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MASCHINE DRUM SELECTION is designed for use with the freeKONTAKT 5 PLAYER or KONTAKT 5.

This collection contains 20 full drum kits adapted from the hot new MASCHINE library. With hard hitting urban kits, sounds recorded from specially produced vinyl dubplates, heavily processed acoustic drums and vintage analog samples, MASCHINE DRUM SELECTION truly provides a broad palette of modern club and electronic music styles.

Each kit consists of 16 high-quality sounds to which tuning, filter, saturation and other effects can be applied individually, allowing for plenty of sound-shaping potential.

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SONiTUS PROUDLY PRESENTS TO YOU....            `:+ydmMMMmh/                
                                     sMMMMMMMMNh/.``      `./mMMM:         
                                    oMMMMMMMNs.              :MMMN`        
                                   .NMMMMMMd-                 dMMM/        
                                   sMMMMMNo`   Count:        `NMMM+        
                                   dMMMMN/                   sMMMM/        
                                  `MMMMM/       132         +MMMMM-        
                                  `MMMMs                  .yNMMMMN         
                                  `NMMN.                .oNMMMMMMo         
                                  `mMMh               -sNMMMMMMMd`         
                                   sMMh            .+dNMMMMMMMMm-          
                                   :MMN         -+hNMMMMMMMMMMm-           
                                    mMM/   .-/sdNMMMMMMMMMMMMd-            
  Native Instruments Maschine      +MMNhydmNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNs`             
    Drum Selection KONTAKT       :ohMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMh-               
          `/hNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNmdNMMd           Genre..........:  ...                     
        .smMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNmyo:-.  +MMN.          Formats........:  SCD                      
      :yMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNho/.        `MMMs          Release Date...:  12.2011                             
    .hMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNho-`             yMMm`                              
   /mMMMMMMMMMMMMMMdo:`                 /MMM/                              
 `hMMMMMMMMMMMMMdo.                     `NMMh                              
`hMMMMMMMMMMMNy-                       ./MMMMo-``                          
+MMMMMMMMMMMs`                  ./ohdNMMMMMMMMMMMNmdhys+-`                 
hMMMMMMMMMm.                .+hNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNy+:             
.NMMMMMh              -NMMMMMMMMo:-`       `NMM+   ``-ohmMMMMMMMMMMMMMy.   
 /MMMMMy              sMMMMMMN+.            dMMd        `.+hNMMMMMMMMMMm-  
  :MMMMN.             sMMMMMM-              /MMM-           .oNMMMMMMMMMm. 
   -hMMMy             .dMMMMm                NMMs             .yMMMMMMMMMd`
    `oMMMs             `hMMMM:               sMMN`              /NMMMMMMMMs
      -mMMy`            `/dMMN-              `MMM/               +MMMMMMMMd
       `+dMmo`            `:dMNs.             dMMh                mMMMMMMMd
         `:smm/.            `:yddo:`          +MMM.               dMMMMMMM/
            ./hmy/`            `.+syo.        `NMMo              :MMMMMMMh 
              `:ohds/-`            ```         hMMm`            -mMMMMMNs` 
                  -/sdhso/`                    +MMM/          .+NMMMMNs:   
                     ..+sdhhs+:--.             .MMMd      `.:smMMMMds-     
GREETS GOES TO :        to all music lover       `NMMd                     
                  `..-...``                       oMMM.                    
              ./ohmNNMMMNmdho/.`                  `dMMo                    
            .sNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNd+`                 oMMN`                   
           :NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm/                -MMM/                   
          `NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM+                dMMh                   
           hMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMs                dMMM`                  
           -mMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN-               `MMMN                   
            `hMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNmo.                yMMMy                   
              -oNMMMMMMd+ooo+/-.                 `oMMMh`                   
                `/yNMMMMm+.                   `-+dMMNs`                    

URL:  [58.44 Mb]

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