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100 Greatest Toys With Jonathan Ross (2010)
The 11th Hour (2007)
1991: The Year Punk Broke (1992)
20 Feet From Stardom (2013)
2012 The Odyssey (2006)
The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made (2004)
56 Up (2012)
638 Ways To Kill Castro (2006)
8: The Mormon Proposition (2010)
The 9/11 Hotel (2008)

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ABBA - Absolute Image (2013)
abc - 2020 Disaster In The Pacific 2011
ABC Foreign Correspondent - Dirty Secrets (China) (2010)
ABC News and People's Best in Film - The Greatest Movies of Our Time (2011)
ABC: ABBA: Bang A Boomerang (2013)
ABC: Autopsy On A Dream (2013)
ABC: Great Expectations: Karta The Orang-Utan's Story (2014)
ABC: Jedis And Juggalos: Your Census Guide (2011)
ABC: Lost Years: A Sea Turtle Odyssey (2014)
ABC: Marvel Studios: Assembling A Universe (2014)
ABC: Marvel: 75 Years, From Pulp To Pop (2014)
ABC: The Grammar Of Happiness (2013)
ABC: The Search For The Ocean's Super Predator (2013)
Addicted To Plastic (2008)
Addicted To Porn (2007)
The Adventure of English (2002)
Africa dolce e selvaggia aka Shocking Africa (1982)
After Porn Ends (2012)
After Porn Ends 2 (2017)
The Airships (2004)
Al Capone Scarface (2010)
Alternate History (2011)
Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who (2007)
The Amazing Screw-On Head (2006)
American Meth (2008)
American Movie (1999)
American Pimp (1999)
Amiga - The Movie
Amy (2015)
Animal Games (2004)
Animal Planet: Glory Hounds (2013)
Animal Planet: Surviving The Kill Zone (2014)
Animal Planet: The Ape Who Went To College (2014)
Animal Planet: When Turkeys Attack (2014)
Animal Planet: Wild Appalachia (2013)
The Animals Film (1981)
Animals in Love (2007)
The Anisotropic World (2009)
Antonio Gaudí (1984)
Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008)
Arirang (2011)
The Art of Francis Bacon with Derek Jacobi (2007)
The Art of Henry Moore (2005)
The Art Of The Steal (2009)
Ashes And Snow (2005)
Atapuerca, the mystery of Human Evolution with Jose Angel Juanes (1997)
Atlantis (2011)
The Atomic Cafe (1982)
Atomic Filmmakers: Behind the Scenes (1999)

