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[XBOX360] Dynasty.Warriors.5.Empires.PAL.(2006)-UKT

Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 12:30 pm
by kero
Released 23rd June 2006


In Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires, the armies of the kingdom are at your command! Your ultimate goal is to conquer the 25 regions of Ancient China and build an entire Empire using cunning diplomacy and uncompromising force. Before each battle, the player will meet with the war council to decide upon military and political policies for the kingdom; then it's time for war. Issue direct orders to each officer or signal general commands to officers on the field. Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires gives armchair generals total control of their kingdom. Take control of 150 officers, entice captured officers into joining your service or expel them from your kingdom Change game dynamics by limiting the number of officers during play, adjusting time limits, and selecting battle conditions Unlock new items, strengthen your weapons, and much more Discover the history of the Dynasty Warriors with the Encyclopedia

Product Features
  • 4 scenarios to unlock -- 6 in total
  • 2-Player Co-Op in Empire and Free modes
  • Meet with your war council and choose policies ranging from Government, Product Development, Diplomacy and Battle Tactics
  • Implement 25 new policies, or any from a total of 75 in all
  • Issue direct orders to each officer or general commands to officers on the field. Take the offensive, defend your ground -- or have all officers rally to you for an ambush
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