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I'm posting this over from the old forum as it is needed for some front page STF tutorials.

Monty's guide AVI to VCD

I designed this guide for newbies. It’s very basic.

Before you can start with the encoding you need to check your avi for bad frames and remove them! If the bad frames aren’t removed it may cause that the audio and video are out of sync or the loss of video at the start of the bad frame. Have a look at this guide if you dont know how to remove bad frames.

Step 1.

Open Tmpgenc A wizard opens automatically.

Here you must choose the VCD format you want to encode the Avi with. NTSC is the format standard in USA and Japan and PAL in the rest of the world. Many DVD Players and TVs support both NTSC and PAL standards though. I however recommend you to encode in your country’s standard, to make sure it works.


When you have selected the Format you can click next.

Step 2.

Open the video file by clicking on Browse. The audio will be opened automatically. If you have a different audio source open it manually.


If you get an error message when opening like file unsupported or can not open or is not supported try changing the directshow codec reader priority settings in TMPGEnc under Option-->Environmental settings-->VFAPI plug-in and right click on the DirectShow Multimedia File Reader and increase the priority to 4 and try again.
If that does not help make sure you have got the required codecs installed. Have a look at the bottom of this guide.

Now you can click on next.

Step 3.

Go to “other settings” as shown in the image.
Click on “Advanced”


Now you have to change the Video arrange Method to Full screen (keep aspect ratio) if you want that the movie look like the avi.
If you have a widescreen movie and you want it to be fullscreen(no borders) select “No margin”(keep aspect ratio) and TMPGenc will cut it.

Step 4.

Now you have to specify on what type of cd-r you want to put the file onto. Standard is CD-r 80min (VCD/SVCD)

If the beam is exceeding the CD-r (as in the image) you want to burn the mpeg with you need to cut the mpeg file after it is encoded. Have a look at this guide to cutting mpeg files.
Monty's guide to splitting mpeg


Now you can continue, click “next”.

Last step.


Click OK to start encoding
While TMpgenc is encoding you can preview the file, select File->Preview
If it doesn’t look like you wanted it to start from the beginning again and change the “Aspect Ratio” settings.

You’re done. The encoding will take a while, depending on the size, just leave the computer running.

Now you have to burn the VCD, Monty's guide to burning a VCD (with Nero)

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- Updated link to codec guide

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