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Baraka (1992)
The Battle for Hitler's Supership
The Battle Of Midway (2005)
Battleground Vietnam: War In The Jungle (2007)
BBC - Afghanistan: The Unknown Country (2011)
BBC - Bigotry, Bombs and Football (2011)
BBC - Darwin's Struggle - The Evolution of the Origin of Species (2009)
BBC - Deep Blue (2003)
BBC - Everything And Nothing (2011)
BBC - Explosions: How We Shook The World
BBC - Gods and Monsters: Homer's Odyssey (2010)
BBC - Johnny Cash - The Last Great American (2004)
BBC - Keep on Running - 50 years of Island Records with Damian Lewis (2009)
BBC - Leaving Amish Paradise (2011)
BBC - Legends - Roll Over Beethoven: The Chess Records Saga (2010)
BBC - Leo Africanus: A Man Between Worlds (2011)
BBC - Mad and Bad: 60 Years of Science on TV (2010)
BBC - Pleasure And Pain (2011)
BBC - Scenes From A Teenage Killing (2011)
BBC - Secrets of the Arabian Nights (2011)
BBC - Secrets Of The Superbrands (2011)
BBC - Seven Ages of Starlight (2012)
BBC - Should I Test My Genes? The Price of Life (2011)
BBC - The Conspiracy Files
BBC - The Day the Immigrants Left (2010)
BBC - The Gene Code (2011)
BBC - The Last Cast (2011)
BBC - The Lost World of Tibet with Dan Cruickshank (2006)
BBC - The Mayfair Set (1990)
BBC - The Secret War on Terror (2011)
BBC - The Secrets Of Scott's Hut (2011)
BBC - The Trap (2007)
BBC - The Viking Sagas (2011)
BBC - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The True Story (2010)
BBC - Trouble in Amish Paradise (2009)
BBC - Voyager: To the Final Frontier (2012)
BBC: 100 Seconds To Beat The World: The David Rudisha Story (2014)
BBC: 2013: Moments In Time (2013)
BBC: A Hundred Million Musicians: China's Classical Challenge (2014)
BBC: A Picture Of London (2012)
BBC: A Race Against Time: Hilary Lister's Round Britain Dream (2013)
BBC: ABBA At The BBC (2013)
BBC: Abraham Lincoln - Saint Or Sinner? (2011)
BBC: Adam Pearson: Freak Show (2016)
BBC: Afghanistan: The Great Game - A Personal View By Rory Stewart
BBC: Agnetha: Abba And After (2013)
BBC: Alan Bennett At 80: Bennett Meets Hytner (2014)
BBC: All About The Good Life (2010)
BBC: All About TWO (2014)
BBC: All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace - S1
BBC: Allotment Wars (2013)
BBC: Animals Through The Night: Sleepover At The Zoo (2014)
BBC: Are My Fake Breasts Safe? (2012)
BBC: Attenborough And The Giant Elephant (2017)
BBC: Attenborough And The Sea Dragon (2018)
BBC: Attenborough's Life That Glows (2016)
BBC: Attenborough's Paradise Birds (2015)
BBC: Autism: Challenging Behaviour (2013)
BBC: Bach: A Passionate Life (2013)
BBC: Beautiful Equations (2010)
BBC: Bizarre Crime - *AiRiNG*
BBC: Bletchley Park: Code-Breaking's Forgotten Genius (2015)
BBC: Body Image
BBC: Brian Cox: Space, Time And Videotape (2014)
BBC: Britain's Biggest Beauty Queens (2012)
BBC: Britain's Gay Footballers (2012)
BBC: Britain's Hidden Homeless (2012)
BBC: Britain's Lost Treasures Returned: How Houghton Got Its Art Back (2013)
BBC: Britain's Tudor Treasure: A Night At Hampton Court (2015)
BBC: Britain's Youngest Head Chef (2013)
BBC: Building Burma's Death Railway: Moving Half The Mountain (2014)
BBC: Burma, My Father And The Forgotten Army (2013)
BBC: Business Nightmares With Evan Davis - S1
BBC: Calculating Ada: The Countess Of Computing (2015)
BBC: Caligula With Mary Beard (2013)
BBC: Can Eating Insects Save The World? (2013)
BBC: Can We Trust The Police (2012)
BBC: Care Home Kids: Looking For Love (2012)
BBC: Children Of Syria (2014)
BBC: Chocolate Perfection With Michel Roux Jr (2014)
BBC: Christmas On Benefits (2013)
BBC: Churchill's Desert War: The Road To El Alamein (2012)
BBC: Climate Change By Numbers (2015)
BBC: Climbing Everest With A Mountain On My Back: The Sherpa's Story (2013)
BBC: Commonwealth On Film (2014)
BBC: Could We Survive A Mega-Tsunami? (2013)
BBC: Crazy For Party Drugs (2013)
BBC: Crossing England In A Punt: River Of Dreams (2013)
BBC: Dambusters Declassified (2010)
BBC: Dan Snow's History Of The Winter Olympics (2014)
BBC: Darcey Bussell Dances Hollywood (2011)
BBC: Dave Allen: God's Own Comedian (2013)
BBC: David Beckham Into The Unknown (2014)
BBC: David Starkey's Magna Carta (2015)
BBC: Death Camp Treblinka: Survivor Stories (2012)
BBC: Diaries Of A Broken Mind (2013)
BBC: Donald Campbell: Speed King (2013)
BBC: Double Cross: The True Story Of The D-Day Spies (2012)
BBC: Drills, Dentures And Dentistry: An Oral History (2015)
BBC: Driven: The Fastest Woman In The World (2013)
BBC: Dying For Clear Skin (2012)
BBC: Easter Island: Mysteries Of A Lost World (2014)
BBC: Escape From The World's Most Dangerous Place (2012)
BBC: Failed By The NHS (2013)
BBC: Family Guys? What Sitcoms Say About America Now (2012)
BBC: Football, Madness And Me (2013)
BBC: Fox Wars (2013)
BBC: Frank Gardner's Return To Saudi Arabia (2013)
BBC: Frankenstein And The Vampyre: A Dark And Stormy Night (2014)
BBC: Frankenstein: Birth Of A Monster (2003)
BBC: Genghis Khan (2005)
BBC: Golden Oldies (2012)
BBC: Guilty By Association (2014)
BBC: Hadrian (2008)
BBC: Harry And Paul's Story Of The Twos (2014)
BBC: Henry VII: Winter King (2013)
BBC: Henry VIII's Enforcer: The Rise And Fall Of Thomas Cromwell (2013)
BBC: Hillsborough - Never Forgotten (2013)
BBC: Horror Europa With Mark Gatiss (2012)
BBC: How Sex Works
BBC: How The Celts Saved Britain - S1
BBC: How The Devil Got His Horns: A Diabolical Tale (2012)
BBC: How To Be England Manager (2012)
BBC: How To Beat Pain (2012)
BBC: How To Get To Heaven With The Hutterites (2013)
BBC: How To Solve a Cryptic Crossword (2008)
BBC: I Hate My Body: Skinny Boys And Muscle Men (2012)
BBC: I Want To Change My Body (2012)
BBC: India: A Dangerous Place To Be A Woman (2013)
BBC: Insect Dissection: How Insects Work (2013)
BBC: Inside Facebook - Zuckerberg's $100 billion gamble (2012)
BBC: Inside The Perfect Predator (2010)
BBC: Is Football Racist (2012)
BBC: Isaac Newton: The Last Magician (2013)
BBC: Je T'aime: The Story Of French Song With Petula Clark (2015)
BBC: Joan Of Arc: God's Warrior (2015)
BBC: John Le Mesurier: It's All Been Rather Lovely (2012)
BBC: Johnny Kingdom And The Bears Of Alaska (2013)
BBC: Jools Holland: London Calling (2012)
BBC: Jumbo: The Plane That Changed The World (2014)
BBC: June Brown: Respect Your Elders (2012)
BBC: Kate Adie's Women Of World War One (2014)
BBC: Kicked Out Kids (2012)
BBC: Kidnapped And Drugged For Family Honour (2012)
BBC: Killing Me Softly: The Roberta Flack Story (2014)
BBC: Kipling's Indian Adventure (2016)
BBC: Land Of The Lost Wolves
BBC: Len Goodman's Perfect Christmas (2013)
BBC: Letting Go (2012)
BBC: Licence To Kill (2013)
BBC: Life After War: Haunted By Helmand (2013)
BBC: Litter Wars (2013)
BBC: London: A Tale Of Two Cities With Dan Cruickshank (2012)
BBC: London: The Modern Babylon (2012)
BBC: Lou Reed Remembered (2013)
BBC: Madness In The Desert: Paris To Dakar (2013)
BBC: Married In Britain (2013)
BBC: Martin Amis's England (2014)
BBC: Martin Luther King And The March On Washington (2013)
BBC: Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams (2013)
BBC: Meet The Landlords (2013)
BBC: Mel Smith: I've Sort Of Done Things (2013)
BBC: Messiah At The Foundling Hospital (2014)
BBC: Metamorphosis: The Science Of Change (2013)
BBC: Michael Grade's Stars Of The Musical Theatre (2014)
BBC: Michael Palin In Wyeth's World (2013)
BBC: Mum And Dad Are Splitting Up (2013)
BBC: Murder On The Victorian Railway (2013)
BBC: My Nine Pound Fifty Pence Holiday (2013)
BBC: Nelson In His Own Words (2015)
BBC: Nigel Slater's Great British Biscuit (2013)
BBC: Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened? (2013)
BBC: Our Planet From The Air: Home (2015)
BBC: Our World
BBC: Out Of Jail And On The Streets (2013)
BBC: Parking Mad (2013)
BBC: Petrol Bombs And Peace: Welcome To Belfast (2013)
BBC: Piper Alpha: Fire In The Night (2013)
BBC: Plan B, Leona And Labrinth: Project Hackney (2012)
BBC: Planet Ant: Life Inside The Colony (2013)
BBC: Pompeii: The Last Day (2003)
BBC: Pompeii: The Mystery Of The People Frozen In Time (2013)
BBC: Pop Life
BBC: Porn: What's The Harm? (2014)
BBC: Pound Shop Wars (2012)
BBC: Pride And Prejudice: Having A Ball (2013)
BBC: Prince Harry: Frontline Afghanistan (2013)
BBC: Prison Dads (2013)
BBC: Prisoner Number A26188: Henia Bryer (2013)
BBC: Protecting Our Children
BBC: Rhod Gilbert vs Kilimanjaro (2015)
BBC: Rich Hall's Inventing The Indian (2012)
BBC: Richard Attenborough: A Life In Film (2014)
BBC: Rick Stein's German Bite (2013)
BBC: Rita Simons: My Daughter, Deafness And me (2012)
BBC: Rome's Lost Empire (2012)
BBC: Rowing The Arctic (2011)
BBC: Rupert Murdoch - Battle With Britain (2013)
BBC: Sandy: Anatomy Of A Superstorm (2012)
BBC: Scotland's Einstein: James Clerk Maxwell: The Man Who Changed The World (2015)
BBC: Scotland: For Richer Or Poorer (2014)
BBC: Searching For Exile: Truth Or Myth? (2013)
BBC: Secret Universe: The Hidden Life Of The Cell (2012)
BBC: Seven Wonders Of The Buddhist World (2011)
BBC: Seven Wonders Of The Commonwealth (2014)
BBC: Sexism In football (2012)
BBC: Shakespeare's Mother: The Secret Life Of A Tudor Woman (2015)
BBC: Shot For Going To School (2013)
BBC: Sir David Frost: That Was The Life (2013)
BBC: So You Think You Can Drive (2014)
BBC: Space Dive (2012)
BBC: Stacey Solomon: Depression, Teen Mums And Me (2013)
BBC: Summer In Blackpool (2013)
BBC: Super Cute Animals (2015)
BBC: Supergiant Animals (2013)
BBC: Superstorm USA: Caught On Camera (2012)
BBC: Swallowed By The Sea: Ancient Egypt's Greatest Lost City (2014)
BBC: Swimming with Crocodiles
BBC: Tales From The Royal Wardrobe With Lucy Worsley (2014)
BBC: TB: Return Of The Plague (2014)
BBC: Terry Pratchett: Facing Extinction (2013)
BBC: The 16-Year-Old Killer: Cyntoia's Story (2012)
BBC: The Alchemists Of Sound (2003)
BBC: The Batman Shootings (2012)
BBC: The Battle For Britain's Breakfast (2014)
BBC: The Battle For Malta (2013)
BBC: The Beatles' Please Please Me: Remaking A Classic (2013)
BBC: The Cleveland Captives: What Really Happened? (2013)
BBC: The Cobra Ferrari Wars (2002)
BBC: The Code Of Life: Great Scientists In Their Own Words (2013)
BBC: The Eiger: Wall Of Death (2010)
BBC: The Fairytale Castles Of King Ludwig II With Dan Cruickshank (2013)
BBC: The Falklands: Healing the Wounds (2012)
BBC: The Fall Of Singapore: The Great Betrayal (2012)
BBC: The Fantastic Mr Feynman (2013)
BBC: The French Revolution: Tearing Up History (2014)
BBC: The Genius Of Josiah Wedgwood (2013)
BBC: The Genius Of Marie Curie - The Woman Who Lit Up The World (2013)
BBC: The Genius Of Turner: Painting The Industrial Revolution (2013)
BBC: The Glasgow Boys (2010)
BBC: The Greatest Knight: William Marshal (2014)
BBC: The Hunt For Britain's Metal Thieves (2013)
BBC: The Irresistible Rise Of Boris Johnson (2013)
BBC: The Joy Of ABBA (2013)
BBC: The Last Days Of Anne Boleyn (2013)
BBC: The Last Journey Of The Magna Carta King (2015)
BBC: The Magic Of Mushrooms (2014)
BBC: The Most Dangerous Man In Tudor England (2013)
BBC: The Mystery Of Rome's X Tomb (2013)
BBC: The Other Pompeii: Life And Death In Herculaneum (2013)
BBC: The People's Coronation With David Dimbleby (2013)
BBC: The Queen's Coronation Festival (2013)
BBC: The Real Versailles (2016)
BBC: The School That Rocks (2014)
BBC: The Search For Alfred The Great (2014)
BBC: The Secret Life Of Chaos (2010)
BBC: The Secret Life Of The Sun (2013)
BBC: The Secret Life Of Uri Geller (2013)
BBC: The Secret World Of Lewis Carroll (2015)
BBC: The Snow Wolf, A Winter's Tale (2018)
BBC: The Story of Musicals
BBC: The Two Thousand Year Old Computer (2012)
BBC: The Unspeakable Crime: Rape (2013)
BBC: The Wonderful World Of Blood With Michael Mosley (2015)
BBC: The World Of Parade's End (2012)
BBC: The World's Most Beautiful Eggs: The Genius Of Carl Faberge (2013)
BBC: Torvill And Dean: The Perfect Day (2014)
BBC: Tourettes: I Swear I Can't Help It (2009)
BBC: Transsexual Teen, Beauty Queen (2012)
BBC: Treasures Of The Louvre (2013)
BBC: Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered (2014)
BBC: Vertigo Roadtrip (2014)
BBC: Vets In The Disaster Zone (2014)
BBC: War On Britain's Roads (2012)
BBC: We Won't Drop The Baby (2012)
BBC: Welcome To The World Of Weight Loss (2013)
BBC: Wellington: The Iron Duke Unmasked (2015)
BBC: What Makes A Great Tenor? (2010)
BBC: When Albums Ruled The World (2013)
BBC: Who Is Nelson Mandela? (2010)
BBC: Why The Industrial Revolution Happened Here (2013)
BBC: Winter Viruses And How To Beat Them (2013)
BBC: Woolly Mammoth: Secrets From The Ice (2012)
BBC: Wren: The Man Who Built Britain (2004)
BBC: Young Margaret (2013)
BBC: Young, Mormon And Single (2013)
The Beales Of Grey Gardens (2006)
Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest (2011)
Bebe(s) (a.k.a. Babies) (2010)
Beer Wars (2009)
The Best Of The Martial Arts Films (1990)
Beyond Boiling Point (2000)
Beyond The Myth: A Film About Pit Bulls And Breed Discrimination (2010)
The Big Fat Truth About Low Fat Foods (2011)
Bill Bryson - Notes From A Small Island (the documentary) (1999)
Bill Plympton - Guard Dog (2004)
Bill WIthers: Still Bill (2009)
Bio Channel: The Tragic Side Of Comedy (2009)
Black Market Britain (2010)
Blackfish (2013)
Blood Dolphins (2010)
Blue Holes Tauchen Im Labyrinth (2010)
Bob Dylan - No Direction Home (2005)
Body in Numbers
The Body of JFK
Body Worlds (2001)
Bond's Greatest Moments (2013)
Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story (2008)
Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids (2004)
Bound By Flesh (2012)
Bowling For Columbine (2002)
The Box That Changed Britain (2010)
The Boys Of Baraka (2005)
Bra Boys (2007)
The British UFO files
The Buckfast Code (2010)
Burden of Dreams (1982)
Busted: The Citizen’s Guide To Surviving Police Encounters (2005)

