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'68 (2007) Image Comics
'68 (one shots & Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Image
100 Bullets (1999-2009) Vertigo (DC Comics)
100% (Mini-Series) (2002-2003) Vertigo
10th Muse a.k.a. Tenth Muse (2000-2010) Various Publishers
1602 (Mini-Series) (2003-2004) Marvel Knights (Marvel Comics)
1602: Fantastick Four (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Marvel Comics
1602: New World (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Marvel Comics
1963 (Mini-Series) (1993) Image Comics
2000 A.D. (1977-Present) Various Publishers
2001 Après Jésus Christ (2000) Stardom
2001: A Space Odyssey - The Treasury Edition (Mini-Series) (1976) Marvel Comics
2020 Visions (Mini-Series) (1997-1998) Vertigo
2099 (Crossover/Event) (1993-1998) Marvel Comics
21 Demons (2007) Altered Xpression Comics
21 Down (Mini-Series) (2002-2003) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
24 (2004-Present) IDW Publishing
28 Days Later (2007-Present) Fox Atomic Comics / BOOM! Studios
30 Days of Night (2002-Present) IDW Publishing
300 (Mini-Series) (1998) Dark Horse Comics
303 (2004-2005) Avatar Press
3x3 Eyes: Curse Of The Gesu (Mini-Series) (1995-1996) Dark Horse Comics
47 Ronin (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Dark Horse Comics
5 Days To Die (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
5 Ronin (Mini-Series) (2011 Marvel Comics
50 Girls 50 (Mini-Series) (2011) Image Comics
51 Years Of Peanuts Comic Strips (1950-2000) Newspaper Comic Strip
52 (2006-2007) DC Comics
52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) DC Comics
7 Psychopaths (Mini-Series) (2010) Boom! Studios
70th Anniversary Specials (2009) Marvel Comics
76 Seventy Six (Mini-Series) (2008) image
86 Voltz The Dead Girl (One-Shot) (2005) Image
Über (2013-Present) Avatar

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A-Next (Mini-Series) (1998-1999) Marvel Comics
The A-Team (1984-Present) Various Publishers
Aaron Strips (Mini-Series) (1997) Image/Amazing Aaron Productions
Abadazad (Mini-Series) (2004) CrossGen Comics
Abe Sapien (1998-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Absolution (2009-Present) Avatar Press
Abyss (Mini-Series) (2007-present) Red 5 Comics
Accident Man (Mini-Series) (1993) Dark Horse Comics
Aces High (1955) EC Comics
Action Comics (1938-Present) DC Comics
Action Planet Comics (Mini-Series) (1995-1997) Action Planet/Image
The Activity (2011-Present) Image Comics
Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel (2009) (Mini-Series) Marvel Comics
Adrenaline (Mini-Series) (2006-Present) A Wave Blue World Comics
Adrenalynn - Weapon Of War (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Image/F5 Entertainment
Advanced Dungeons And Dragons (1988-1991) DC Comics
Adventure Comics (2009-Present) DC Comics
Adventure Time (2012-Present) kaboom! (Boom! Studios)
Adventures Into Mindless Self Indulgence (One-Shot) (2010) Image Comics
Adventures of Aaron V2 (Mini-Series) (1997) Image
The Adventures of Augusta Wind (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
The Adventures of Evil and Malice (Mini-Series) (1999) image
The Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat (1980-1993) Rip Off Press
The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog (1952-1959) DC Comics
The Adventures of Spawn (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Todd McFarlane Productions /Image Comics
Adventures of Superman (2013-Present) DC Comics
The Adventures of the X-Men (Mini-Series) (1996-1997) Marvel Comics
The Adventures of Tintin (1929-1986) Little, Brown and Company
The Adversary - Reborn (One-Shot) (2012) Asylum Press
Aeon Flux (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Dark Horse Comics
After Dark (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Radical Comics
After The Cape I & II(Mini-Series) (2007) Shadowline/Image
Age of Apocalypse (2012-Present) Marvel
Age of Apocalypse *Crossover* (1995-1996) Marvel Comics
Age of Bronze (1998-Present) Image
The Age of Heroes (Mini-Series) (1996-1999) Halloween/Image
Age of Heroes (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
The Age Of Insects - Not Human (Mini-Series) (2004) Critical Mass
Age Of Reptiles: Tribal Warfare & The Hunt (1993-1997) Dark Horse Comics
Age of Ultron (Crossover/Event) (2013) Marvel
Age Of X (2011) Marvel Comics
Agent X (2002-2003) Marvel Comics
Agents (Mini-Series) (2003) Image
Agents of Atlas (2006-2009) Marvel Comics
Agon (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Zenescope Entertainment
Air (2008-2010) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Akira (2000-2002) Dark Horse Comics
Alabaster Wolves (Mini-Series) (2012) Dark Horse Comics
Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost (Mini-Series) (2010) Radical
Alan Moore - A Small Killing (One-Shot) (1991) VG Graphics
Alan Moore's Neonomicon (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Avatar Press
Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths (Mini-Series) (2003) Avatar Press
Albion (2005-2006) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Aldebaran / Les Mondes d'Aldébaran (1994-Present) Dargaud / Cinebook
Aletheia (Mini-Series) (2008) Image
Alexia's Demons[Les Démons d'Alexia] (Mini-Series) (2004) Dupuis
Alganon Quest Online (Mini-Series) (2011) DC Comics
Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation (Mini-Series) (1994) Marvel Music (Marvel Comics)
Alice in Sunderland (2007) Dark Horse
Alice in Wonderland (One-Shot) (2010) Boom! Studios
Alien Encounters (1985-1987) Eclipse Comics
Alien Pig Farm 3000 (2007-Present) Raw Studios (Image Comics)
Alien Worlds (1982-1985) Pacific Comics/Eclipse Comics
Aliens (2009) Dark Horse Comics
Aliens vs. Predator (1990-Present) Dark Horse
The All New Atom (2006-2008) DC Comics
All New Invaders (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
All New Savage She-Hulk (2009) Marvel Comics
All New X-Men (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
All Nighter (Mini-Series) (2011) Image Comics
All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder (2005-2008) DC Comics
All Star Comics (1940-1978) DC Comics
All Star Superman (2005-2008) DC Comics
All-New Captain America (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
All-New Marvel Now! - Point One (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
All-New Wolverine Saga (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
All-Star Squadron (1981-1987) DC Comics
All-Star Western (1970-Present) DC Comics
All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel
Allegra (Mini-Series) (1996) Image
Alley Cat (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Silverhawk Productions (Image Comics)
Alley Cat Lingerie Edition (One-Shot) (1999) Silverhawk Productions/Image Comics
Alley Cat vs. Lady Pendragon (One-Shot) (1999) Silverhawk Productions/Image/Wizard
Along The Canadian (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Obion
Alpha Flight (1983-2005) Marvel Comics
Alpha Girl (2012-Present) Image Comics
Alpha: Big Time (Mini-Series) (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Alter Nation (Mini-Series) (2004) Image Comics
Altor (1996-2000) Dargaud
Amazing (Adult) Fantasy (Adventure) (1961-1962, 1995-1996) Marvel Comics
Amazing High Adventure (Mini-Series) (1984-1986) Marvel Comics
The Amazing Spider-Girl (2006-2009) Marvel Comics
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963-Present) Marvel Comics
The Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
The Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Anti-Venom - New Ways To Live (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel
The Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
The Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel
Amazing X-Men (2013-Present) Marvel
Amazons Attack! (Mini-Series) (2007) DC Comics
Amber Atoms (2009) Image Comics
Amber Blake (2019-Present) IDW Publishing
Ame-Comi Girls (2012-Present) DC Comics
Amelia Cole And The Unknown World (Mini-Series) (2012-2012) MonkeyBrain Comics
America's Got Powers (2012-Present) Image Comics
America's Greatest Comics (Mini-Series) (1941-1943) Fawcett
American Born Chinese (2006) First Second Books
American Century (2001-2003) Vertigo (DC Comics)
American Dream (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
American Flagg (1983-1988) First
American McGee's Grimm (2009-Present) IDW Publishing
American Splendor (1976-2008) Dark Horse
American Vampire (2010-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
American Virgin (2006-2008) Vertigo Comics
Americans UK (Mini-Series) (2009) AMERICANS UK
Amerikan Freak (One-Shot) (2007) Zenescope
Amnesia (One-Shot) (2011) Arcana Studio
The Amory Wars (2007-Present) Image / BOOM!
