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BBC - The Planets

Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 7:21 am
by Rhadamanthys
The Planets


Status: Ended
Show Categories: Documentary

Employing state-of-the-art computer graphics, unseen space race archive material and first-hand testimony from scientists around the world, The Planets is the most comprehensive and spectacular account of space exploration and discovery ever made.

DIFFERENT WORLDS: A look at space travel and the latest planetary explorations.

TERRA FIRMA: The story of the pioneering missions to our neighbouring worlds.

GIANTS: Uncovers the secrets surrounding the massive planets in our Solar System.

MOON: The answer to one of the greatest mysteries of our Solar System - why does Earth have a moon?

STAR: The latest scientific advances bring us a new perspective on the Sun.

ATMOSPHERE: A fantastic voyage through the skies of the Solar System.

LIFE: A look at the very latest robotic explorations of other planets.

DESTINY: How are the planets going to evolve over the next four billion years?

Season 1
BBC_-_The_Planets_-_Episode_1_-_Different_Worlds.(DVD).divx.avi  [700.54 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Planets_-_Episode_2_-_Terra_Firma.(DVD).divx.avi  [700.37 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Planets_-_Episode_3_-_Giants.(DVD).divx.avi  [699.93 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Planets_-_Episode_4_-_Moon.(DVD).divx.avi  [699.83 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Planets_-_Episode_5_-_Star.(DVD).avi  [700.36 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Planets_-_Episode_6_-_Atmosphere.(DVD).divx.avi  [700.91 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Planets_-_Episode_7_-_Life.(DVD).divx.avi  [700.46 Mb]
BBC_-_The_Planets_-_Episode_8_-_Destiny.(DVD).divx.avi  [700.28 Mb]

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