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Camp Victory, Afghanistan (2010)
Cannabis: Britain's Secret Farms (2010)
CannaBiz (2010)
The Cannibal That Walked Free (2007)
Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)
The Captains: a film by William Shatner (2011)
Capturing The Friedmans (2003)
[Français] Carcasses.(2009).(English.Subbed).DVDRip.XviD-VoMiT
Casey Anthony - Behind the Verdict (2011)
Catfish (2010)
Channel 4 - Iraq: The Hidden Story (2006)
Channel 4 - Only Human: Make Me Normal (Autism) (2005)
Channel 4 - Other People's Breast Milk (2008)
Channel 4 - The Perfect Vagina (2008)
Channel 4 - The Worlds Biggest Airliner: Building The Airbus A380 (2005)
Channel 4: 40 Year Old Virgins (2013)
Channel 4: Ade Adepitan: Journey Of My Lifetime (2013)
Channel 4: Alien Investigations (2012)
Channel 4: Bank Of Dave: Fighting The Fat Cats (2013)
Channel 4: Bi-Curious Me (2013)
Channel 4: Britain's Most Dangerous Songs: Listen To The Banned (2014)
Channel 4: Catching A Killer: Crocodile Tears (2013)
Channel 4: Confessions Of An Alien Abductee (2013)
Channel 4: Crazy About One Direction (2013)
Channel 4: Date My Porn Star (2013)
Channel 4: Dirty Weekenders In France: Richard E. Grant (2014)
Channel 4: Dogging Tales (2013)
Channel 4: Doggy Styling (2013)
Channel 4: Don't Blame Facebook (2013)
Channel 4: Don't Blame Facebook 2 (2013)
Channel 4: Frankie Howerd: The Lost Tapes (2013)
Channel 4: Freaky Sleepers (2012)
Channel 4: Frozen At Christmas (2014)
Channel 4: Heston Blumenthal: Heston's Recipe For Romance (2015)
Channel 4: Holocaust: Night Will Fall (2015)
Channel 4: How The Bismarck Sank HMS Hood (2012)
Channel 4: How To Build A Bionic Man (2013)
Channel 4: How To Win The Grand National (2013)
Channel 4: Human Swarm (2013)
Channel 4: Inside Rolls-Royce And Boodles (2014)
Channel 4: Islam: The Untold Story (2012)
Channel 4: Jimmy And The Whale Whisperer (2012)
Channel 4: Kids And Guns (2014)
Channel 4: Kirstie's Christmas (2014)
Channel 4: Legally High: True Stories (2013)
Channel 4: Make Bradford British
Channel 4: Married To The Moonies (2012)
Channel 4: Meteor Strike: Fireball From Space (2013)
Channel 4: More Sex Please, We're British (2012)
Channel 4: My Big Fat Fetish (2012)
Channel 4: My Granny The Escort (2014)
Channel 4: My Online Bride (2014)
Channel 4: My Phone Sex Secrets (2012)
Channel 4: Nick Hewer: Countdown To Freetown (2013)
Channel 4: Nigella Bites Christmas Special (2013)
Channel 4: Out On A Limo (2012)
Channel 4: Princess Diana's Dresses: The Auction (2013)
Channel 4: Psychopath Night (2013)
Channel 4: Queen Victoria's Last Love (2012)
Channel 4: Richard III: The King In The Car Park (2013)
Channel 4: Richard III: The Princes In The Tower (2015)
Channel 4: Ruby Wax's Mad Confessions (2012)
Channel 4: Scientologists At War (2013)
Channel 4: Secrets Of The Living Dolls (2014)
Channel 4: Secrets Of The Stonehenge Skeletons (2013)
Channel 4: Sex Box (2013)
Channel 4: Sex On Wheels (2013)
Channel 4: Sex Toy Stories (2013)
Channel 4: Shipping Wars (2014)
Channel 4: Show Dogs: The Road To Crufts (2013)
Channel 4: Sri Lanka's Killing Fields (2011)
Channel 4: Sri Lanka's Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished (2012)
Channel 4: Star Paws: The Rise Of Superstar Pets (2014)
Channel 4: Stephen Hawking: A Brief History Of Mine (2013)
Channel 4: Streak! The Man Who Can't Keep His Clothes On (2013)
Channel 4: Super Tornado (2013)
Channel 4: The Boy Who Can't Forget (2012)
Channel 4: The Curious Case Of The Clark Brothers (2012)
Channel 4: The Fried Chicken Shop: Life In A Day (2013)
Channel 4: The Great Train Robbery's Missing Mastermind? (2013)
Channel 4: The Great Wall Of China (2008)
Channel 4: The Human Mannequin (2012)
Channel 4: The Human Zoo: Science's Dirty Secret (2009)
Channel 4: The Last Days Of The Raj (2007)
Channel 4: The Murder Trial (2013)
Channel 4: The Plane Crash (2012)
Channel 4: The Plane That Saved Britain (2013)
Channel 4: The Plot To Bring Down Britain's Planes (2012)
Channel 4: The Real King's Speech (2011)
Channel 4: The Royal History Of Pop (2012)
Channel 4: The Tallest Tower: Building The Shard (2012)
Channel 4: The Town That Caught Tourette's (2012)
Channel 4: The Volcano That Stopped Britain (2010)
Channel 4: The World's Largest Snake (2012)
Channel 4: The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family (2012)
Channel 4: The Year Britain Flooded (2013)
Channel 4: The Year The Earth Went Wild (2011)
Channel 4: Tutankhamun: The Mystery Of The Burnt Mummy (2013)
Channel 4: Undercover Love (2012)
Channel 4: Walking Wounded: Return To The Frontline (2013)
Channel 4: What Destroyed The Hindenburg? (2013)
Channel 4: Whatever Happened To Harry Hill? (2012)
Channel 4: When Björk Met Attenborough (2013)
Channel 4: World's Maddest Job Interview (2012)
Channel 5 - Revealed
Channel 5: 12 Years Old And Caring For Mum: Through A Child's Eyes
Channel 5: 50 Shocking Facts About Diet And Exercise (2013)
Channel 5: 7 Days That Made The Fuhrer (2013)
Channel 5: Bizarre Burials (2013)
Channel 5: Britain's Craziest Christmas Lights (2013)
Channel 5: Britain's Crime Capitals: Crime Map (2014)
Channel 5: Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Hoarding (2014)
Channel 5: Dangerous Dog Owners And Proud (2014)
Channel 5: Did We Land On The Moon (2012)
Channel 5: Excessive And Compulsive Collectors (2013)
Channel 5: Football Hooligans And Proud (2014)
Channel 5: Horsemeat And Other Food Shockers (2013)
Channel 5: Illegal Immigrants And Proud (2014)
Channel 5: Left For Dead By The Yorkshire Ripper (2014)
Channel 5: Murdered: The Bodies In The Bog (2014)
Channel 5: Mutt Ugly: World's Ugliest Dog (2012)
Channel 5: My Spiral Into Debt Hell (2014)
Channel 5: My Violent Child (2014)
Channel 5: Nazi Quest For The Holy Grail (2013)
Channel 5: Ohio Slave Girls: Their Story (2013)
Channel 5: Prom Queen Divas UK (2014)
Channel 5: Saving Britain's 70-Stone Man (2013)
Channel 5: Secrets Of The Egyptian Pyramids (2015)
Channel 5: Sherlock: The First CSI (2014)
Channel 5: Shoplifters And Proud (2013)
Channel 5: Speidi: Scandal, Secrets And Surgery (2013)
Channel 5: The Abba Years (2013)
Channel 5: The Disappearance Of Flight MH370 (2014)
Channel 5: The Girl Raised By Monkeys (2014)
Channel 5: The Hunt For Hitler's Missing Millions (2014)
Channel 5: The Jersey Slayer (2014)
Channel 5: The Kids With No Memory (2013)
Channel 5: The McCanns And The Conman (2014)
Channel 5: The Oklahoma City Bomber Tapes (2012)
Channel 5: The Spy Who Brought Down Mary Queen Of Scots (2014)
Channel 5: The Town That Travellers Took Over (2013)
Channel 5: Traveller Feuds (2013)
Channel 5: Webcam Girls: At Your Service (2014)
Channel 5: What The Dambusters Did Next (2014)
Channel 5: When Gastric Bands Go Wrong (2013)
Channel 5: Why Did Oscar Pistorius Kill Our Daughter? (2013)
Channel 5: Wills And Kate: Baby Fever (2012)
Channel 5: World's Biggest Pets (2013)
Channel 5: World's Worst Disasters (2014)
Channel 5: World's Worst Journeys From Hell (2014)
Channel 5: World's Worst Storms (2014)
Charlie Sheen's Winningest Moments (2011)
The China Question (2011)
Citizen USA - A 50 State Road Trip (2011)
Civilization - Is the West History? (2011)
The Clash: Westway To The World (2000)
CNBC: Crime Inc.: Hollywood Robbery (2014)
CNBC: Dangerously Rich: Billionaire Super Security (2012)
CNBC: Luxury Boom: The New Big Spenders (2012)
CNBC: Marijuana USA (2010)
CNBC: Target: Inside The Bullseye (2011)
CNN: The Assassination Of President Kennedy (2013)
Cocaine Cowboys (2006)
Cocaine Cowboys II Hustlin' With The Godmother (2008)
Collapse (2009)
Comandante (2003)
Concert For Diana
Confessions Of An Innocent Man (2007)
The Confessions of Robert Crumb (1987)
A Constant Forge (2000)
The Cove (2009)
Cropsey (2009)
Crumb (1994)
Cry Of The City Part 1: The Legend Of Cornbread (2007)
the Cube: Jim Henson 1969
The Cult Of The Suicide Bomber (2005)
Curious and Unusual Deaths (2009)

