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Use eMule search efficiently and preview files before downloading them completely.

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:14 am
  • Introduction
This basic tutorial is aimed at helping beginners with correctly searching and verifying files on the eD2k network. Using the search and some other eMule features properly, it becomes easier and quicker to find the right files, and ascertain whether something is likely to be a fake or perhaps in a different language than what you want. I am hoping to encourage people to not be totally dependant on verified links and also be much less dependant on requesting files from forums and websites.

  • Before you start downloading files
Since we are going to be searching for files, all our work will be in the Search tab (or view) at this stage.

The first fixed rule: always use the following setting during search: Method = Global (Servers)

If you are searching for movies, set the Type to 'Video'. For everything else search two times; for music perform one search with Type 'Audio' and another with type 'Archive' (most of the time music albums are compressed into one RAR archive, they are not always in bare mp3 format); for programs or games, perform one search with type 'CD-Image' and another using 'Archive'; for ebooks, perform one search using type 'Documents' and another using 'Archive'.

Type the name of the file you want to search for in the 'Name' field, then press Start or just press ENTER. Wait a few seconds until all the search results are found and displayed, then sort them by Availibility. Always try to aim for a file with the highest Availability, but keep in mind that the Complete Sources should never be 0% for any file you choose to download, otherwise you may never complete it. The higher the percentage of Complete Sources the better.

Another tip is to limit or filter your search by including more details other than the name. If you are searching for a soundtrack, you might want to include the word "OST" (Original Sound Track) in your search. If you know the date of the movie, which can be easily found on, you can also include that when searching for movies. If you only want high quality results, add the word "DVD" in your search, which will display results with DVD-Rip, DVD-Scr, DVD-R, etc not CAM, Telesync or Telecine versions.
  • After you start downloading files
Now that you have queued or started downloading a file, we move on from the Search tab to the Transfers tab. At this stage you can do one or two things to confirm the identity of your file - either by checking filenames internally from within eMule and/or previewing the file while it's downloading.

Method 1 - Checking file names (internally)

In your Transfers tab, right click on the file and choose Details, then view the File Name tab. You can check here all the other file names that other clients have for this file. It is a simple matter of observing the File Name column under the "Sources Names" table and comparing all of these file names together. Have a look at the examples below, which should make this much clearer.

Example 1 (Fake): If you find that some cilents have a completely different name for the file, eg. "Underworld Evolution Divx Fr.avi" on one, and "Buttmans.Show.Off.Girls-EvilAngel-XXX.DivX" on another, then this file is suspicious and most probably NOT the right one.

Example 2 (Incorect Language): Sometimes search results will not have any indication of the language in the filename. Again, by examining the File Name column on the Razorback 2 statistics page, you can double check that no other clients on the eD2k network have a similar filename but with an added FR, ITA, or whatever language it is, tagged to the release (which is what you can sometimes get in a search result, but looking at the other filenames, it's clearly a FRENCH language release because almost all files have 'FR' or 'FRENCH' tags in the filename.

In conclusion, you can use this method to find out more information about each file by examining the tags in the file names, whether it's a DVD-Rip, a DVD-SCR, a TC/TS, as well as the fake and language checks, etc. Use it wisely and keep in mind that this information is NOT to be considered 100% correct and is only intended to give you a more intelligent guess to the real identity of the filename and release.

By the way, you can also rename your file name here (or takeover one of the other filenames) as long as the filename still has the important tags on it. You can also view other important details by viewing the Comments tab which can reveal if a file is fake, corrupt, etc.

Method 2 - Previewing the files

You can preview parts of a video that you are downloading, or listen to part of a song, or attempt to recover a RAR archive and preview it's contents. This is simply done by right clicking a filename (in the 'Transfers' window) and choosing Preview.

When previewing video in particular, there are important steps that will facilitate this method. Firstly you need to download and install a free video player called VideoLAN. This player has the ability to peview even the smallest chunks downloaded and it does not rely on codecs. After you install it on your PC you need to tell eMule where it is located by clicking Options, view the Files tab, then under Video Player, click browse and search for the VLC executable file you just installed ..\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe

In addition, on the same Files tab, enabling the Try to download preview chunks first helps a lot. Sometimes you will find that files cannot be previewed and the Preview selection will be greyed out. This is because some chunks need to be downloaded first. Enabling that option will speed up the time until it's possible to preview a video.

However, note that this option effects all your queued downloads, and it becomes a disadvantage with files that are 100% verified but are also considered rare files. In this case it is more important to download the RARE chunks first and not the preview chunks. eMule Plus users do not have this problem because they can select to download preview chunks for each file individually.

For further queries, please use our eD2k Discussion forum. This guide has been last Updated on February 22, 2006, after Razorback2's fall.

Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 11:57 am
by ZiN
just something a lot of people don't know and can prove very useful.

if you are looking for the animation cinderella and you do a search on eMule, then it's likely cinderella man and cinderella story will show up as unwanted search results.

to counter this search for cinderella NOT man NOT story

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 7:11 pm
`·. ZiN `·. wrote:just something a lot of people don't know and can prove very useful.

if you are looking for the animation cinderella and you do a search on eMule, then it's likely cinderella man and cinderella story will show up as unwanted search results.

to counter this search for cinderella NOT man NOT story
Or simply using negative (-)

Example, if you want to search for the CCNP Simulator, but not the Beta versions, then search for:

CCNP Netsim -Beta

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2007 1:37 pm
While searching for files in the SEARCH tab, you can right click search results and choose "Comments" and then "Search KAD" (but I'm guessing that you obviously need to be connected to the KAD network). You need to wait a while until the KAD search is finished, then it should yield some comments and ratings.

Not awesomely helpful, but can still be useful before you queue files during manual search.

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 1:14 am
If you want to restrict your search to multiple file extensions only, use the Extension field, and input the file extensions separated by commas, but without spaces.

This is right: mp3,rar,iso
This is wrong: mp3, rar, iso
This is also wrong: mp3 rar iso

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 7:06 am
by ZiN
You can also restrict the filesize in the size field in GB or KB by adding GB or KB at the end of the number (if you don't the default is MB)