The Anchor (2009-2010) BOOM Comics
Angel & Faith (2011-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Angel (X-Men): Revelations (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
Angel And The Ape (1968-2002) DC Comics
Angel vs. Frankenstein (One-Shots) (2009-2010) IDW Publishing
Angel: A Hole In The World (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) IDW Publishing
Angel: After The Fall / Angel (2007-2011) IDW Publishing
Angel: Auld Lang Syne (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) IDW Publishing
Angel: Barbary Coast (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Angel: Blood & Trenches (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW Publishing
Angel: Illyria - Haunted (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) IDW Publishing
Angel: Lorne (One-Shot) (2010) IDW Publishing
Angel: Not Fade Away (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW Publishing
Angel: Only Human (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW Publishing
Angel: Smile Time (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) IDW Publishing
Angela - Asgard's Assassin (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Angeltown (Mini-Series) (2005) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Angelus (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Top Cow Productions
Angry Birds Comics (2014-Present) IDW Publishing
Animal Man (2011-Present) DC Comics
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (2006-Present) Marvel Comics
Anne Rice's Mummy (Mini-Series) (1990-1992) Millenium Publications
Anne Rice's Servant Of The Bones (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) IDW Publishing
Annihilation (Crossover Event) (2005-2008) Marvel Comics
Annihilators (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
The Answer (Mini-Series) (2013-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Ant-Man & Wasp (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
Ant-Man (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Anti-Hero (2013-Present) monkeybrain Comics
Any Empire (One-Shot) (2011) Top Shelf Productions
Aphrodite IX (2000-Present) Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
Apocalypse (2008) Daniel Maghen
Apocalypse Meow (Mini-Series) (2004) ADV Manga
Aquaman (1962-Present) DC Comics
Arawn (2008-2010) Soleil Productions
Araña: The Heart of the Spider (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Marvel Comics
Arcanum (1997-1998) Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
Archaic (2005-2007) FenickX
Archer And Armstrong (1992-Present) Valiant Comics
Archie & Friends (1991-Present) Archie Comics
Archie (1942-Present) Archie Comics
Archie's Pal Jughead Comics (1993-Present) Archie Comics
Area 10 (One-Shot) (2010) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Area 52 (Mini-Series) (2001) Image Comics
Ares (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Comics
Aria Comics Collection (1999-2003) Image Comics
Arkham Asylum: Living Hell (Mini-Series) (2003) DC Comics
Arkham Asylum: Madness (One-Shot) (2010) DC Comics
Arkham Manor (2014-Present) DC Comics
Arkham Reborn (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) DC Comics
Armor Hunters (Crossover) (2014-Present) Valiant Entertainment
Armorines (1994-1995) Valiant Comics
Army Of Darkness (1992-Present) Various Publishers
Army of Darkness / Xena (2008) Dynamite Entertainment
Army Of Darkness v3 (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama (Mini-Series) (2009) Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Darkness: Ash's Christmas Horror (One-Shot) (2008) Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Darkness: King for a Day (One-Shot) (2009) Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Darkness: Montezuma's Revenge (One-Shot) (2009) Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Two (Mini-Series) (2010) EA Comics / IDW
Army@Love (2007-2009) Vertigo (DC Comics)
The Arrival / Là Où Vont Nos Pères (2008) Dargaud
Arrow (2012-Present) DC Comics
Arrow - Season 2.5 (2014-Present) DC Comics
Art Ops (2015-Present) Vertigo
Artifacts (2010-Present) Top Cow Productions
Ascension (1997-1999) Image Comics
Ask For Mercy (2018) Comicraft
Aspen Splash: Swimsuit Spectaculars (One-Shots) (2006-2010) Aspen MLT
Assassin's Creed (2010-Present) Ubisoft/Wildstorm
Assault on New Olympus (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Asterix (1961-Present) Various Publishers
Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Astonishing Tales (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Astonishing Thor (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Astonishing X-Men (1995-Present) Marvel Comics
Astonishing X-Men (MGC) (2011-Present) Marvel
Astro City (1995-Present) Various Publishers
Asylum (1995-1997) Maximum Press
The Asylum of Horrors (Mini-Series) (2008) Asylum Press
Atari Comics Collection (1982-1986) DC Comics
Athena (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Dynamite Entertainment
Atlas (2010) Marvel Comics
Atmospherics (One-Shot) (2002) Avatar Press
The Atom (1962-1968) DC Comics
Atomic Robo (2007-Present) Red 5 Comics
Au bord de l'eau (2008-2010) Delcourt
Auschwitz (2002) EMMANUEL PROUST
The Authority (1999-Present) WildStorm (DC Comics)
Automatic Kafka (2002-2003) Wildstorm
Avataars: Covenant of the Shield (Mini-Series) (2000) Marvel Comics
Avatar Horror Pack (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Avatar Press
Avatar: The Last Airbender (2006-Present) Various Publishers
Avengelyne (2011-Present) Extreme (Image Comics)
Avengelyne - Bad Blood (Mini-Series) (2000) Avatar
Avengelyne - Dark Depths (Mini-Series) (2001) Avatar
Avengelyne - Deadly Sins (Mini-Series) (1995) Maximum Press
Avengelyne - Dragon Realm (Mini-Series) (2001) Avatar
Avengelyne - Revelation (Mini-Series) (2000-2001) Avatar
Avengelyne - Swimsuit Issue (Mini-Series) (1995-1996) Maximum Press
Avengelyne / Warrior Nun Areala (One-Shot) (1996) Maximum Press
Avengelyne Bible (One-Shot) (1996) Maximum Press
Avengelyne Convention Special (One-Shot) (2001) Avatar
Avengelyne v1 - v3 (1995-1999) Maximum Press/Awesome Entertainment
Avengelyne/Demonslayer (One-Shot) (2000) Comic Cavalcade
Avengelyne/Glory (One-Shot) (1995) Maximum Press
Avengelyne/Glory: Godyssey (One-Shot) (1996) Maximum Press
Avengelyne/Pandora (Crossover/Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Avatar
Avengelyne/Prophet (Crossover/Mini-Series) (1996) Maximum Press
Avengelyne/Seraphicide (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2001) Avatar Press
Avengelyne/Shi (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2001) Avatar Press
Avengelyne: Armageddon (Mini-Series) (1996-1997) Maximum Press
Avengelyne: Power (Mini-Series) (1995) Maximum Press
Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Avengers & X-Men: Axis (Crossover) (2014-2015) Marvel Comics
Avengers (1963-Present) Marvel Comics
Avengers 1959 (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Marvel
Avengers Academy (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Avengers and Power Pack Assemble (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Comics
Avengers Arena (2013-Present) Marvel
Avengers Assemble (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Avengers Classic (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
Avengers Disassembled (2004) Marvel Comics
Avengers Forever (Mini-Series) (1998-2000) Marvel Comics
Avengers Icons: The Vision (Mini-Series) (2002) Marvel Comics
Avengers Next (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Avengers Origins: (Various) (2012-Present) Marvel
The Avengers Prelude (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel
Avengers Solo (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Marvel
Avengers Two: Wonder Man & Beast (Mini-Series) (2000) Marvel Comics
Avengers Undercover (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Avengers Unplugged (1995) Marvel Comics
Avengers VS (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Avengers vs. Atlas (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Avengers vs. Pet Avengers (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Avengers vs. Thunderbolts (Mini-Series) (2004) Marvel Comics
Avengers vs. X-Men (Various) (2012) Marvel
Avengers World (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Avengers: Assorted One-Shot Collection (1994-2005) Marvel Comics
The Avengers: Black Widow Strikes (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel Comics
The Avengers: Celestial Quest (Mini-Series) (2001-2002) Marvel Comics
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
Avengers: Invaders (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Avengers: Prime (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Avengers: The Children's Crusade (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Avengers: The Initiative (2007-2010) Marvel Comics
Avengers: The Initiative Special (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Avengers: The Origin (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Avengers: The Ultron Imperative (One-Shot) (2001) Marvel Comics
The Avengers: United They Stand (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Marvel Comics
Avengers: X-Sanction (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel
Avenging Spider-Man (2011-Present) Marvel
Awakening (Mini-Series) (2007-Present) Archaia Studios Press
Awakenings (One-Shot) (2011) Arcana Studios
Axa (Mini-Series) (1981-1991) Various
The Axed Files (One-Shot) (1995) Parody Press
Azrael (2009-Present) DC Comics

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B.P.R.D. (2002-Present) Dark Horse Comics
B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth (2010-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Bab el Ahlam, 1932 (2008) Mosquito
Babe (1994-1995) Legend (Dark Horse Comics)
Babewatch (One-Shot) (1995) Parody Press
Baby's First Deadpool Book (One-Shot) (1998) Marvel Comics
Babylon 5 (1995-1998) DC Comics
Back to Brooklyn (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Image Comics
Back To Mysterious Isle (Mini-Series) (2008) Bluewater
Backlash (1994-1997) WildStorm Productions (Image Comics)
Backlash / Spider-Man (Mini-Series) (1996) Marvel
Bad Dog (2009-present) Image Comics
Bad Guys (One-Shot) (2010) Kickstart Comics
Bad Ideas (Mini-Series) (2004) Image
Bad Kids Go to Hell (2009-Present) Antarctic Press
Bad Medicine (2012-Present) Oni Press
Bad Planet (Mini-Series) (2005-2008) Image Comics
Badlands (Mini-Series) (1991) Dark Horse Comics
Baltimore (2010-Present) Dark Horse
Banshee Origins (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
Bar Sinister (Mini-Series) (1995) Windjammer (Valiant Comics)
Barack the Barbarian (Mini-Series) (2011) Devil's Due Publishing
Barbarians And Beauties (One-Shot) (1990) AC Comics
Bartholomew Of The Scissors (Mini-Series) (2008) Bluewater
Bat Lash (1968-1969) DC Comics
Batgirl (2000-Present) DC Comics
Batgirl Year One + Adventures (2003, 1998) DC Comics
Batman & Captain America (One-Shot) (1997) Elseworlds (DC Comics)
Batman & Robin: The Official Comic Adaptation (One-Shot) (1997) DC Comics
Batman (1940-Present) DC Comics
Batman / Catwoman: Follow the Money (One-Shot) (2010) DC Comics
Batman / Doc Savage Special (One-Shot) (2010) DC Comics
Batman / Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham (1991) DC Comics
Batman and Robin (2009-Present) DC Comics
Batman Beyond (1999-Present) DC Comics
Batman Confidential (2007-Present) DC Comics
Batman Eternal (2014-Present) DC Comics
Batman Forever: The Official Comic Adaptation (One-Shot) (1995) DC Comics
Batman Li'l Gotham (2012-Present) DC Comics
Batman Mini-Series Collection (1988-Present) DC Comics
Batman One-Shot Collection (1989-Present) DC Comics
The Batman Strikes! (2004-2008) DC Comics
Batman Versus Predator (Mini-Series) (1991-1992) DC Comics
Batman, Incorporated (2011-Present) DC Comics
Batman/Superman (2013-Present) DC Comics
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity (Mini-Series) (2003) DC
Batman: Arkham City (2011-Present) DC Comics
Batman: Arkham Knight (2015-Present) DC Comics
Batman: Curse of the White Knight (2019-2020) DC Comics
Batman: Featuring…… (Mini-Series) (1966) (Kelloggs) DC Comics
Batman: Gotham Knights (2000-2006) DC Comics
Batman: Knightfall *Crossover* (1993-1994) DC Comics
Batman: No Man's Land (1999-2000) DC Comics
Batman: Odyssey (2010-Present) DC Comics
Batman: Shadow of the Bat (1992-2000) DC Comics
Batman: Streets of Gotham (2009-2011) DC Comics
Batman: The Dark Knight (2011-Present) DC Comics
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Mini-Series) (1986) (1996 - 10th Anniversary Edition) DC Comics
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again (Mini-Series) (2001-2002) DC Comics
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996-1997) DC Comics
Batman: War Games *Crossover* (2004-2005) DC Comics
Battle Angel Alita (Manga) (1994-2000) Viz Comics
Battle Chasers (1998-2001) Image Comics / DC Comics
Battle For The Cowl (Mini-Series + One-Shots) )(2009) DC Comics
Battle for the Planet of the Living Dead (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Antarctic Press
Battle Of Destiny (One-Shot) (2011) Ape Entertainment
Battle Of The Planets + 3 One-Shots (2002, 2003) Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
Battle Pope (2005-2007) Image Comics
Battle Pope Presents: Saint Michael (Mini-Series) (2001) Funk-O-Tron
Battle Scars (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel
Battleaxes (Limited Series) (2000) Vertigo
Battlefields (2008-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica (1979-Present) Various Publishers
Batwing (2011-Present) DC Comics
Batwoman (2011-Present) DC Comics
Beagle Boys Versus Uncle Scrooge (1979-1980) Gold Key
Beast 01 - Yunze, God Of Protection (Mini-Series) (2008) Le Lumbard
Beasts Of Burden (Mini-Series) (2009) Dark Horse Comics
Beatles: Yellow Submarine (One-Shot) (1968) Gold Key
Beavis and Butt-head (1994-1996) Marvel Comics
Bedlam (2012-Present) Image Comics
Before The Fantastic Four Trilogy (2000-2001) Marvel Comics
Before Watchmen (2012-Present) DC Comics
Belladonna: Avatar Collection (2004-2005) Avatar Press
Beowulf (Mini-Series) (1975-1976) DC Comics
Beowulf (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW Publishing
Berserker (2009-Present) Top Cow / Image
Best of the UK: Dinobots (2007-2008) IDW Publishing
Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Bettie Page (1 Mini-Series + 2 One-Shots) (1996, 1997, 1999-2000) Dark Horse Comics
Beware The Batman (2013-Present) DC Comics
Beyond The Fringe (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) DC
Beyond The Wall (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) IDW Publishing
Beyond! (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Marvel Comics
Big Blown Baby (Mini-Series) (1996) Dark Horse Comics
The Big Book of... (One-Shots) (1994-2000) Paradox Press (DC Comics)
The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (Mini-Series) (1995) Dark Horse Comics
Big Trouble in Little China (2014-Present) Boom! Studios
Bigfoot (Mini-Series) (2005) IDW Publishing
Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities (Mini-Series) (2005-Present) Dark Horse Comics
The Bionic Man (2011-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
The Bionic Man vs. The Bionic Woman (2013-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
The Bionic Woman (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Birds of Prey (1999-Present) DC Comics
Birds of Prey (Mini-Series + One-Shots) (1996-2003) DC Comics
Birds of Prey: Ghost / Batgirl (Mini-Series) (2000) Dark Horse Comics/DC Comics
Bishop: The Last X-Man + 2 Mini-Series (1994, 1998, 1999-2001) Marvel Comics
Bite Club & Bite Club: VCU (2004, 2006) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Bizarre Thrills (One-Shot) (1977) Paragon Publications
A. Bizarro (Mini-Series) (1999) DC Comics
Black Adam: The Dark Age (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) DC Comics
The Black Beetle (2012) Dark Horse Comics
Black Canary v3 (Mini-Series) (2007) DC Comics
Black Charity (One-Shot) (2012) Archaia Studios Press
Black Harvest (Mini-Series) (2006) Devil's Due Publishing
Black Hole (1994-2004) Kitchen Sink, Fantagraphics
Black Knight (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Black Lightning (1977-1996) DC Comics
Black Orchid (1991-1995) DC Comics/Vertigo
Black Panther (1977-Present) Marvel Comics
Black Panther: Panther's Prey (Mini-Series) (1990-1991) Marvel Comics
Black Science (2013-Present) Image Comics
Black Summer (2007-2008) Avatar Press
Black Terror (2008-2011) Dynamite Entertainment
Black Widow (2002-Present) Marvel Comics
BlackAcre (2012-Present) Image Comics
The Blackbeard Legacy (Mini-Series) (2006-2008) Alias Enterprises/Bluewater
Blackbeard: Legend of the Pyrate King (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Dynamite Entertainment
The Blackburne Covenant (Mini-Series) (2003) Dark Horse Comics
Blackest Night *Crossover* (2009-2010) DC Comics
Blackgas (Mini-Series) (2006) Avatar Press
BlackGas 2 (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Avatar Press
Blackhawks (2011-Present) DC
Blackout (Mini-Series) (2014) Dark Horse Comics
Blacksad (2000-Present) Dargaud
Blade Runner (Mini-Series) (1982) Marvel Comics
Blade v3 (2006-2007) Marvel Comics
Blaze Of Glory (Mini-Series) (2000) Marvel Comics
Blink (Mini-Series) (2001) Marvel Comics
Blip (1983) Marvel Comics
Blood & Water (Mini-Series) (2003) DC
Blood - A Tale (Mini-Series) (1996-1997) Vertigo/DC
Blood And Shadows (Mini-Series) (1996) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Blood Is The Harvest (Mini-Series) (1992) Eclipse
Blood Of The Demon (2005-2006) DC Comics
Blood Red Dragon (2011-Present) Image Comics
Bloodborne (2018) Titan Comics
Bloodhound (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) DC Comics
BloodRayne (2004-Present) Digital Webbing
Bloodshot (2012-Present) Valiant Entertainment
Blue Beetle (2006-Present) DC Comics
Blue Estate (2011-Present) Image
Blue Shift (Mini-Series) (2011) Seed Studio
Bluewater Comics Presents (Mini-Series) (2008) Bluewater
Bob Marley La Légende des Wailers (2006) ALBIN MICHEL
Boca De Diablo (1991) NORMA
The Bodyssey (One-Shot) (1987) Catalan Communications
Bomb Queen (2006-Present) ShadowLine / Image Comics
Bomba The Jungle Boy (1967-1968) DC Comics
Bones (1987) Malibu
Bonjour Les Indes (1991) La Sirène
Bonnie Lass (Mini-Series) (2011) Red 5 Comics