_____ :: D :: _____
The Dambusters Raid (2001)
Dario Argento: An Eye For Horror (2000)
Dark Days (2000)
David Attenborough's Tasmania (2018)
David Lynch - Rabbits (2002)
The Day After Trinity (1980)
DC Wings - Harrier with Stuart Culpepper (1995)
De Palma (2015)
Death Row Dates
Decoded: Dan Brown's Lost Symbols (2009)
Defamation (2009)
The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005)
The Devil at Your Heels (1981)
The Devil Came On Horseback (2007)
Diary of Facebook (2011)
DiG (2005)
Dirty Pictures (2010)
Discovery Atlas (2006)
Discovery Channel - Finding Amelia (2011)
Discovery Channel - Killing Bin Laden (2011)
Discovery Channel - Nuclear Nightmare: Japan In Crisis (2011)
Discovery Channel - Rescued: The Chilean Mine Story (2010)
Discovery Channel - Rise Of The Video Game (2007)
Discovery Channel - Secrets of the Secret Service (2009)
Discovery Channel - Surviving D-Day (2011)
Discovery Channel: America's First Nations (2008)
Discovery Channel: Apocalypse 2012 Revelations (2013)
Discovery Channel: ARGO: Inside Story (2013)
Discovery Channel: Behind Bars (2010)
Discovery Channel: Birth Of A Racer (2007)
Discovery Channel: Bite Of The Living Dead (2011)
Discovery Channel: Casino Secrets (2014)
Discovery Channel: Combat School
Discovery Channel: Dan Snow's Battle Of The Somme (2012)
Discovery Channel: Everglades National Park (2014)
Discovery Channel: Falklands Hero: Bravo November (2013)
Discovery Channel: Into The Dragon's Lair (2010)
Discovery Channel: JFK: The Lost Tapes (2013)
Discovery Channel: King Of The Grill (2013)
Discovery Channel: KKK: Beneath The Hood (2013)
Discovery Channel: Lost Continent Of The Pacific (2013)
Discovery Channel: Penguins: Waddle All The Way (2014)
Discovery Channel: Pure Evel: American Legend (2013)
Discovery Channel: Santa Monica Mountains (2014)
Discovery Channel: Saving Ronald Reagan (2013)
Discovery Channel: Secrets Of Bin Laden's Lair (2012)
Discovery Channel: Shark Rampage 1916 (2014)
Discovery Channel: Space Pioneer Mercury (2013)
Discovery Channel: Ten Commandments Of The Mafia (2007)
Discovery Channel: The Kennedy Detail (2010)
Discovery Channel: The Last Huntsmen (2013)
Discovery Channel: The Science Of Interstellar (2014)
Discovery Channel: Ultimate Journeys (2013)
Dixie Chicks: Shut Up And Sing (2006)
Don Hertzfeldt - Genre (1996)
The Doors: When You're Strange (2009)
Dragons Of The Orient (a.k.a. Dong Fang Ju Long) (1988)
The Drug Years (2006)

