Lost In Oz - S1

Both currently airing or planned to return for another season, and ended or have been cancelled goes here.
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Lost In Oz - S1

Post by memor » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:30 pm

Lost In Oz


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Amazon wrote:In Lost in Oz, 12-year-old Dorothy Gale discovers her mother's mysterious journal in her Kansas home, she and her dog, Toto, are transported into a bustling, modern Emerald City. Disoriented and determined to get home, Dorothy embarks on an epic journey with West, a young witch, and Ojo, a giant Munchkin, to seek the magic she needs - as Oz faces its greatest magic crisis.

Season 1 (WEB)
Lost.In.Oz.S01E01.Pilot.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [192.77 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E02.Dorothy.Meets.A.Lion.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [199.45 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E03.Monkeys.Fly.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [179.78 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E04.Dorothy.Meets.The.Scarecrow.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [200.44 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E05.The.Pearl.Of.Pingaree.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [163.37 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E06.Wake.Up.Wake.Up,.Wake.Up.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [176.98 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E07.Little.Black.Lies.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [131.94 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E08.The.Sticks.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [154.16 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E09.Down.The.Yellow.Brick.Line.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [171.90 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E10.Bogspeed.Little.Shanks.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [172.73 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E11.11.11.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [145.03 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E12.Welcome.Back.Glinda.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [151.26 Mb]
Lost.In.Oz.S01E13.Go.For.Kansas.WEB.H264-STRiFE.mkv  [167.13 Mb]

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