All software that teaches you to use or do something goes here, e.g. learning languages, cooking instruction, kids education, encyclopedias, aviation, etc. In addition, collections of pictures, such as photos, cliparts, drawings, wallpapers etc., should be posted here.
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        |**/|*****|**/ \******/ |**/  \**/|**/ \******/  \******/

        TiTLE :Lynda.Com.Aperture.3.Essential.Training.DVD-iRONiSO

        TYPE     : BOOKWARE                   Cracker    :  iRONiSO         
        FiLE     : 79 X 50MB                  PACKAGER   :  iRONiSO         
        TOTAL CDs: 1 DVD                      SUPPLiER   :  TEAM iRON       
        PLATFORM : WINDOWS                    FORMAT     :  ISO
        RLS DATE : 05/08/10                   PROTECTiON :  NONE            
                                 Course Contents
            Using the exercise files                                      
        1. Getting Started                                            
            Understanding the system requirements                         
            Understanding key Aperture terms                              
            Touring the interface                                         
            Setting essential preferences                                 
            Customizing the top toolbar                                   
            Setting up two monitors                                       
            Configuring for faces and places                              
            Understanding RAW files                                       
            Following the recommended Aperture workflow                   
        2. Importing Photos and Movies                                
            Preparing for import                                          
            Using managed libraries or the referenced file approach       
            Creating metadata presets                                     
            Adding keywords on import                                     
            Importing images from a digital camera                        
            Using the RAW+JPEG option                                     
            Importing movies from your digital camera                     
            Importing iPhoto libraries                                    
            Importing images from a hard drive                            
            Importing images from an iPhone                               
        3. Viewing Images                                             
            Working in Projects view                                      
            Working in Photos view                                        
            Viewing in full-screen mode                                   
            Zooming to actual size                                        
            Using the Loupe for a closer look                             
            Showing focus points                                          
            Using Quick Preview                                           
            Proofing profiles and on-screen proofing                      
            Customizing metadata overlays                                 
            Managing previews                                             
            Learning the heads-up displays                                
        4. Comparing, Selecting, and Organizing Images                
            Creating projects and albums                                  
            Rating images by stars and color                              
            Flagging images                                               
            Organizing a series with stacks                               
            Grouping images with Smart Albums                                                                                   
        5. Managing Libraries                                         
            Understanding Aperture 3 libraries                            
            Switching between libraries                                   
            Exporting single or multiple projects as libraries            
            Merging multiple libraries into one                           
            Splitting libraries                                           
            Sharing libraries                                             
        6. Making Basic Image Adjustments                             
            Defining the difference between master and version files      
            Working with the Adjustments pane                             
            Updating RAW processing from previous versions of Aperture    
            Reading a histogram                                           
            Adjusting white balance                                       
            Adjusting exposures                                           
            Enhancing photos                                              
            Adjusting highlights and shadows                              
            Customizing auto adjustments for levels and curves            
            Adjusting tonality with the Levels tool                       
            Adjusting colors                                              
            Converting color pictures to black and white                  
            Sharpening edges                                              
            Using the Vignette effect                                     
        7. Making Additional Image Adjustments                        
            Cropping images                                               
            Retouching blemishes                                          
            Fixing spots                                                  
            Using Straighten, Crop, and Flip                              
            Fixing a chromatic aberration                                 
            Reducing visual noise                                         
            Making adjustments with the Curves tool                       
            Rotating images                                               
            Removing the Vignette effect                                  
            Using the Color Monochrome and Sepia tools                    
            Considering the Sharpen tool                                  
        8. Using Advanced Editing Tools                               
           Introducing brushes                                           
           Using quick brushes                                           
           Using adjustment brushes                                      
           Retouching portraits with adjustment brushes                  
           Creating multiple bricks for a single adjustment              
           Applying presets                                              
           Modifying presets                                             
           Highlighting hot and cold areas                               
           Photoshop round-tripping                                      
           Using the edit plug-ins                                       
           Customizing the Adjustments pane                              
           Batch processing with Lift and Stamp                          
        9. Faces and Places                                           
           Setting up face recognition                                   
           Searching for faces                                           
           Working with images that have existing tags in places         
           Adding geo tags using places in Aperture                      
           Searching by place                                            
        10. Modifying Metadata                                        
           Applying keywords                                             
           Creating unique captions quickly                              
           Batch changing                                                
        11. Searching for Images                                      
            Using the Search box                                          
            Creating Smart Albums for searching                           
        12. Exporting Images                                          
            Exporting masters and versions                                
            Using the export plug-ins                                     
        13. Archiving Photos                                          
            Developing a backup strategy                                  
            Backing up with vaults                                        
            Restoring from a vault                                        
        14. Slideshows and Movies                                     
            Viewing your images via a quick slideshow                     
            Setting up complex slideshows                                 
            Customizing individual slides                                 
            Adding video to your slideshows                               
            Pulling a still frame from a movie                            
            Exporting slideshows                                          
        15. Using Aperture's Bookmaking and Design Tools              
            Preparing your book project                                   
            Adjusting your book                                           
            Creating a custom template                                    
            Outputting your book                                          
        16. Web and Electronic Publishing                             
            Emailing a photo from Aperture                                
            Seeing your Aperture library from other applications          
            Building a web page                                           
            Publishing a web gallery                                      
            Using MobileMe for web publishing                             
            Publishing images to Flickr                                   
            Publishing images to Facebook                                 
        17. Printing Images                                           
            Printing a single image                                       
            Printing multiple images                                      
            Ordering prints from within Aperture                          
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Lynda.Com.Aperture.3.Essential.Training.DVD-iRONiSO.iso  [3.71 Gb]
Lynda.Com.Aperture.3.Essential.Training.DVD-iRONiSO.nfo  [16.6 Kb]

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