[XBOX360] MotoGP.06.PAL.(2006)-RADiAN

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[XBOX360] MotoGP.06.PAL.(2006)-RADiAN

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Released 8th June 2006


MotoGP 06 on the Xbox 360 takes all the traditions of its three Xbox predecessors and launches the franchise onto the next generation. Visual effects surpass anything seen before on any race game regardless of genre. New tracks, new bike models, refined handling and comprehensive Live functionality make this a truly fresh and aspirational title, even for hardened fans of the series.

For the first time a MotoGP title will also launch with the current season's data, giving unprecedented accuracy to the real sport and providing another reason why MotoGP 06 pushes the highly regarded franchise another step closer to racing perfection.

  • The official game of the MotoGP Championship
  • Fully licensed riders, tracks and bikes from the 2005 and 2006 MotoGP Seasons
  • 17 GP Tracks (3 new ones)
  • 17 Extreme Tracks (1 new one)
  • Online gaming
  • Up to 16 online players per race in GP and Extreme mode
  • Seeding system / Embedded Online Gameplay / Spectator Mode / Commentator Mode
  • 20 riders per race
  • 4-player split-screen multiplayer options
  • 60 frames per second
  • New improved audio
  • Photo realist graphics (HD)
Moto.GP.06.PAL.XBOX360-PI.rar  [4.37 Gb]

The SS are not included with this release. You need to patch the release with the RADIAN SS's

Moto.GP.06.PAL.SS.XBOX360-RADIAN.rar  [33.5 Kb]

1. Take the iso (.360 file) from this rar,
2. Load it in SS merger,
3. Load the Radian SS file
4. Check the "pad with blank" / "xtreme style" radiobutton and press "merge".

Note: This game is confirmed working on NTSC as well!!

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