Books of Doom (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Comics
The Books of Magic (1990-2003) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Booster Gold (1986-Present) DC Comics
Borderlands Origins (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) IDW Publishing
Boris Karloff: Tales of Mystery (1962-1980) Gold Key
The Bounce (2013-Present) Image Comics
Bouncer (2001-2006) Les Humanoïdes Associés
The Boys (2006-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Brath (2003-2004) CrossGen Comics
The Brave And The Bold (1955-Present) DC Comics
Bravest Warriors (2012-Present) kaBOOM! (Boom! Studios
Breach (2005-2006) DC Comics
Breathe (Mini-Series) (2007) Markosia Enterprises
Breed (1994-Present) Various Publisher
Brigade (2010-Present) Image Comics
Brightest Day *Crossover* (2010-Present) DC Comics
Brightest Day Aftermath - The Search (Mini-Series) (2011) DC
Brilliant (2011-Present) Icon Comics
Brimstone (2011-Present) Zenescope
Bring the Thunder (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Dynamite Entertainment
Britten And Brülightly (One-Shot) (2009) Metropolitan Books (Henry Holt and Company)
Broken Trinity (2008-Present) Top Cow
Broz (2005) Nickel
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home (One-Shots) (2010) DC Comics
Buck Rogers (2009-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Buckaroo Bonzai: Hardest of the Hard (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Moonstone Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1998-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Angel (Mini-Series) (1999) Dark Horse Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Haunted (Mini-Series) (2001-2002) Dark Horse Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Oz (Mini-Series) (2001) Dark Horse Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Riley (One-Shot) (2010) Dark Horse Comics
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Dark Horse Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Origin (Mini-Series) (1999) Dark Horse Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Willow & Tara - Wannablessedbe (One-Shot) (2001) Dark Horse Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Willow & Tara - Wilderness (Mini-Series) (2002) Dark Horse Comics
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Willow (2009-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Bullet Points (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
The Bullet-Proof Coffin (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Image Comics
The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred (Mini-Series) (2012) Image Comics
Bullseye: Greatest Hits (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Marvel Knights (Marvel Comics)
Bullseye: Perfect Game (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Bump (Mini-Series) (2007) Fangoria
Butcher Baker the Righteous Maker (2011-Present) Image Comics
Buzzard (Mini-Series) (2010) Dark Horse Comics

_____ :: C :: _____

Caatinga (2001) LOMBARD
Cable & Deadpool (2004-2008) Marvel Comics
Cable (1993-2010) Marvel Comics
Cable and X-Force (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Cable T.V. (One-Shot) (1993) Parody Press
Calamity Jack (One-Shot) (2010) Bloomsbury
Caliban (Mini-Series) (2014) Avatar Press
Caliber - First Canon of Justice (Mini-Series) (2008) Radical Comics
Caligula (2011-Present) Avatar Press
The Calling - Cthulhu Chronicles (Mini-Series) (2010) Boom! Studios
Calvin And Hobbes (1985-1996) Bill Watterson
Camelot 3000 (1982-1985) DC Comics
The Cape (2011-Present) IDW Publishing
Captain America & The Korvac Saga (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
Captain America & Thor: Avengers (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
Captain America (1968-Present) Marvel Comics
Captain America (2011-Present) Marvel
Captain America (Mini-Series) (Collection) (1991-Present) Marvel Comics
Captain America / Black Panther: Flags of our Fathers (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Knights
Captain America and the Mighty Avengers (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Captain America Corps (2011-Present) Marvel
Captain America One-Shots (2011) Marvel Comics
Captain America: The 1940s Newspaper Strip (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Captain America: Theater of War Collection (One-Shots) (2008-2010) Marvel Comics
Captain America: Who Will Wield The Shield (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Captain America: Who Won't Wield The Shield (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Captain Atom (1987-Present) DC Comics
Captain Atom: Armageddon (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) DC Comics
Captain Blood: Odyssey (Mini-Series) (2009) Slave Labor Graphics (SLG Publishing)
Captain Britain (1976-Present) Marvel Comics
Captain Canuck Reborn (Mini-Series) (1993-1994) Semple
Captain Confederacy v1 (1986-1988) SteelDragon Press
Captain Marvel (1968-Present) Marvel Comics
Captain Storm (1964-1967) DC Comics
Captain Swing & The Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Avatar Press
Captain Universe / Silver Surfer (One-Shot) (2006) Marvel Comics
Carbon Grey (Mini-Series) (2011) Image Comics
Carnage (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Carnage USA (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel
Casanova (2006-Present) Icon (Marvel)
Castle (Various) (2011-Present) Marvel
Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy (Mini-Series) (2005) IDW Publishing
Cataclysm (Crossover Event) (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Catwoman (1989-Present) DC Comics
Catwoman titles(Various) (1998-2004) DC Comics
Cavewoman (Various) (1993-Present) Various
CBGB (Mini-Series) (2010) BOOM! Studios
CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2010 (One-Shot) (2010) Image Comics
Cemetery Beach (2018-Present) Image Comics
Chain Gang War (1993-1994) DC Comics
Champions Vol. 3 (2019-Present) Marvel Comics
Change (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Image Comics
Chaos War *Crossover* (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Chaos! Comics (1994-2002) Chaos! Comics
Charismagic (2011-Present) Aspen MLT
Charmed (2010-Present) Zenescope Entertainment
Chase Variant: One-Shot (Is All I Need) (2010) Image Comics
Chasing the Dead (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
Checkmate v2 (2006-2008) DC Comics
Chew (2009-Present) Image Comics
Children's Crusade (Mini-Series) (1993-1994) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Chimichanga (One-Shot) (2011) Albatross Exploding Funny Books
Chinn (2008) Bamboo
Choker (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Image Comics
Chopper (2011-Present) Night Owl Productions (Asylum Press)
Chosen (Mini-Series) (2004) Dark Horse Comics
The Chronicles of Dr. Herbert West (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Zenescope
Chronicles Of Wormwood (2007-Present) Avatar Press
Chroniques de la Lune Noire (1989-2008) Zenda / Dargaud
Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos (Mini-Series) (1987) Star Comics (Marvel Comics)
Chucky (Mini-Series) (2007) Devil's Due Publishing
Cimes (2004) FRMK
Cindy the Demon Hunter (One-Shot) (2012) Arcana Studios
Cinema Panopticum (2005) Fantagraphics Books
City - The Mind In the Machine (Mini-Series) (2014) IDW Publishing
City of Heroes v2 (2005-2007) Image Comics/Top Cow Productions
City of Mith (2013-Present) Ruxunn
City of Others (Mini-Series) (2007) Dark Horse Comics
Civil War (Crossover Event) (2006-2008) Marvel Comics
Civil War: House of M (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
ClanDestine v1 (1994-1995) Marvel Comics
ClanDestine v2 (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
Classics Illustrated (1941-1969) Gilberton Publications
The Claw and Fang (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Bluewater
Claws (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Knights (Marvel Comics)
The Cleaners (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Dark Horse Comics
Clerks (1998-1999) Oni Press
Clive Barker's Hellraiser (1989-Present) Various Publishers
Clive Barker's Next Testament (Mini-Series) (2013-Present) Boom! Studios
Clive Barker's Nightbreed (1990-1993) Epic Comics
Clive Barker's The Great And Secret Show (2006) IDW Publishing
Clive Barker's The Harrowers (Mini-Series) (1993-1994) Epic Comics (Marvel)
Clive Barker: (One-Shots) (1991-1994) Eclipse Graphic Novels (HarperCollins)
Cloak & Dagger (Mini-Series) (1983-1984) Marvel
Cloak and Dagger (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Clone (2012-Present) Skybound Entertainment (Image Comics)
Code Word: Geronimo (One-Shot) (2011) IDW Publishing
Codebreakers (Mini-Series) (2010) BOOM! Studios
Codename: Firearm (Mini-Series) (1995) Malibu Comics
The Coffin (Mini-Series) (2000-2001) Oni Press
Cold Space (Mini-Series) (2010) BOOM! Studios
Cold War (2011-Present) IDW Publishing
Colder (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Dark Horse Comics
Colt Noble And The Megalords (One-Shot) (2010) Image Comics
Comeback (2012-Present) Shadowline (Image Comics)
The Complete Alice In Wonderland (Mini Series) (2009-2010) Dynamite Entertainment
The Complete Dracula (2009) Dynamite Entertainment
Conan (2003-Present) Dark Horse
