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Posted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:45 pm
by nethero

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   .?  鞍?        .     ?  曹?    ?        馨    ?  哕     zk    ?
     懿圹圹鄄?哕      ? 懿   苒圹馨      苘苘圹圹   败圹圮   卟圮苘苘馨 ?
    圹圹哌咣圹?圹?    苒? 圹圹圹圹圮  臂圹圹哌圹 苒圹圹圹圹?圹圹圹圹圹?
   臂圹     槽郯圹?    圹?槽圻   咣鄄 槽鄄    槽郯圹圻   槽圹 圹?   咣鄄
   槽圹     槽鄄圹郯    圹郯圹郯    槽郯圹郯   苒圻 圹?   佰圹佰圹     槽?
   槽圹     槽圹圹郯    圹圹圹?    咣圹圹?  ?    圹?    圹鄄圹郯   懿鄄
   槽鄄     圹圹圹郯    圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹哌
   臂鄄 败  圹鄄圹郯    圹郯圹哌哌哌咣鄄哌哌哌哌圹鄄圹哌哌哌咣圻圹圻哌咣圹?
    圹圮 槽苒圹佰圹?   圹郯圹郯    槽郯 苘荥   圹郯圹舶   佰圹 槽?    圹郯
    咣圹圹圹圹?圹鄄? 苒圹 圹?    咣?圹?   佰鄄 圹?    槽?槽?    槽鄄
      哌膊佰圹?咣圹圹圹圹?圻       咣 圹圹苘苒圹避?       咣槽圹     佰圹
             咣圮 哌膊斑? ?          ?哌圹圹圻?            .?      槽?
                 ?     .?                                            苒?
                  ?                                                  ?
                             QUASAR PROUDLY PRESENTS


                     Photoshop CS5 Landscape Photography

               Supplier . : QUASAR       Size ..... : 56 x 50MB
               Cracker .. : QUASAR       Protection : Condom
               Packager . : QUASAR       Type ..... : Brain Enhancement
               Date ..... : 07-14-2010   OS ....... : Win/Mac


        Photoshop CS5 Landscape Photography
        Author: Ben Long

        In Photoshop CS5: Landscape Photography, Ben Long outlines a
        full, shooting-to-output workflow geared specifically toward
        the needs of landscape photographers, with a special emphasis
        on composition, exposure enhancement, and retouching. This
        course also covers converting to black and white, using high-
        dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques to capture an image
        that抯 closer to what your eye sees, and preparing images for
        large-format printing. Learn to bring back the impact of the
        original scene with some simple post-processing in Photoshop.
        Exercise files are included with the course.

        Topics include: 

        * Getting the shot: landscape-specific shooting tips and tricks
        * Choosing the right equipment
        * Cropping and straightening images
        * Making localized color and tonal adjustments
        * Reducing noise
        * Guiding the viewer抯 eye with localized adjustments
        * Adding a vignette
        * Using gradient masks to create seamless edits
        * Approaching adjustments like a painter杢hinking in light and shadow
        * HDR imaging
        * Creating panoramas: shooting and post-processing techniques



   Unpack, burn or mount and enjoy.



   We salute our friends, our loyal members and our fair competitors.

   安圹圹圹圹圹圹圹舶 ?THE ALMIGHTY QUASAR ?2010 ?安圹圹圹圹圹圹圹舶
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