_____ :: E :: _____

E!: I Am Britney Jean (2013)
Earth: The Operators' Manual (2011)
Earthlings (2005)
Eat That Question: Frank Zappa In His Own Words (2016)
Eat, Pray, Light (2010)
Eden Channel: Eyes of Atacama (2013)
Eden Channel: Miracle In The Desert (2013)
Edouard Salier - Flesh (2005)
Elisabeth: Enigma Of An Empress (2006)
Empire - War On Terror Through Muslim Eyes (2010)
Encounters At The End Of The World (2007)
The End Of The Line (2009)
Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room (2005)
EPIX: Doc Of The Dead (2014)
Erasing David (2009)
Examined Life (2008)
Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)
EyeSteelFilm - Rip: A Remix Manifesto (2010)

_____ :: F :: _____

Fall Of The Republic: The Presidency Of Barack H. Obama (2009)
Fascinating India (2014)
Fastball (2016)
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)
Fear And Loathing In Gonzovision (1978)
Fed Up (2014)
The Female Orgasm Explained (2007)
Fighting The Silence - Sexual Violence Against Women In Congo (2007)
Finding Hulk Hogan (2010)
Finding Vivian Maier (2013)
First Cut: My Boyfriend The MI5 Hoaxer (2010)
First Cut: My Daughter Amy (2010)
The First Monday In May (2016)
Flying Legends Airshow with Bryan Wolfe (2005)
Flying Padre: An RKO-Pathe Screenliner (1951)
Food Matters (2008)
Food, Inc. (2008)
The Foods that Make Billions (2010)
For All Mankind (1989)
For Crying Out Loud (2011)
For The Bible Tells Me So (2007)
The Fourth World War (2003)
Frank Capra's American Dream (1997)
Fred Frith: Step Across The Border (1990)
Freeloaders - Fox News Special (2011)
Fuel (2008)
Funk Brothers: Standing In The Shadows Of Motown (2002)

_____ :: G :: _____

Gascoigne (2015)
GasHole (2010)
Geometry of the Universe (2006)
George Harrison : Living In The Material World (2011)
Get Me Roger Stone (2017)
A Girl's Life (2010)
Global Metal (2008)
God Bless Ozzy Osbourne (2011)
The God Who Wasn't There (2006)
The Godmother of Rock & Roll - Sister Rosetta Tharpe (2011)
Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief (2015)
Going Postal: 15 Most Shocking Acts of Violence (2008)
Going to Pieces (2006)
The Gold Rush (2006)
The Great Escape (2004)
Greek Myths - Tales of Travelling Heroes (2010)
Grey Gardens (1975)
Grizzly Man (2005)
Gunner Palace (2004)
Général Idi Amin Dada: Autoportrait (1974)

_____ :: H :: _____

Hackers Are People Too (2008)
Halloween Fright House: Secrets Revealed (2007)
Harlan County U.S.a. (1976)
The Harryhausen Chronicles (1998)
The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood Jr. (1996)
HBO: 50 Children: The Rescue Mission Of Mr. & Mrs. Kraus (2013)
HBO: Beyoncé: Life Is But A Dream (2013)
HBO: Bobby Fischer Against The World (2011)
HBO: East Of Main Street: Asians Aloud (2013)
HBO: GasLand (2010)
HBO: How To Die In Oregon (2011)
HBO: I Can't Do This But I CAN Do That: A Film For Families About Learning Differences (2010)
HBO: James Gandolfini: Tribute To A Friend (2013)
HBO: Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer (2013)
HBO: Tales From The Organ Trade (2013)
Heavy Metal: Louder Than Life (2006)
Hey, Boo: Harper Lee And 'To Kill A Mockingbird' (2010)
High On Crack Street: Lost Lives In Lowell (1995)
Highway (2010)
History Channel - Scammed (2011)
History Channel: 101 Fast Foods That Changed The World (2013)
History Channel: 101 Weapons That Changed The World (2013)
History Channel: Clash Of The Cavemen (2009)
History Channel: Death Masks (2009)
History Channel: Fight Club: A History Of Violence (2012)
History Channel: Holy Grail In America (2010)
History Channel: How Bruce Lee Changed The World (2009)
History Channel: Lost Magic Decoded (2012)
History Channel: Manson (2013)
History Channel: Miracle Rising: South Africa (2013)
History Channel: Sector Sarajevo (2013)
History Channel: The Great Escape: Secrets Revealed (2013)
History Channel: The Real Inglorious Bastards (2013)
History Channel: The Secret World Of Gold (2014)
History Channel: Titanic At 100 Mystery Solved (2012)
History Channel: Tutankhamun Decoded (2013)
History Channel: WWII From Space (2013)
The History of Hardcore (2002)
A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss (2010)
The History of the Future: Cars
Hitler's Plan To Atom Bomb New York (2004)
Hofmann's Potion (2002)
Hood Life 2: The Documentary Continues (2006)
Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way
The House I Live In (2012)
How Arnold Won The West (2005)
How Weed Won The West (2010)
The Howlin'Wolf Story (2003)
Hubble (2010) - iMAX
The Human Experience (2008)
[Various] Hôtel.Terminus.(1988).(English.Subbed).FS.VHSRip.XviD

