Geronimo.An.American.Legend.(1993).DVDR.PAL-Diago [EN/FR/DE/IT/ES]

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Geronimo.An.American.Legend.(1993).DVDR.PAL-Diago [EN/FR/DE/IT/ES]

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Geronimo: An American Legend

..:: Synopsis ::..
A Warrior. A Leader. A Legend.
His name would never be forgotten.

An American legend comes to breathtaking life in this explosive epic Western starring Jason Patric,Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman and Wes Studi as Geronimo. Studi (The Last Of The Mohicans) gives a stunning performance as the fearless warrior who was the last Indian leader to surrender to the white man. Betrayed by the Army's legendary Indian fighter, General George Crook (Hackman), Geronimo leads a small band of warriors in escape. Pursued by a principled officer (Patric), a grizzled Army scout (Duvall), and a gung-ho West Point graduate (Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting), Geronimo evades capture through brilliant military strategy and cut-throat courage. His true story is both an action adventure and a spiritual journey through the heart of a warrior.

..:: Movie Details ::..
Original Title: Geronimo: An American Legend
Director(s): Walter Hill
Writer(s): John Milius, Larry Gross
Producer(s): Neil Canton, Walter Hill
Release Year: 1993
Genre: Drama, History, Western
Runtime: 115 min
Country: USA
Cast: Jason Patric, Gene Hackman, Robert Duvall, Wes Studi, Matt Damon, Rodney A. Grant, Kevin Tighe

..:: DVD Details ::..
Format: Anamorphic, PAL, Widescreen
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Audio language(s): Image English Dolby Digital 5.1 • Image French Dolby Surround • Image German Dolby Surround • Image Italian Dolby Surround • Image Spanish Dolby Surround
Subtitles: Image Arabic • Image Bulgarian • Image Croatian • Image Czech • Image Danish • Image Dutch • Image English • Image Finnish • Image French • Image German • Image Greek • Image Hebrew • Image Hindi • Image Hungarian • Image Icelandic • Image Italian • Image Norwegian • Image Polish • Image Portuguese • Image Spanish • Image Swedish • Image Turkish
Special Features:
[list][*]Interactive menus
[*]Scene selections
[*]Theatrical Trailer

..:: Release Details ::..
Source: Retail DVD 5
Used Software: AnyDVD + ImgBurn
Features: DVD5 Full - No Compression or Edition - Copy 1:1

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