Conan Red Sonja (Mini-Series) (2015-Present) Dark Horse x Dynamite
Conan the Barbarian (1974-1995) Marvel Comics
Conspiracy (Mini-Series) (1998) Marvel Comics
Constantine (2013-Present) DC Comics
Containment (2005) (Mini Series) IDW Publishing
Convergence (Crossover/Event) (2015) DC Comics
Copperhead (2014-Present) Image Comics
Cosmic Boy (Mini-Series) (1986-1987) DC Comics
The Cougar (Mini-Series) (1975) Atlas/Seaboard
Countdown (2007-2008) DC Comics
Countdown Presents: Lord Havok & the Extremists (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) DC Comics
Countdown to Adventure (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) DC Comics
Countdown to Infinite Crisis (2005) DC Comics
Countdown to Mystery (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) DC Comics
Countdown: Arena (Mini-Series) (2008) DC Comics
Courtney Crumrin (2012-Present) Oni Press
Cover (2018-2019) DC Comics
Cow Boy (One-Shot) (2012-Present) Archaia Studios Press
Cowboy Ninja Viking (2009-Present) Image Comics
Cowboys & Aliens (One-Shot) (2006) Platinum
Crawl Space XXXOMBIES (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Image Comics
Crawl To Me (Mini-Series) (2011) IDW
The Crazies (Mini-Series) (2010) Image Comics
Creator-Owned Heroes (2012-Present) Paper Films (Image Comics)
Creature Commandos (Mini-Series) (2000) DC Comics
Creature Feature (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Th3rd World Studios
Creature from the Depths (One-Shot) (2007) Cryptic Magazine (Image Comics)
Crecy (One-Shot) (2007) Avatar Press
The Creep (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Creepy (1964-1983) Warren Publishing
Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) DC Comics
Crimeland (One-Shot) (2007) Image Comics
Criminal (2006-Present) Icon (Marvel Comics)
Criminal Macabre (1990-Present) Dark Horse Comics/IDW Publishing
Crimson + 3 One-Shots (1998-2001) Cliffhanger (Image Comics)
Crisis on Infinite Earths (Mini-Series) (1985-1986) DC Comics
Critter (2009-Present) Big Dog Ink
Cromwell Stone (1984-2004) Delcourt
The Cross Bronx (2006) Image Comics
Crossed (2008-Present) Avatar Press
Crossing Midnight (2007-2008) Vertigo (DC Comics)
The Crow - Skinning the Wolves (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) IDW Publishing
Crux (2001-2004) CrossGen Comics
Crysis (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) EA Comics (IDW Publishing)
CSI (2003-2006) IDW Publishing
Cthulhu (2004) Rackham
Cthulhu Tales (2006-2009) Boom! Studios
Cuba - My Revolution (One-Shot) (2010) Vertigo
Curse of the Spawn (1996-1999) Image Comics
Cursed (Mini-Series) (2003-2004) Top Cow Comics
Cursed Pirate Girl (Mini-Series) (2009) Olympian Publishing
Cut (One-Shot) (2007) Dark Horse Books (Dark Horse Comics)
Cy-Gor (Mini-Series) (1999) Image Comics
Cyber Force (2012-Present) Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
Cyberforce (1992-2010) Various Publishers
Cyclops (2010-Present) Archaia Studios Press
Cyclops (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Cyclops (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel

_____ :: D :: _____

D'Airian Adventure (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW Publishing
Daddy's Little Girl (One-Shot) (2011) Archaia Studios Press
Daffodil (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Daily Bugle (Mini-Series) (1996-1997) Marvel Comics
Daily Bugle - Avenging Spider-Man (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
Daily Bugle: 1939 Newspaper Special (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Daken: Dark Wolverine (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Damaged (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Radical Comics
Damian - Son of Batman (2013-2014) DC Comics
Damn Nation (Mini-Series) (2005) Dark Horse Comics
Dampyr (Mini-Series) (2005) IDW Publishing
Damsels (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Dan Dare (2007-2008) Virgin Comics
Dancer (2012-Present) Image Comics
Danger Club (2012-Present) Image Comics
Danger Girl (1998-Present) Various Publishers
Dante's Inferno (Mini-Series) (2010) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Daomu (2011-Present) Image Comics
Daredevil (1964-Present) Marvel Comics
Daredevil / Spider-Man: Unusual Suspects (Mini-Series) (2001) Marvel
The Dark (2011-Present) Markosia
Dark Avengers (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Dark Avengers (2012-Present) Marvel Comics
Dark Avengers / Uncanny X-Men: Exodus (Crossover/One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Dark Avengers / Uncanny X-Men: Utopia (Crossover/One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Dark Avengers: Ares (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Dark Dominion (Mini-Series) (1993-1994) Defiant Comics
Dark Gods (2014-2015) Avatar Press
Dark Horse Book of ... (One-Shot) (2003-2004) Dark Horse Books (Dark Horse Comics)
Dark Horse Horror Sampler (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Presents (1986-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Dark Matter (Mini-Series) (2012) Dark Horse Comics
Dark Reign *Crossover* Topic (2009) Marvel Comics
Dark Shadows/Vampirella (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Dark Sun (Mini-Series) (2011) IDW
Dark X-Men (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Dark X-Men: The Beginning (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Dark X-Men: The Confession (Crossover Event / One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
The Darkest Hour (One-Shot) (2011) Oni Press
Darkman (1990-1993) Marvel Comics
Darkman vs. Army of Darkness (Mini-Series) (2006) Dynamite Entertainment
The Darkness (1996-Present) Top Cow / Image Comics
Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger (One-Shot) (1995) DC Comics
Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Mini-Series) (2010) UDON Studios
Darkstar & The Winter Guard (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Darth Vader (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Daughters of the Dragon (2006-Present) Marvel Comics
Dawn (1989-2005) Various Publishers
Dawn of the Dead (Mini-Series) (2004) IDW Publishing
Dawn: Not To Touch The Earth (One-Shot) (2010) Image Comics
The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish (1998) White Wolf Publishing
Day Men (2013-Present) Boom! Studios
Day of Vengeance (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) DC Comics
Days Missing (2009-Present) Archaia
Daytripper (Mini-Series) (2010) Vertigo (DC Comics)
DC Comics - The New 52 (One-Shot) (2011) DC Comics
The DC Comics Encyclopedia (One-Shot) (2004) DK Publishing
DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains Fandex (One-Shot) (2010) Workman Publishing
DC One Million (Crossover/Mini-Series) (1998) DC Comics
DC Retroactive: <various titles>- The '70s (One-Shot) (2011) DC
DC Retroactive: <various titles>- The '80s (One-Shot) (2011) DC
DC Retroactive: <various titles>- The '90s (One-Shot) (2011) DC
DC Universe Online Legends (2010-Present) DC Comics
DC Universe Presents (2011-Present) DC
DC Universe Specials (2008-Present) DC Comics
DC Universe: Legacies (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) DC Comics
DC vs Marvel: The Greatest Crossover Collection (1960-2000) DC / Marvel
Dead End (2003) Fantagraphics Books
Dead Eyes Open (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) SLG Publishing
Dead In The West (Mini-Series) (1993-1994) Dark Horse Comics
Dead Irons (Mini-Series) (2009) Dynamite Entertainment
Dead King (Mini-Series) (1989) Chaos! Comics
Dead of Night: Devil-Slayer (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Dead of Night: Man-Thing (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
Dead of Night: Werewolf By Night (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Dead Romeo (Mini-Series) (2009) DC Comics
Dead Run (Mini-Series) (2009) BOOM Studios
Dead Space (Mini-Series) (2008) Image Comics
Dead Space Extraction (One-Shot) (2009) Image Comics
Dead Walker (One-Shot) (2011) Kickstart Comics
The Deadlander (Mini-Series) (2007) Dark Horse Comics
Deadlands: Black Water (One-Shot) (2012) Image Comics
Deadlocke (One-Shot) (2009) Dark Horse Comics
The Deadly Foes of Spider-Man (Mini-Series) (1991) Marvel
Deadman v4 (2006-2007) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Deadpool (1994-Present) Marvel Comics
Deadpool / GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular (One-Shot) (2007) Marvel Comics
Deadpool Corps (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe (2012) Marvel Comics
Deadpool Killustrated (Mini-Series) (2013) Marvel Comics
Deadpool MAX (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Deadpool Pulp (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Deadpool: Suicide Kings (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Deadpool: The Circle Chase (Mini-Series) (1993) Marvel Comics
Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Knights
Dean Koontz - Nevermore (2011-Present) Dynamite
Death Dealer: Shadows of Miraham (Mini-Series) (2007) Image Comics
The Death of Dracula (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Death of the New Gods (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) DC Comics
