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   .?  鞍?        .     ?  曹?    ?        馨    ?  哕     zk    ?
     懿圹圹鄄?哕      ? 懿   苒圹馨      苘苘圹圹   败圹圮   卟圮苘苘馨 ?
    圹圹哌咣圹?圹?    苒? 圹圹圹圹圮  臂圹圹哌圹 苒圹圹圹圹?圹圹圹圹圹?
   臂圹     槽郯圹?    圹?槽圻   咣鄄 槽鄄    槽郯圹圻   槽圹 圹?   咣鄄
   槽圹     槽鄄圹郯    圹郯圹郯    槽郯圹郯   苒圻 圹?   佰圹佰圹     槽?
   槽圹     槽圹圹郯    圹圹圹?    咣圹圹?  ?    圹?    圹鄄圹郯   懿鄄
   槽鄄     圹圹圹郯    圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹圹哌
   臂鄄 败  圹鄄圹郯    圹郯圹哌哌哌咣鄄哌哌哌哌圹鄄圹哌哌哌咣圻圹圻哌咣圹?
    圹圮 槽苒圹佰圹?   圹郯圹郯    槽郯 苘荥   圹郯圹舶   佰圹 槽?    圹郯
    咣圹圹圹圹?圹鄄? 苒圹 圹?    咣?圹?   佰鄄 圹?    槽?槽?    槽鄄
      哌膊佰圹?咣圹圹圹圹?圻       咣 圹圹苘苒圹避?       咣槽圹     佰圹
             咣圮 哌膊斑? ?          ?哌圹圹圻?            .?      槽?
                 ?     .?                                            苒?
                  ?                                                  ?
                             QUASAR PROUDLY PRESENTS


                     Photoshop CS5 Landscape Photography

               Supplier . : QUASAR       Size ..... : 56 x 50MB
               Cracker .. : QUASAR       Protection : Condom
               Packager . : QUASAR       Type ..... : Brain Enhancement
               Date ..... : 07-14-2010   OS ....... : Win/Mac


        Photoshop CS5 Landscape Photography
        Author: Ben Long

        In Photoshop CS5: Landscape Photography, Ben Long outlines a
        full, shooting-to-output workflow geared specifically toward
        the needs of landscape photographers, with a special emphasis
        on composition, exposure enhancement, and retouching. This
        course also covers converting to black and white, using high-
        dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques to capture an image
        that抯 closer to what your eye sees, and preparing images for
        large-format printing. Learn to bring back the impact of the
        original scene with some simple post-processing in Photoshop.
        Exercise files are included with the course.

        Topics include: 

        * Getting the shot: landscape-specific shooting tips and tricks
        * Choosing the right equipment
        * Cropping and straightening images
        * Making localized color and tonal adjustments
        * Reducing noise
        * Guiding the viewer抯 eye with localized adjustments
        * Adding a vignette
        * Using gradient masks to create seamless edits
        * Approaching adjustments like a painter杢hinking in light and shadow
        * HDR imaging
        * Creating panoramas: shooting and post-processing techniques



   Unpack, burn or mount and enjoy.



   We salute our friends, our loyal members and our fair competitors.

   安圹圹圹圹圹圹圹舶 ?THE ALMIGHTY QUASAR ?2010 ?安圹圹圹圹圹圹圹舶
 ?哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪?  [2.62 Gb]  [3.4 Kb]

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