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      SUPPLiER..: Team DYNAMiCS                     DiSKS...: 1DVD 48 * 50MB
      CRACKER...: Team DYNAMiCS                     DATE....: Nov 2008
      PACKAGER..: Team DYNAMiCS                     RELEASE#: DYNAMiCS-687
      PROTECTION: N/A                               FORMAT..: Tutorial


▀▓▌                   ▀▓▌     - RELEASE NOTES -      ▐▓▀                   ▐▓▀
   ▀                     ▀                            ▀                     ▀

     This excellent DVD will teach you some of the guitar techniques used
     by metal legends such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads, Kirk Hammett
     and Zakk Wylde that influenced guitarists worldwide!
     If you're looking to take your playing to the next level, this DVD
     will provide you with an arsenal of metal style licks that you can
     incorporate into your rhythm patterns and soloing!!

█▓▓▀                 ▐▓░▒▀                          ▀▒░▓▌                 ▀▓▓█
▀▓▌                   ▀▓▌     - iNSTALL NOTES -      ▐▓▀                   ▐▓▀
   ▀                     ▀                            ▀                     ▀

     1. Unpack
     2. Mount or burn
     3. Watch and learn
Lick.Library.Learn.To.Play.50.Metal.Killer.Licks.DVDR-DYNAMiCS.iso  [2.41 Gb]
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