Death of Wolverine (Crossover/Event) (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Deathblow v2 (2006-2008) WildStorm (DC Comics)
Deathlok (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Deathlok (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Knights
Deathmatch (2012-Present) Boom! Studios
Deathstroke (2011-Present) DC Comics
Debris (Mini-Series) (2012) Shadowline (Image Comics)
Decimation *Crossover* (2006) Marvel Comics
Deep Sleeper (Mini-Series) (2004) Image
The Defenders (2012-Present) Marvel Comics
Defenders - From the Marvel Vault (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel Vault (Marvel)
Defenders- The Coming of the Defenders (One-Shot) (2012) Marvel
Defenders: Strange Heroes (One-Shot) (2012) Marvel
Dellec (2009-Present) Aspen Comics
Demon Cleaner (2009-Present) Antarctic Press
Demon Knights (2011-Present) DC
Descendant (Mini-Series) (2009) Image Comics
Descender (2015-Present) Image Comics
Desolation Jones (2005-2007) WildStorm Productions (DC Comics)
The Destroyer (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel MAX
Detective Comics (1937-Present) DC Comics
Detective Comics - Endgame (2015-Present) DC Comics
Dethklok vs. The Goon (One-Shot) (2009) Dark Horse Comics
Deus Ex (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) DC Comics
Devi (2006-2008) Virgin Comics
Devil (Mini-Series) (2010) Dark Horse Comics
Devil's Reign (Mini-Series) (1997) Marvel Comics / Top Cow
The Devil's Rejects (2005) IDW Publishing
Dexter (Mini Series) (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Dia de los Muertos (2013-Present) Image Comics
Diablo (Mini-Series) (2012) DC Comics
Dial H For Hero (2012-Present) DC Comics
Die (2018-Present) Image Comics
Die Hard: Year One (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) BOOM Studios
Dieu singe (2008-2009) Delcour
Dingo (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) BOOM! Studios
Diosamante (1992-2002) Humanoïdes associés
A Distant Soil (1983-2006) Various Publishers
Distortions Unlimited (Mini-Series) (2009-2011) Bluewater Comics
Django Unchained (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Vertigo (DC Comics)
DMZ (2006-2012) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (2009-present) BOOM! Studios
Doc Frankenstein (Mini-Series) (2004-2006) Burlyman Entertainment
Doc Macabre (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Doc Savage (1940-Present) Various Publishers
Doctor Doom (2019-Present) Marvel Comics
Doctor Doom and The Masters Of Evil (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom (2010-Present) Dark Horse
Doctor Strange (1968-Present) Marvel Comics
Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Doctor Who (2008-Present) IDW Publishing
Doctor Who Classics (2008-Present) IDW Publishing
Doctor Who Magazine (comic serial): Black Sun Rising (One-Shot) (1981) Marvel UK
Doctor Who Magazine Special Editions (2003-2005) Panini
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor (2014-Present) Titan Comics
Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor (2015-Present) Titan Comics
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor (2014-Present) Titan Comics
Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor (2014-Present) Titan Comics
Dog Eaters (Mini-Series) (2008-Present) Dabel Brothers
Dog Moon (1996) Vertigo
Dogs (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) VIZ Media
Doktor Sleepless (2007-2009) Avatar Press
Dollhouse: Epitaphs (2011-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Domination Factor: Avengers (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Marvel Comics
Dominic Fortune (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel MAX
Dominion (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Boom! Studios
Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child (2012-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Doom Patrol (2004-Present) DC Comics
Doomed (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) IDW Publishing
Doomwar (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Doorways (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Dork House Comics (One-Shot) (1993) Parody Press
Dorkier Images (One-Shot) (1993) Parody Press
Dorothy of Oz Prequel (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
Double Barrel (2012) Top Shelf Comics
Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "trilogy" (1993-1997) DC
Dr.Horrible (One-Shot) (2009) Dark Horse Comics
Dracula (2005-2007) Emmanuel Proust Éditions
Dracula World Order - The Beginning (2012) Self Published
Dracula: A Symphony In Moonlight and Nightmares (1993) Marvel Comics
Dracula: The Company of Monsters (2010-Present) BOOM! Studios
Drafted (2007-2009) Devil's Due Publishing
Dragon Age (Mini-Series) (2010) EA Comics/IDW
Dragonlance (1988-Present) Various Publishers
Drain (2006-2008) Image Comics
Dream Thief (Mini-Series) (2013) Dark Horse Comics
Dream Wolves (Mini-Series) (1995) Dramenon Studio
Dredd: Uprise (Mini-Series) (2014-Present) 2000AD
Drifter (2014-Present) Image Comics
Driver For the Dead (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Radical Comics
Drone (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Red 5 Comics
Duke Nukem - Glorious Bastard (2011-Present) IDW
Duke Nukem Forever (One-Shot) (2011) IDW
Dumm $2099 (One-Shot) (1993) Parody Press
Dune: The Official Movie Adaptation (Mini-Series) (1985) Marvel Comics
Dungeons & Dragons (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
Dungeons & Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons (Mini-Series) (2001-2002) Kenzer & Company
Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) IDW Pub
Dust (Mini-Series) (2007) Image
Dust Wars (Mini-Series) (2010) Image Comics
DV8: Gods & Monsters (Mini-Series) (2010) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Dynamo 5 (2007-Present) Image Comics

_____ :: E :: _____

Earth 2 (2012-Present) DC Comics
Earth 2: World's End (2014-Present) DC Comics
East Of West (2013-Present) Image Comics
Eberron: Eye of the Wolf (One-Shot) (2006) Devil's Due Publishing
Echoes (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Top Cow Productions
Echoes of the Damned (Mini-Series) (2008) Devil's Due Publishing
Edgar Allan Poe's The Conqueror Worm (One-Shot) (2012) Dark Horse Comics
Edge of Doom (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) IDW Publishing
Eeek! (2012-Present) Asylum Press
Eerie (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Egypt (Mini-Series) (1995-1996) Vertigo (DC Comics)
EI8HT (Mini-Series) (2015) Dark Horse Comics
El amor a la vida (1996) CRG
El Cazador (2003-2004) CrossGen Comics
El Lama Blanco (1993-1998) Norma Editorial
El Zombo Fantasma (Mini-Series) (2004) Rocket Comics (Dark Horse Comics)
Elektra (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Elephantmen (2006-Present) Image Comics
ElfQuest (1978-Present) Various Publishers
Elixers (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) MC Productions / Soleil
Elric - The Balance Lost (2011-Present) Boom! Studios
Elseworlds (1989-2004) DC Comics
Elven (Mini-Series) (1994-1995) Malibu Comics
Empowered (2007-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Empress (2016-Present) Marvel Comics
End of Nations (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) DC Comics
Ender's Game (2007-Present) Marvel Comics
Enemy Ace (1990-2008) DC Comics
Enter the Heroic Age (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Enter The Zombie (One-Shot) (2010) Antarctic Press
Epic (1982-2003) Marvel Comics
Epic Kill (Mini-Series) (2012) Image Comics
Epoch (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
Escape From New York (2014-Present) Boom! Studios
Escape of the Living Dead (2005-2007) Avatar Press
Escondida (One-Shot) (1998) Les Humanoïdes Associés
Eternal Descent (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Eternal Warrior (1992-Present) Valiant Comics
Eternals (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Marvel Comics
Eternals v2 (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Eva Medusa (1991-1994) Heavy Metal Magazine
EVE - True Stories (Mini-Series) (2014) Dark Horse Comics
Everlast (One-Shot) (2011) Archaia
Everybody's Dead (Mini-Series) (2008) IDW Publishing
Everything (2019-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Evil Dead (2008) Dark Horse Comics
The Evil Within (Mini-Series) (2014-Present) Titan Comics
Ex Machina (2004-2010) WildStorm (DC Comics)
Exalted (Mini-Series) (2005) Udon Comics
Excalibur (2019-Present) Marvel Comics
Excalibur (Mini-Series) (2001) Marvel Comics
Excalibur v3 (2004-2005) Marvel Comics
Executive Assistant (2009-Present) Aspen Comics
Exile to Babylon (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Dark Horse Comics
Exiled (One-Shot) (Present) Marvel
Exiles (2001-2008) Marvel Comics
Existence 2.0 (Mini-Series) (2009) Image Comics
Existence 3.0 (Mini-Series) (2010) Image Comics
Expedition (2012-2017) Dargaud
The Expendables (Mini-Series) (2010) Dynamite Entertainment
Exposure (Mini-Series) (1999-2001) Various Publishers
Extermination (2012-2013) Boom! Studios
The Exterminators (2006-2008) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Extinct (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) 215 Ink
Extinction Seed (2011-Present) GG Studio
