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Release: Digital.Juice.Swipes.18.Bar.Necessities.DVD-TSG

Date:    03-07-2008

Type:    Animations
Files:   89 x 50mb


Walk the line! These Swipes! animations are proof positive that a life
behind bars has its rewards, especially when the bars look this good. Bars
of gold and silver and glass slide and tumble and turn around each other,
sometimes in unison and sometimes in a syncopated rhythm of light and form.
A mixture of abstract and realistic shapes keeps life interesting as colored
pencils sketch their way across the screen, ornate gates open with a squeak
and a rumble to display the next cut or ridged copper pipes slide in a
gentle arc around your production.

Package Includes:
- 60 Full Screen Animated Wipes
  - 30 - SD ( PAL & NTSC )
  - 30 - HD
- Juicer 3 processing software

Technical Specs:
- 60 Matching Sound FX
- 2 - Sound effects per wipe
- 1.5 Seconds average length
- Provided at 60 FPS for super smooth interlaced and progressive playback
- Juicer 3 crops to NTSC DV 720x480
- Juicer 3 uses an advanced algorithm to scale to PAL

- Using the Juicer 3:
  - product is compatible with virtually all computer-based editing systems
  - Easy to Use Wizard
  - Juicer Settings Panel for More Advanced Effect
- Must have a local DVD-ROM drive
- QuickTime 7.1 or greater required
- Directly importable into After Effects« or similar compositing software
- DVD-ROMs contain no region code and can be used worldwide


Unrar, burn or mount.
Enjoy (optional).


We are not looking for any suppliers or traders, so, if you want to play
one of those roles in our group, just forget it, there is no chance for you.

If you're siteop of nice site which accepts footage and clipart releases,
we will be glad to speak with you about affilling your site.

If you can provide us with some sexy girls for meditations, please,
drop us a note as well :)

There is no way contact us, except asking people around..


We want to sent our greetings to CFE who challenging us every day,
roger that, folks! :)
Digital.Juice.Swipes.18.Bar.Necessities.DVD-TSG.iso  [4.20 Gb]
Digital.Juice.Swipes.18.Bar.Necessities.DVD-TSG.nfo  [2.3 Kb]

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