_____ :: I :: _____

I Am Ali (2014)
I Am Bruce Lee (2012)
I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story (2009)
I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal (2007)
I want to look like that guy (2009)
iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed The World (2011)
IMAX - Amazing Journeys (1999)
IMAX - Great North (2001)
IMAX - Journey Into Amazing Caves (2001)
IMAX - Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey (2002)
IMAX - The Magic of Flight (1996)
IMAX: Mexico (1997)
[Deutsch] Impressionen.unter.Wasser.(aka.Underwater.Impressions).(2002).FS.DVDRip.AC3.XviD-iMBT
The Impressionists (2001)
In Debt We Trust: America Before The Bubble Bursts (2006)
In Search of Burke and Hare (2010)
In The Realms Of The Unreal: The Mystery Of Henry Darger (2004)
In The Shadow Of The Moon (2007)
In Their Footsteps - S1
An Inconvenient Truth (2006)
Indian Warriors: The Untold Story Of The Civil War (2007)
Ingmar Bergman: Reflections on Life, Death and Love (1999)
Inside Job (2010)
Inside the Mind of Google (2010)
The Interrupters (2011)
Into Eternity: A Film For The Future (2010)
Iran - A Cinematographic Revolution (2006)
Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers (2006)
Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking (2007)
Is Oral Sex Safe? (2011)
It Might Get Loud (2008)
ITV - The South Bank Show
ITV: 100 Year Old Drivers (2014)
ITV: Alison Steadman's Shetland (2014)
ITV: Brady And Hindley: Possession (2013)
ITV: Britain By Night (2012)
ITV: Britain Then And Now (2012)
ITV: Britain's Poshest Nannies (2014)
ITV: Brothers In Arms: The Pals Army Of World War One (2014)
ITV: Champneys (2014)
ITV: Cristiano Ronaldo, Footballing Superstar (2013)
ITV: Diamond Geezers And Gold Dealers (2014)
ITV: Flying Scotsman With Robson Green (2016)
ITV: Gary Barlow: Journey To Afghanistan (2013)
ITV: Harry's Mountain Heroes (2012)
ITV: I Am Britney Jean: Britney Spears' Road To Las Vegas (2013)
ITV: I Shot 2013 (2014)
ITV: Inside Asprey - Luxury By Royal Appointment
ITV: Kids Behind Bars (2014)
ITV: Les Dawson: An Audience with That Never Was (2013)
ITV: Life Of Ryan: Caretaker Manager (2014)
ITV: Madeley Meets The Squatters (2012)
ITV: Martin Clunes And A Lion Called Mugie (2014)
ITV: Me And My Guide Dog (2013)
ITV: Our Queen (2013)
ITV: Prince Charles: The Royal Restoration (2012)
ITV: Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope (2013)
ITV: Quads - Our First Year (2014)
ITV: Return To The Falklands (2012)
ITV: River Deep, Mountain High - James Nesbitt In New Zealand (2013)
ITV: Road Rage Britain: Caught On Camera (2014)
ITV: Royal Greenwich (2012)
ITV: Royal Paintbox (2013)
ITV: Soham: A Parents' Tale (2012)
ITV: Stephen Fry's Key To The City (2013)
ITV: Super Famous Animals (2012)
ITV: The Betrayers (2014)
ITV: The Dentists (2014)
ITV: The Lemurs Of Madagascar With Martin Clunes (2012)
ITV: The Lying Game: Crimes That Fooled Britain (2014)
ITV: The One And Only Cilla Black (2013)
ITV: The People's Medal (2013)
ITV: The Talent Show Story - S1 *AiRiNG*
ITV: The World In Action Years (2013)
ITV: There's Something About Susan (2013)
ITV: Trawlermen's Lives (2014)
ITV: TV's Biggest Blockbusters (2012)
ITV: We Love The Monkees (2012)
ITV: Words Of Captain Scott (2012)
ITV: Words Of The Titanic (2012)

_____ :: J :: _____

A Jail in Colombia
James Coats - Mastering The Art Of Pickpocketing (2003)
James May On The Moon / James May At The Edge Of Space [2009]
Japan's Tsunami - How it Happened (2011)
Jeopardy! - The IBM Challenge
Jesus Camp (2006)
Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Story (2007)
Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (2007)
John Pilger - The War on Democracy
John Waters - Divine Trash (1998)
Joseph Campbell: The Hero's Journey (2002)
Joy Division (2007)

_____ :: K :: _____

Katedra (2002)
Katy Perry: Part Of Me (2012)
Kedi (2016)
Kevin Smith - The Flying Car (2002)
The Killing Of America (1982)
Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence (2005)
King Of The Rocket Men (1949)
The King's Speech: Revealed (2011)
Knuckle (2011)
Koyaanisqatsi (1982)
Kurt Cobain: About A Son (2006)

_____ :: L :: _____

Lagerfeld Confidential (2007)
Lake of Fire (2006)
Lana Turner... a Daughter's Memoirs (2001)
Land Of Silence And Darkness (1971)
Landmarks of Early Film Vol 1 and 2 (1994)
[Español/English] Las Ciudades Perdidas del Amazonas(aka.Secret Cities of the Amazon).2010
The Last Dogs Of Winter (2011)
The Last Dragon (a.k.a.Dragon's World A Fantasy Made Real) (2004)
The Last Play At Shea (2010)
Latcho Drom (1993)
LDTV: Great Scotch Whisky (2006)
LDTV: On The Irish Whiskey Trail (2006)
Le Peuple Migrateur (Travelling Birds a.k.a. Winged Migration) (2001)
Led Zeppelin - Origin of the Species (2006)
Lee 'Scratch' Perry: The Unlimited Destruction
Lemmy (2010)
The Lennon Legacy (2010)
Les Miserables: The History Of The World's Greatest Story (2013) concert.(1995).FS.DVDRip.DivX3LM.AC3.PosTX
Libertopia (2010)
Life After Armageddon (2010)
Life And Debt (2001)
Life And Times Of Don Rosa (2010)
Like It Is (1968)
Little Dieter Needs To Fly (1997)
Living With Michael Jackson: A Tonight Special (2003)
Lo And Behold, Reveries Of The Connected World (2016)
Look Up In The Sky: The Amazing Story Of Superman (2006)
The Lost Tomb of Jesus (2007)
Louie Bluie (1985)
Lucky (2010)
LWT - The UB40 - Story of Reggae (1999)

