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Welcome to the F.A.Q. I f you would like a question added them just Private Message me.

When most first time users enter the daunting world of IRC they normally require some help. Basically, this is your help file and will hopefully help you with any problems you may come across on your IRC journey.

A few things that you should do when first entering IRC is to check the following settings and configure them to the ones below.

First of Open mIRC. Go to File - Options. On the left hand side is a Category Menu. Select DCC.

Make sure that the Auto-get file circular check box is enabled and then set the If file exists: dropdown menu to Resume. The DCC menu also has some submenus. Go down to the Folders sub menu. In the DCC Ignore: drop down menu select Disabled. After that make sure that the Turn Ignore Back on In: is disabled. The click Ok.


1. This really does look disgusting. Is their anyway i could improve the look and feel of IRC?

Yes. It really is quite simple. In the mystical world of IRC you can download many scripts which can improve the look and feel of mIRC. You don't even need to use these scripts but they can be quite fun to use and can add many new features to your client (mIRC, pirch, bit.chX etc...)

A few recommended scripts are:

- Excursion
- Nexgen Acidmax
- NoNameScript
- Ultra Protection Project

2. How do i register my nickname?

On connecting to the ZiRC network you will start with a server window which shows you information about the Network you are connected to and the information for the server you are connected to. In this ZiRC window you should type;

/msg nickserv register <Password> <Email>

The key is to replace Password with the password you want as well as an email address which MUST BE VALID. Also remove the <and> as it won't work. Shortly after typing this command, you should receive an email with a command which you should also copy into the Server window. Then your nickname will be registered. This helps us add users to the access list so you automatically have the right to speak if the channel was to be moderated.

3. What do the follow status' mean when they are next to a users name;

+ = This means that users are voiced. If we set the channel to 'Moderated' which is +m then anybody without a +v would not be able to speak but if you have +v then you are allowed to talk. This benefits the channel as if we get any spammers then we can moderate the channel so they do not speak.

% = This means that the skills of a user have been noted in a channel and they have gained themself a 'Half Operating' Status. This is the medium stage on the ZiRC Network and a continuation of hard work will earn 'Half Operators' a 'Full operator' status sometime in the future.

@ = This means that the user is a full Operator. The 'Full Operators' try to run the channel as smoothly as possible and people can trust them at all times. An Operator is happy to take feedback on a channel and is happy to help other users out at all times. Any problems you have should be reported to an Operator. To become an Operator you must have a good knowledgeable mind. However, this is not the case sometimes as Operators are also made as they make the channel brighter and can make people happy.

& = This means that the user is an administrator. The administrators help run the channel and help look over the operators. Administrators do behind the scenes work on the channel making sure the channel stays up to its high standards. If you have any complaints about any of the operators, than the administrators are who you should talk to. To become an administrator you must have great knowledge of IRC. Not only is great knowledge required, but you must know how to deal with disciplinary situations.

~ = This means that the user is the founder. Founders are those special people who created the channel. Founders have full control over every aspect of the channel. They assign a team of administrators who they trust to work on the channel and keep the channel up to its high standards.

It's important to note that depending on your script the status might be displayed differently than stated above. However, the statuses will always be increasing order and no matter the symbol they will always mean the same thing.

4. How do i join a channel?

Type '/join #channelname'. Don't forget to replace channelname with the channel of your choice and also remove the ' and '.

5. What is Nickserv and Chanserv?

Excellent Question. Nickserv was originally a bot run in germany. It later closed in 1994 but the nickserv we know is a bot which let's you identify yourself to the services running on a Network.

Chanserv is also a bot which enables you to register channels so you can have your own.

5. What is a netsplit?

Netsplits are a part of everyday life on IRC . It means that NickName, who you were on a channel with, was on a different server from you. This server splits off from the part of the net you were on.

The only thing you can do is wait for the split to fix itself and when it does, you may notice people asking where you went. The answer is, you didn't go anywhere and this because the other user split of. Hence the name Netsplit.

Note: Please do not switch servers during a split as you may have nickname conflicts and may add to the lag.

6. How do i download from XDCC bots?

Read the following tutorial to gain basic knowledge of how to download using mIRC: Downloading Using mIRC (XDCC)

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- Fixed the script section
- Added more user statuses
- Fixed URL to XDCC tutorial

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