will save you some work to download a subtitle that uses the same frame rate as the movie. You can then use SubMax or Subtitle Tool to get the subtitles in sync with the movie.

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Re: Playing & Finding Subtitles

Post by Xenzai2 » Mon May 14, 2012 9:24 pm

There are some things that need to be in order for a subtitle to work on a PC.

1) The subtitle and the movie/serie ep. need to have the same name for the subtitle to start up with the movie automatic.
Doctor.Who.S05E09.DVDRip-HAGGiS.avi/mp4/mkv (If the subtitle don't have the same name, change it to match the movietitle.)
Subtitles in *.srt format will work for most movieformat like avi, mkv, mp4 and so on.
The srt subtitle are a text based file. It can have different internal properties. (=format.)
The most used format are ANSI and UTF-8. Unicode are rarely used.
ANSI format will work with most external divxplayer, internal mediaplayers.
UTF-8 format supports special letters and symbols like
If the subtitle are not showing it's maybe in UTF-8 format and your mediaplayer don't support it.

You can change the subtitle to ANSI easy.
Open Notepad. In Windows7. Write notepad in the searchfield above startbutton.
Follow the guide I made here:

2) You need a movieplayer, either with built in codecs or codecs installed via a codecpack (Codec =coding/decoding)
like K-Lite codecpack. (Different types of packs. Standard version should be enough.)

The codec works like if you get a word document (*.docx file) and you don't have the MS word installed. The document will not open if you try.
You need MS Word for opening the document or in other words the program MS Word are "decoding" the word document.
It's the same thing with a subtitle. The mediaplayer need to decode the text. If you have no codecs for the subtitle or a mediaplayer
with built in codecs, the subtitle don't work.

Good mediaplayers with internal codecs. (You don't need a codec pack with these players)
- VLC from or
- TheKMPlayer (I like the old version like,
New version here:


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