[XBOX360] Test.Drive.Unlimited.PAL.(2006)-DNL

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[XBOX360] Test.Drive.Unlimited.PAL.(2006)-DNL

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Released 5th September 2006



Test Drive Unlimited is the ultimate automotive experience for car and bike enthusiasts alike. Visit the most sophisticated car and bike dealers to purchase new vehicles or simply take them for a test drive. Choose from all the real-world manufacturer interior and exterior options to make each vehicle one-of-a-kind.
Test Drive Unlimited challenges players online and offline to experience the most exotic and fastest vehicles on more than 1000 miles of diverse Hawaiian roads. Gamers win races, challenges, missions and tournaments to earn credits and purchase new cars, bikes, apparel, homes and garages.

Packed full of innovation, Test Drive Unlimited is destined to reinvent the racing genre:

The Challenge:
Choose from an astounding 360 multiplayer and solo challenges, including a combined online and offline total of 125 race challenges, 44 time challenges, 51 speed challenges, 40 club challenges and many more. And if that's not enough to satisfy you, design your own. Challenge gamers around the world to take you on in 8 player races or meet with 1000s of other petrol heads in the 24/7 online community to chat, trade and race.

The Vehicles:
Offering an unprecedented choice of the world's most luxurious cars and bikes, Test Drive Unlimited features 90 of the most desirable vehicles on the planet, including Lamborghini, Ducati, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Shelby, Mercedes, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Saleen and Jaguar each officially licensed. Additional vehicles will be made available via Xbox Live® Marketplace after launch.

The Location:
Explore over 1000 miles of Hawaii's Oahu island paradise, where every metre of road, building and landmark is mapped out using authentic GPS data. From the volcano rises to the sun-drenched streets you'll experience one of the most diverse and challenging terrains on the planet.

The Individuality:
Customise your avatar with a choice of popular branded clothes and create your own unique look with a vast range of hair styles, colourings and the ability to fine tune all the facial features. Personalise your car or bike with options from the actual manufacturer's catalogue then boost each vehicle's power with performance upgrades.

The Lifestyle:
Stack up the cash by winning races and completing challenges then go beyond racing by bagging yourself a fine crib in the hills and filling your garage with sleek, sexy models of automotive art. As you cruise around the island, admiring the landscape and seeking out new challenges, watch out for convoy missions to take on, hitch hikers looking for a free ride, and even girls to pick up.

The Showrooms:
Cruise into the classiest car and bike dealerships completely furnished to precisely replicate the manufacturers' real-life showrooms, from the walls, to the carpet and the floor plan. Purchase new rides, or take them for a free test drive. Every vehicle is rendered with incredible fidelity and boasts unrivalled interior details including full car functions such as radio, electric windows, horn and more.

If you want it all the sun, the exotic life, the pad, the kudos and the beautiful surroundings Test Drive Unlimited can take you there. It's not just a racing game. It's a racing lifestyle.

Test.Drive.Unlimited.PAL.XBOX360-DNL.rar  [6.77 Gb]

(PAL only, Stealth patched, mulit-5)

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