Extraordinary X-Men (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Extremity (2017-2018) Image Comics

_____ :: F :: _____

Fables (2002-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (1971-1997) Rip Off Press
Face de lune (1992-2004) Casterman
The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch (One-Shot) (2008) Dark Horse Comics
The Fade Out (2015-2016) Image Comics
Fade To Black (Mini-Series) (2010) Image Comics
Fail of The Dead (One-Shot) (2011) Antarctic Press
Faith (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Fall of Cthulhu (2007-2008) Boom! Studios
Fall of the Hulks / World War Hulks *Crossover* (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Fall Out Toy Works (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Image Comics
Fallen Angel (2003-Present) DC Comics / IDW
Falling Skies (2010-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Falling Skies (Mini-Series) (2011) Dark Horse Comics
Fame - Lady Gaga (Mini-Series) (2010) Bluewater
Family Tree (2019-Present) Image Comics
The Famous 5 and the... (One-Shot) (1983-1984) Hodder & Stoughton
Fanboys vs. Zombies (2012-Present) Boom! Studios
Fantastic Five (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics 2 (Marvel Comics)
Fantastic Force (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four (1961-Present) Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four and Power Pack (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four in... Ataque del M.O.D.O.K.! (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four: First Family (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four: House of M (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four: The End (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure (One-Shot) (2008) Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four: True Story (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Far West - Bad Mojo (Mini-Series) (2009) Antarctic Press
Farscape (2002-Present) WildStorm/BOOM! Studios
Fashion Beast (2012-Present) Avatar Press
Fat Freddy's Comics and Stories (1983) Rip Off Press
Fatale (2012-Present) Image Comics
Fathom (1998-Present) Various Publishers
Fear Agent (2005-Present) Image Comics
Fear Itself (Crossover/Event) (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Fearless Dawn (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Asylum Press
Fearless Defenders (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Feeding Ground (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Archaia Studios Press
Fell (2005-2008) Image Comics
Felt True Tales Of Underground Hip Hop (Mini-Series) (2005) image
Female Force (One-Shots) (2009-Present) Bluewater
Ferals (2011-Present) Avatar Press
Feux (1988) Valvoline
Fever Ridge: A Tale of MacArthur's Jungle War (2013-Present) IDW Publishing
Fevre Dream (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Avatar Press
FF (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Fight Club 2 (Mini-Series) (2015-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Fight for Tomorrow (Mini-Series) (2002-2003) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Fightin Marines (Mini-Series) (1951-1984) St. John Publishing Co./Charlton
Fin Fang Four Return (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Final Crisis (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) DC Comics
Final Crisis Aftermath (2009) DC Comics
Final Destination: Death Never Takes A Vacation (Mini-Series) (2006) Zenescope Entertainment
First Born (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Top Cow (Image Comics)
First Wave (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) DC Comics
The First X-Men (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Marvel
Fistful of Blood (2002) Heavy Metal Magazine
The Five Fists Of Science (One-Shot) (2006) Image Comics
Five Weapons (Mini-Series) (2013-2014) Image Comics
Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave And The Bold (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) DC Comics
The Flash (1941-Present) DC Comics
The Flash - Season Zero (2014-Present) DC Comics
Flash Gordon (2011-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Flashpoint (Crossover Event) (2011) DC Comics
Flinch (1999-2001) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Fly (2011-Present) Zenescope
Flying Saucers vs. The Earth (Mini-Series) (2008) Bluewater
Fogtown (One-Shot) (2010) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Forever Evil (Crossover Event) (2013-Present) DC Comics
Forgetless (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Image Comics
Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow Series (Mini-Series) (2008-Present) Devil's Due Publishing
Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Devil's Due Publishing
Forgotten Realms: The Icewind Dale Trilogy (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Devil's Due Publishing
The Fountain (One-Shot) (2005) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Four Horsemen (Mini-Series) (2000) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Fraction (Mini-Series) (2004) Focus (DC Comics)
Fraggle Rock (Mini-Series) (2010) Archaia
Frank Cho, the Art of (One-Shots) (1992-Present) Various
Frank Miller's Holy Terror (One-Shot) (2011) Legendary Comics, LLC.
Frank Miller's Ronin (Mini-Series) (1983-1984) DC Comics
Frankenstein - Agent of S.H.a.D.E. (2011-Present) DC Comics
Frankenstein Alive, Alive! (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
François Schuiten (Collection) Various Publisher
Freaks Of The Heartland (2004-2005) Dark Horse Comics
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash (2007-2008) Wildstorm / Dynamite Entertainment
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors (2009-2010) Wildstorm / Dynamite Entertainment
Free Comic Book Day (2008-Present) Various Publishers
Free Realms (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Wildstorm
Freedom Fighters (2010-Present) DC Comics
Freedom Formula (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Radical Publishing
Freelancers (2012-Present) Boom! Studios
Friday the 13th (Mini-Series) (2007) WildStorm (DC Comics)
Friday the 13th: Bloodbath (Mini-Series) (2005) Avatar Press
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2005-2007) Marvel Comics
Fright (Mini-Series) (1988-1989) Eternity Comics (Malibu Graphics)
Fringe (Mini-Series) (2008) Wildstorm
Fringe: Tales from the Fringe (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
From Hell (Mini-Series) (1999) Eddie Campbell Comics
From The Ashes (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW Publishing
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic (One-Shot) (2006) Houghton Mifflin Company
Fury MAX (2012) Marvel Comics
The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men (2011-Present) DC
The Fuse (2014-Present) Image Comics
Fusion (Mini-Series) (2009) Top Cow / Marvel Comics
FVZA (Mini-Series) (2009) Radical
Féroce (One-Shot) (2005) Glénat

_____ :: G :: _____

G.I. Combat (2012-Present) DC Comics
G.I. Joe (2005-2008) Devil's Due Publishing
G.I. Joe (2008-Present) IDW Publishing
G.I. Joe 2 Movie Prequel (Mini-Series) (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
G.I. Joe and The Transformers (Mini-Series) (1986-1987) Marvel Comics
G.I. Joe vs. Transformers (2003-2007) Devil's Due Publishing
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1982-Present) Marvel Comics & IDW Publishing
Galacta: Daughter of Galactus (2010) Marvel Digital Comics
Galactica 1980 (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Dynamite Entertainment
Galactus: The Devourer (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Marvel Comics
Galveston (2008-Present) (Mini-Series) BOOM! Studios
Gambit (2012) Marvel Comics
Gambit and the Champions: From The Marvel Vault (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
Gamekeeper (2007-2008) Director's Cut (Virgin Comics)
Garfield (1978-Present) Various Publishers
Gargoyle (Mini-Series) (1985) Marvel
Gargoyles (2006-2009) SLG
Garrison (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Gasolina (2017-Present) Image Comics
Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue (Mini-Series) (2012) Antarctic Press
Gearz (Mini-Series) (2008) Bluewater
Geek-Girl (2016-Present) AAM/Markosia
Gen13 (1994-Present) Image Comics/DC Comics
Gene Pool (One-Shot) (2003) IDW
Gene Simmons House of Horrors (2013-Present) Archaia Studios Press
Generation Hope (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Genext (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
Genext United (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards (Mini-Series) (2008-2010) Dabel Brothers (DB Pro)
George R.R. Martin: A Game Of Thrones (2003-Present) Various Publishers
Ghost (1995-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Ghost Rider (1973-Present) Marvel Comics
Ghost Rider (2011-2012) Marvel
Ghost Rider: Cycle of Vengeance (One-Shot) (2012) Marvel
Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Ghost Riders: Heaven's On Fire (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Ghost Whisperer (Mini-Series) (2008) IDW
Ghost Wolf (Mini-Series) (2014) Amigo Comics
Ghostbusters (2008-Present) IDW Publishing
Ghosting (Mini-Series) (2007) Platinum Studios Comics
