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[XBOX360] Virtua.Tennis.4.(2011).(Region.Free)-AutistasInformaticos

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 12:34 am
by aas82
Virtua Tennis 4
... is a tennis simulation game featuring 22 of the current top male and female players from the ATP and WTA tennis tours. Along with classic Virtua Tennis tournament style action, Virtua Tennis 4 for Xbox 360 features full Kinect functionality (optional), allowing players to experience the game at an even higher level as they swing through forehands, backhands, serves, overheads and more, just as if they were on court, but without having to hold a controller. Additional features include: an all-new intelligent matchmaking system and competition creator, a new career mode and the new Match Momentum feature that allows for improved abilities and confidence.

Take a Swing with Microsoft Kinect
The best-selling tennis series is back in time for the lion's share of the Grand Slam season with revolutionary new features and an all-star lineup. And with the Xbox 360 version of the game the developers of the original Virtua Tennis are taking the world of competitive tennis to a new level using the power of revolutionary Kinect sensor technology. Dispensing with the need for a handheld controller, the Kinect sensor allows players to take the court simulating forehands, backhands, serves, smashes and volleys using only natural arm movements.

The Top Players of Today's Game
Virtua Tennis 4 features 40 breathtaking courts from around with world as well as 22 of the world's top tennis stars from the ATP and WTA tour rosters. A sampling of players include men's Grand Slam champions and contenders like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin Del Potro, Andy Murray and Gael Monfils, as well as Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams, Caroline Wozniacki and Anna Ivanovic from the women's side of the draw. All will play their hearts out for a shot at the championship title, in dramatic TV-style camera action. A brand new Career Mode promises hours of fun in the quest for the top ranking, while the new online hub will be the go-to place for fans who want to compete with other Virtua Tennis stars from around the world.

Key Game Features
  • Motion Control - New motion control compatibility via Kinect for Xbox 360 gives players ultimate freedom, accuracy and style in shot placement.
  • New Online Center - Players enjoy a vastly improved online experience with the all-new intelligent matchmaking system and competition creator.
  • New Career Mode – A totally new World Tour is a fresh take on the Virtua Tennis Career mode. As players work toward becoming the people's favorite, this new mode helps them manage competition pressures both on and off the court.
  • Match Momentum - This brand new on-court feature makes for more dramatic matches. In building up their Match Momentum gauge over the course of a match, players revel in their improved abilities and confidence.
  • Mini-Games – The crazy Virtua Tennis series' signature mini-games are now in available in multiplayer mode and online.
  • Brand New World Tour – Players take their customizable tennis pros into the big leagues where every decision they make affects their career path.
  • All-star Lineup. of 22 Players – Includes Nadal, Federer, Murray, Sharapova, Williams, Djokovic, Ivanovic, Del Potro, Wozniacki and others.
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Checking for updates to GameNameLookup.csv and abgx360.dat...
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     Server file abgx360.dat no newer than local file - not retrieving

[...]\360-Virtua Tennis 4 (Region Free) http://www.AutistasInformaticos.Com.dvd is valid

Checking Game
     ISO: "[...]\360-Virtua Tennis 4 (Region Free) http://www.AutistasInformaticos.Com.iso"
     Size: 7838695424 bytes
     Files in ISO: 9, Folders in ISO: 1
     Total bytes used: 3316387603 (45.44%)
Game appears to have random padding

Checking default.xex
     Original PE Filename:  VT4_x360.exe
     Original PE Timestamp: 2011/02/18 05:52:17
     Game Name:             Virtua Tennis 4
     No Avatar Awards
     Achievements:          48 Achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore
     XEX CRC = 1C05AFB3
     XEX Media ID: C50FF739EB945BF577FBF7AE-52DAA499

Virtua Tennis 4

Region Code: 0xFFFFFFFF
     Region Free!

Checking SS
     Timestamp of Authoring: 2011/02/25 00:00:00
     Timestamp of Mastering: 2011/03/24 16:23:51
     SS Version: 1

Caution: This SS contains a value (angle 359) that will cause older versions
of iXtreme to return a detectable bad response! Make sure your drive is flashed
with iXtreme version 1.4 or newer. Alternatively, you may enable the option to
adjust angle 359 for compatibility with iXtreme < v1.4

     SS CRC = 0871B0B8 (RawSS = 28883727)
     SS Media ID: C50FF739EB945BF577FBF7AE-52DAA499 (matches game)
SS looks valid

Checking DMI
     Timestamp of Authoring: 2011/02/25 00:00:00 (matches SS)
     DMI CRC = C720FACA
     DMI Media ID: C50FF739EB945BF577FBF7AE-52DAA499 (matches game)
DMI looks valid

Checking PFI
     PFI CRC = E18BC70B
PFI matches known data (10th - 11th Wave)

Video partition found
     Video CRC = BA47FD12 (V0 = DD2BCA74, V1 = DFEFC0BF)
Video partition matches known data (11th Wave)

Basic Stealth check passed!

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     Looking for 0871B0B81C05AFB3.ini in the online verified database
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     Using 0871B0B81C05AFB3.ini (358 bytes)
     Video CRC matches
     V0    CRC matches
     V1    CRC matches
     PFI   CRC matches
     DMI   CRC matches
     SS    CRC matches
     Xex   CRC matches
     AnyDVD style corruption was not detected
     Game CRC = 555DE022 (matches)

All CRCs match
Verification was successful!

SplitVid is valid
Virtua Tennis 4 (2011) Region Free WAVE11 game with Multi language (English one of them):
XBOX360-Virtua.Tennis.4.(2011).(Region.Free)-AutistasInformaticos.rar  [6.24 Gb]

Release is patched with SSv1 security sector but can be easily updated to SSv2 using MousePatcher 2.0.
A guide to patching to SSv2 with Mousepatcher has been added to tutorial below:
(Tutorial: How to stealth check and burn XBOX360 backup games)