[Français] The Prisoner - S1

Vous trouverez ici les séries TV qui ont au moins une piste audio en français.
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[Français] The Prisoner - S1

Post by Rhadamanthys » Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:19 am

The Prisoner



Status: Ended
Premiered October 1, 1967
Show Category: Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction

'The Prisoner' is about a man who is kidnapped from his London home, and wakes up in a strange Village, where he is known only by the name Number Six.

Various Village Officers-in-Charge, always referred to as Number Two, set about trying to find out why Number Six resigned his job as a secret agent. Number Six is interrogated, brainwashed, and manipulated by the strange powers behind the mysterious Village.

This intriguing series first went to air in 1968. It was ahead of its time then, and continues to intrigue today. It was very much the brain-child of Patrick McGoohan, who not only starred as Number Six, but was also instrumental in bringing the series to fruition.

Season 1
The.Prisoner.S01E01.L'arrivé.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [216.46 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E02.Liberté.Pour.Tous.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [206.57 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E03.Danse.De.Mort.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [194.67 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E04.Echec.Et.Mat.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [197.71 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E05.Le.Carillon.De.Big.Ben.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [206.72 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E06.A.B.Et.C.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [207.83 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E07.Le.General.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [197.60 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E08.Double.Personnalité.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [196.63 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E09.Le.Retour.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [198.06 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E10.L'enterrement.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [197.48 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E11.J'ai.Change.D'avis.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [198.81 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E12.Le.Marteau.Et.L'enclume.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [198.10 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E13.L'impossible.Pardon.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [196.53 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E14.Musique.Douce.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [203.15 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E15.La.Mort.En.Marche.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [199.18 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E16.Il.Ete.Une.Fois.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [197.28 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E17.Denouement.EN-FR.DVDRip.Out.Of.Team.mkv  [200.59 Mb]

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Post by Rhadamanthys » Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:19 am

Alternate Links
The.Prisoner.S01E01.L'arrivé.FR.DVDRip.avi  [389.94 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E02.Le.Carillon.De.Big.Ben.FR.DVDRip.avi  [388.71 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E03.A,.B.Et.C.FR.DVDRip.avi  [386.15 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E04.Liberte.Pour.Tous.FR.DVDRip.avi  [388.70 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E05.Double.Personnalité.FR.DVDRip.avi  [388.04 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E06.Le.Général.FR.DVDRip.avi  [387.21 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E07.Le.Retour.FR.DVDRip.avi  [340.09 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E08.Danse.De.Mort.FR.DVDRip.avi  [388.34 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E09.Echec.Et.Mat.FR.DVDRip.avi  [341.96 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E10.Le.Marteau.Et.L'enclume.FR.DVDRip.avi  [387.85 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E11.L'enterrement.FR.DVDRip.avi  [387.97 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E12.J'ai.Change.D'avis.FR.DVDRip.avi  [388.10 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E13.L'impossible.Pardon.FR.DVDRip.avi  [388.03 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E15.La.Mort.En.Marche.FR.DVDRip.avi  [348.53 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E16.Il.Était.Une.Fois.FR.DVDRip.avi  [389.25 Mb]
The.Prisoner.S01E17.Le.Dénouement.FR.DVDRip.avi  [389.78 Mb]

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Re: [Français] The Prisoner - S1

Post by IoNeL » Tue May 11, 2010 7:47 am

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