_____ :: M :: _____

Magic Trip (2011)
The Making of Fallout 3 (2008)
Making The Monkees
Malcolm and Barbara - Love's Farewell (2007)
Malcolm Naden - Australia's Most Hunted (2013)
Man Made Marvels: Taipei 101 (2006)
Man On Wire (2008)
The Man Who Shot The 60s (2010)
Mandela Son Of Africa Father Of A Nation (1996) DVDRip - MVG
Manufactured Landscapes (2006)
Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (2012)
Marley (2012)
Masters of Photography - Edward Steichen with David Wayne (1964)
The Medieval Imagination (2009)
The Meerkats (2008)
Mercury 13 (2018)
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey (2005)
Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster (2004)
The Meth Epidemic (2006)
Meth: A County in Crisis (2005)
Michael Jackson - This Is It (2009)
The Michael Jackson Story 1958-2009 (2009)
Michael Moore - Roger & Me (1989)
Michael Moore - Sicko (2007)
Michael Moore - Slacker Uprising (2008)
Michael Moore - The Big One (1997)
Microcosmos: Le peuple de l'herbe (1996)
Mind Of A Serial Killer (1992)
The Mindscape of Alan Moore (2003)
The Miracle Baby of Haiti (2010)
More Brains! A Return To The Living Dead (2011)
Morgan Spurlock - The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)
Most Annoying People of 2009 (2009)
Mother Love Bone: The Love Bone Earth Affair (1993)
Mr. Untouchable: Godfather Or Snitch (2007)
MTV: Miley: The Movement (2013)
My Boyfriend the Sex Tourist (2007)
My Kid Could Paint That (2007) DVDRip XviD-PreVail
My Kidnapper (2010)
My Mum Talks to Aliens (2010)
My Scientology Movie (2015)
My Trip to Al Qaeda (2010)
The Mystery of Picasso (1956)
Mystery Of The Crystal Skulls (2008)
The Mystery of the Disorderly Warriors (2004)
The Mystery of the Nevada Triangle (2010)

_____ :: N :: _____

Nanking (2007)
Nanook Of The North (1922)
Naqoyqatsi (2002)
Nat Geo: Killing Kennedy (2013)
National Geographic - Alien Invasion (2011)
National Geographic - Civil Warriors (2011)
National Geographic - Engineering Egypt with Bettany Hughes (2009)
National Geographic - Finding the New Earth (2011)
National Geographic - Great Escape: Revenge on the Gestapo (2010)
National Geographic - Hitlers Skull (2003)
National Geographic - Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed (2003)
National Geographic - Nazi Supership (2010)
National Geographic - Prostitution: The Oldest Trade (2010)
National Geographic - The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists (2005)
National Geographic - Top 10 Photos of the Year (2009)
National Geographic - Vampire Forensics (2010)
National Geographic: Comic Store Heroes (2012)
National Geographic: Dinofish (2012)
National Geographic: Hunting Hitler's Henchmen (2012)
National Geographic: Hunting Hitler's Stolen Treasures: The Monuments Men (2014)
National Geographic: Inside Area 51's Secrets (2012)
National Geographic: Japan's Secret Sub (2012)
National Geographic: Killing Jesus (2015)
National Geographic: Killing Lincoln (2013)
National Geographic: King Of Coke: Living The High Life (2013)
National Geographic: Search For The Amazon Headshrinkers (2013)
National Geographic: Sex: How It Works (2013)
National Geographic: The Jesus Mysteries (2014)
National Geographic: Through Their Eyes (2012)
The Nazi Officer's Wife (2003)
The Nazis: A Warning From History
NBC News: Inside The Mind Of Edward Snowden (2014)
NDAA-TV - In Trial: Prosecuting Music Piracy
Never get raided again - Barry Cooper - NGBAII
The New American Century (2009)
New World Order (2009)
A Nightmare In Las Cruces (2011)
Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit The World (1994)
Nirvana: The Untold Stories (2003)
No End In Sight (2007)
Nordic Noir - The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction (2010)
Nostradamus: 2012 (2009)
Nuremberg: Tyranny on Trial (1995)

_____ :: O :: _____

Oasis: Supersonic (2016)
Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West (2005)
OceanWorld 3D (2009)
On The Edge Of Blade Runner (2000)
Once Upon A Time In Cabramatta
One Day In September (1999)
Origins Of The Da Vinci Code (2005)
Others - Gallipoli - The Frontline Experience (2005)
Our Daily Bread (2005)
Out of the Blue: The Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon (2002)
Outfoxed - Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism (2004)
Ozzy Osbourne - Thirty Years After The Blizzard (2011)

_____ :: P :: _____

Paradise Lost 2 Revelations (2000)
Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory (2011)
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills (1996)
The Passion (2008)
Paul Pena: Genghis Blues (1999)
Pavarotti - A Life in Seven Arias (2007)
PBS - Charlie Rose
PBS: Black In Latin America - S1
PBS: Comet Encounter: Ison's Brush With The Sun (2013)
PBS: Crucible Of Empire: The Spanish-American War (1999)
PBS: Dutch New York (2009)
PBS: Inside The Court Of Henry VIII (2015)
PBS: Islamic Art: Mirror Of The Invisible World (2011)
PBS: Lafayette: The Lost Hero (2010)
PBS: Lincoln At Gettysburg (2013)
PBS: Marie Antoinette (2006)
PBS: Objects and Memory (2008)
PBS: Rebel: Loreta Velazquez, Secret Soldier Of The American Civil War (2013)
PBS: Tales From The Royal Bedchamber (2014)
PBS: The Central Park Five (2012)
PBS: The Manners Of Downton Abbey: A Masterpiece Special (2015)
Pearl Jam Twenty (2011)
The Pervert's Guide To Cinema (2006)
Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs - Seeing Is Believing (2005)
Phenomenon - The Lost Archives
Piers Morgan's Review Of The Year (2009)
The Pink Floyd And Syd Barrett Story (2003)
The Pink Floyd Story - Which One's Pink (2007)
Pink Floyd: The Story of Wish You Were Here (2012)
Polar Bear Week with Nigel Marvin (2007)
Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy (2001)
Powaqqatsi (1988)
Primeval New Zealand (2013)
Pulp: A Film About Life, Death And Supermarkets (2014)

_____ :: Q :: _____

The Qatsi Trilogy
Queen: Days Of Our Lives (1991/2011)

_____ :: R :: _____

R. D. Laing's Asylum (1972)
Railroad: Pentrex Video's
Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man (2006)
Ramones Raw (2004)
Ramses II, the Great Journey (2014)
Ray Mears Documentaries
The Real Cancun (2003)
The Real Dirt On Farmer John (2006)
The Real Winnie Mandela (2010)
Reclaiming The Blade (2009)
Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Villifies A People (2006)
Restrepo (2010)
Revealed - Goering's Last Secret (2010)
Revolution OS (2001)
Richard Dawkins - Growing Up in the Universe (2007)
Richard Dawkins: The Enemies of Reason (2007)
Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel (2007)
Rita - The Biography of Rita Hayworth with Kim Basinger (2003)
The Road To Democracy Unauthorized (2009)
The Road To Guantanamo (2006)
Robert Evans: The Kid Stays In The Picture (2002)
Robert Flaherty's Man of Aran (1934)
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (1970)
Rolling Stones - Shine A Light (2008)
Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired (2008)
The Romanovs: Glory And Fall Of The Czars (2014)
Ronaldo (2015)
The Root of All Evil?
Roots of Brazil (2004)
The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (2009)

_____ :: S :: _____

The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas - A Pilgrimage to the Oracle Lake (2007)
Salesman (1968)
Samsara (2011)
Savage Man Savage Beast (1975)
SBS: Inside Kung Fu Inc. (2014)
SBS: Inside The Mind Of Leonardo (2014)
SBS: Love And Sex In An Age Of Pornography (2013)
SBS: Maritime Mysteries: Martyred Ships (2014)
SBS: Once Were Enemies (2013)
SBS: Pompeii: Cellar Of Skeletons (2014)
SBS: The Best Of My Sri Lanka With Peter Kuruvita (2014)
SBS: The Christchurch Earthquake: When A City Falls (2013)
SBS: Wonders Of The Clockwork World (2013)
Sci vs Fi - Halo 3 (2007)
Science Channel - Last Shuttle: Our Journey (2011)
Science Channel - Radioactive Paradise (2010)
Science Channel: Alien Planet Earths (2014)
Science Channel: Deadly Descent (2013)
Science Channel: João Magueijo's Big Bang (2008)
Science Channel: Revenge Of The Plants (2009)
Science Channel: Rome What Lies Beneath (2013)
Seapower History of Naval Warfare (2000)
Searching For Sugar Man (2012)
Secrets for Sale (2010)
September 11, 2001 (9/11 Links)
Seven Signs of the Apocalypse (2009)
SEX: An Unnatural History
Shadow Company (2006)
Shock Docs: Soldiers Trophy Pictures
The Short Films of David Lynch
SHOWTIME: Gucci: The Director (2013)
Simply Home Entertainment - Lightning Interceptor with Miles Hoyle (2005)
Sir! No Sir! (2005)
SKY: ABBA: When Four Become One (2013)
SKY: David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive (2014)
Smithsonian Channel: Malaysia 370: The Plane That Vanished (2014)
Smithsonian Channel: Samurai Headhunters (2013)
Smithsonian Channel: The Day Kennedy Died (2013)
Smithsonian Channel: The Real Beauty And The Beast (2014)
Smithsonian Channel: Turf Wars: Lions And Hippos (2014)
Smothered - The Censorship Struggles of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (2002)
Something About Mary Magdalene (2007) DVDRip XviD-VoMiT
Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap (2012)
The Somme (DocuDrama)
The Song Remains The Same (1976)
Soul Kittens Cabaret (2011)
The Source (1999)
Space Station 3D (2002)
Sphinx Productions - Comic Book Confidential - A Film by Ron Mann (1988)
The Spirit Molecule (2010)
Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium (2006)
Stag Weekends: The Dirty Secrets (2010)
Stan Brakhage CRiTERiON Collection
Standard Operating Procedure (2008)
Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures (2001)
Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier (2007)
Steal This Film
Steven Seagal Vs Justin Lee Collins (2011)
Stories We Tell (2012)
The Story Of The Hurricane
The Story of the SAS
A Study In Choreography For Camera (1945)
Suicide Killers (2006)
Sun, Sex and Holiday Madness (2010)
Super High Me (2007)
Super Size Me (2004)
Superheroes (2011)
Superstar In A Housedress (2004)
Surgery School (2010)
Sushi: The Global Catch (2012)
System Of A Down - Screamers (2006)

_____ :: T :: _____

T9X: The Tech N9ne Experience (2004)
Taxi To The Dark Side (2007)
TCM - The Making of 'Psycho' (1997)
Ted Bundy: Natural Porn Killer (2006)
Ted Haggard - Scandalous (2010)
Teenage Tourettes Camp (2006)
That's Entertainment (1974)
That's Tough! - S1 *AiRiNG*
TheEYE (2003-2008)
The Thin Blue Line (1988)
Thinking XXX (2004)
This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006)
Time Bombs
Time Life - Blue Gold - World Water Wars with Malcolm McDowell (2008)
The Times of Harvey Milk (1984)
Titanic: Born In Belfast (2001)
TLC: Jodie Marsh On Steroids (2013)
Touching The Void (2003)
Trains: A Complete Motion Picture Library (2008)
Travel Channel: Doomsday On Wheels (2013)
Travel Channel: Extreme Survival Bunkers (2014)
Travel Channel: Halloween's Most Extreme (2007)
Travel Channel: World's Busiest Border Crossing (2013)
Trenches: Battleground WWI
A Tribute To Ryan Dunn (2011)
Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie (1995)
Triumph of the Nerds (1996)
Turin Shroud The New Evidence (2009)
TVNZ: A Double Life (2013)
Twilight In Forks: The Saga Of The Real Town (2009)
Twist Of Faith (2004)
Tyson (2008)

_____ :: U :: _____

The U.S. vs. John Lennon (2006)
UFO - The Secret - Evidence We Are Not Alone - [villain4ever]
UFO's - The Secret Evidence
UKTV: Hummingbirds: Jewelled Messengers (2012)
UKTV: Let It Snow (2010)
Ultimate Predator (2006)
Ultimate Sci-Fi Top 10 (2007)
The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007)
Unit 731: Nightmare In Manchuria (1998)
The Unknown Marx Brothers (1993)
Until The Light Takes Us (2008)
The Unwinking Gaze: The Inside Story of the Dalai Lama's Struggle for Tibet (2008)
Upside Down: The Creation Records Story (2010)

_____ :: V :: _____

Valley Of The Sexdoll: Woman On Top (2007)
The Vanishing Dragon (2005)
Venus And Serena (2013)
A Very British Gangster Part 2 Sins Of The Father (2011)
VH1 Behind the Music - Guns N' Roses (2004)
VH1 Behind the Music Remastered - Motorhead (2013)
Viagra.Ten Years.and.Rising.(2009).DVDRip.XviD
Visions Of Light (1992)
The Voynich Code: The World's Most Mysterious Manuscript (2013)

_____ :: W :: _____

Waiting For Armageddon (2009)
Waiting For Superman (2010)
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
The War Game (1965)
The War On Democracy (2007)
The War Tapes (2006)
The War You Don't See (2010)
The Way We Get By (2009)
We Steal Secrets: The Story Of WikiLeaks (2013)
Weather Channel: Dangerous Days Ahead (2013)
Weather Channel: Disaster In The Rockies: The Story Of The Flood (2013)
The Wehrmacht (2007)
The Weight Of Chains (2010)
Welcome To Leith (2015)
What Happened, Miss Simone? (2015)
What The Bleep Do We Know!? (2004)
What The Bleep!? Down The Rabbit Hole (2006)
What Would Jesus Buy (2007)
When The Day Breaks (1999)
When the Road Bends: Tales of a Gypsy Caravan (2006)
Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden (2008)
Where To Invade Next (2015)
The Who - The Kids Are Alright (1979)
Who Betrayed Anne Frank? (2003)
Who Killed The Electric Car? (2005)
Why We Fight (2005)
The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (2009)
Wild Style (1982)
The Wildlife Man with David Ireland
William Gibson: No Maps For These Territories (2000)
William Shatner's Get A Life! (2012)
The Wolfpack (2015)
Woodstock (1970)
A World of Pain: Meera Syal on Self Harm (2009)
World War II Britain At War (1995)
The World's Most Dangerous Place For Women (2010)
The World's Most Extreme TV (2005)
World's Tallest Man: Still Growing (2010)
Worlds Greatest Hoaxes

_____ :: X :: _____

_____ :: Y :: _____

A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica - Part 2 (1992)
The Yes Men
Yo Puta a.k.a. The Life (2004)
Young, British And Angry (2010)

_____ :: Z :: _____

Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008)
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011)
Zombies: A Living History (2011)

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