Ghosts (1971-1982) DC Comics
The Ghoul (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) IDW Publishing
Giant-Size Spider-Man (Mini-Series) (1974-1975) Marvel Comics
Giantkiller (Various) (1999-2000) DC
Gideon Falls (2018-Present) Image Comics
Gigantic (Mini-Series) (2008-2010) Dark Horse
Girl Comics (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2012-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Girls (2005-2007) Image Comics
Gladstone's School For World Conquerors (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Image
Glory/Avengelyne (One-Shot) (1995) Image Comics
God Complex (2010) Image Comics
God Country (2017-Present) Image Comics
God Is Dead (2013-Present) Avatar Press
God of War (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
God Save the Queen (2007) Vertigo
A God Somewhere (One-Shot) (2010) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Godland (2005-2012) Image Comics
Godspeed (2004) Flammarion
Godwheel (Mini-Series) (1994-1995) Ultraverse (Malibu Comics)
The Golem (Mini-Series) (2013) Alterna Comics
The Good The Bad And The Ugly (2009-2010) Dynamite
The Goon (Various) (1999-Present) Various
Gore (2010-2011) GG Studio
Gorilla Man (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Gotham Academy (2014-Present) DC Comics
Gotham By Midnight (2015-Present) DC Comics
Gotham City Sirens (2009-Present) DC Comics
Gotham Gazette (One-Shot) (2009) DC Comics
Gotham Underground (2007-2008) DC Comics
Graveyard of Empires (2011-Present) Image
Gravity (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel
Grayson (2014-Present) DC Comics
Great Pacific (2012-Present) Image Comics
The Great Ten (Mini-Series) (2010) DC Comics
Greek Street (2009-Present) Vertigo
Green Arrow (1983-Present) DC Comics
Green Arrow and Black Canary / Green Arrow (2007-2010) DC Comics
The Green Hornet & Kato (1989-1992) Now Comics
Green Hornet (2010-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Green Lantern (1941-Present) DC Comics
Green Lantern / Plastic Man: Weapons of Mass Deception (One-Shot) (2011) DC Comics
Green Lantern / Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances (One-Shot) (1995) DC Comics
Green Lantern Corps (1986-Present) DC Comics
Green Lantern Corps Quarterly (1992-1994) DC Comics
Green Lantern Corps: Recharge (2005-2006) DC Comics
Green Lantern Movie Prequel - Abin Sur (One-Shot) (2011) DC
Green Lantern Movie Prequel - Hal Jordan (One-Shot) (2011) DC
Green Lantern Movie Prequel - Kilowog (One-Shot) (2011) DC
Green Lantern Movie Prequel - Tomar-Re (One-Shot) (2011) DC
Green Lantern Movie Prequel Sinestro (One-Shot) (2011) DC Comics
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors (2010-Present) DC Comics
Green Lantern: New Guardians (2011-Present) DC Comics
Green Lantern: Rebirth (2004-2005) DC Comics
Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2012-Present) Johnny DC (DC Comics)
The Green Team (2013-Present) DC Comics
Green Wake (2011) Image
The Green Woman (One-Shot) (2010) Vertigo Comics
Greetings from Hellville (2002) Fantagraphics Books
Grifter (2011-Present) DC Comics
The Grim Ghost (2010-Present) Atlas Comics
Grim Leaper (Mini-Series) (2012) Shadowline (Image Comics)
Grimm (2013-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Grimm Fairy Tales (2005-Present) Zenescope Entertainment
Groom Lake (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW Publishing
Grrl Scouts Work Sucks (Mini-Series) (2003) Image
Guardians Of The Galaxy (1990-Present) Marvel Comics
Guarding The Globe (2010-Present) Image Comics
The Guild (Mini-Series) (2010) Dark Horse
The Guild: Vork (One-Shot) (2010) Dark Horse Comics
Gun Candy (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) 12-Gauge Comics (Image Comics)
Gunslinger Girl (Manga) (2003-2007) ADV Manga
Gutter Magic (Mini-Series) (2013) Sixgun Comics
Gutwrencher (Mini-Series) (2008) Image Comics

_____ :: H :: _____

H.P. Lovecraft - The Temple (One-Shot) (2008) Emmanuel Proust
H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) IDW Publishing
Hack/Slash (2004-Present) Devil's Due Publishing
HackSlash Meets Zombies vs. Cheerleaders (2011-Present) Moonstone
Halcyon (2010-Present) Image Comics
Halo (2006-Present) Marvel Comics
Happy! (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Image Comics
Harbinger (2012-Present) Valiant Entertainment
Hard Boiled (Mini-Series) (1990-1992) Dark Horse Comics
Harley Davidson /Avengers (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel
Harley Quinn (2014-Present) DC Comics
Harvest (Mini-Series) (2012) Shadowline (Image Comics)
Hatter M (2006-Present) Automatic Pictures Publishing
Haunt (2009-Present) Image Comics
Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe (Mini-Series) (2006) Max Comics (Marvel)
Haunted City (2011-Present) Aspen Comics
Haunted Horror (2012-Present) yoe Books! (IDW Publishing)
Haunted Tank (Mini-Series) (2009) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Haven (Mini-Series) (2010) Markosia
Hawk and Dove (2011-Present) DC
Hawken (2011-Present) IDW Publishing
Hawkeye & Mockingbird (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Hawkeye (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Hawkgirl (2006-2007) DC Comics
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2012-Present) DC Comics
Head Lopper (Mini-Series) (2015-2016) Image Comics
Headache (One-Shot) (2011) Kickstart Comics
The Heap (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Moonstone
Heart (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Image
Heavy Water (One-Shot) (2011) Kickstart Comics
Hector Plasm: Totentatz (One-Shot) (2009) Image Comics
Hell Yeah (2012-Present) Image Comics
Hellblazer (1998-2013) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Hellboy (2005-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Hellcyon (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Heralds (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Hercules (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Hercules (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Radical Comics
Hero By Night v1&2 (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Platinum Studios Comics
Hero Comics 2011 (One-Shot) (2011) IDW Publishing
Heroes (Web Comic) (2006-2010)
Heroes For Hire (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Heroes for Hire v2 (2006-2008) Marvel Comics
Heroic Age: 1 Month 2 Live (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Heroic Age: Prince of Power (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Hewoes (One-Shot) (2007) Parody Press
Hexed (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Boom! Studios
High Crimes (2013-Present) Monkeybrain Comices
The High Ways (Mini-Series) (2013) IDW Publishing
Higher Earth (2012-Present) BOOM! Studio
Highlander (2006-2007) Dynamite Entertainment
Hillbilly (2016-Present) Exploding Albatross Funnybooks
The Hills Have Eyes -The Beginning (One-Shot) (2007) Fox Atomic Comics (HarperCollins)
Hip Flask: Ouroborous (One-Shot) (2012) Image Comics
History of the DC Universe (Mini-Series) (1986) DC Comics
Hit Monkey (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Hit Monkey (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Hoax Hunters (2012-Present) Image Comics
The Hollows (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) IDW Publishing
Hombre (Mini-Series) (1989-1993) Soleil Productions
Homecoming (2012-Present) Aspen MLT
Honey West (2010-Present) Moonstone Books
Hopeless Maine (Mini-Series) (2012-Present) Archaia Studios Press
Hot Lunch Special (2018-Present) Aftershock Comics
Hotwire (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Radical Comics
The House of Hammer (1977-197) Top Sellers, Ltd. / Quality Communications
House of M *Crossover* (2005) Marvel Comics
House of M: Masters of Evil (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
House of Mystery v2 (2008-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
House of Night (2011-Present) Dark Horse Comic
House of X (2019-Present) Marvel Comics
How to Draw..... (2006-Present) Antarctic Press
How to Pick Up Girls If You're A Comic Book Geek (2012) 3 Finger Prints
Huck (2015-Present) Image Comics
Hulk (1999-Present) Marvel Comics
Hulk / Thing: Hard Knocks (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Marvel Comics
Hulk / Wolverine: Six Hours (Mini-Series) (2003) Marvel Comics
Hulk and Power Pack (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Hulk Family: Green Genes (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Hulk Smash Avengers (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel Comics
Hulk: Broken Worlds (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Hulk: Destruction (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
Hulk: Future Imperfect (Mini-Series) (1992-1993) Marvel Comics
Hulk: Gray (Mini-Series) (2003) Marvel Comics
Hulk: Let The Battle Begin (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Hulk: Nightmerica (Mini-Series) (2003-2004) Marvel Comics
Hulk: Team Up (Featuring The Uncanny X-Men) (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Hulk: Winter Guard (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Human Bomb (Mini-Series) (2013) DC Comics
Human Target (Mini-Series) (2010) DC Comics
Humanoids (One-Shot) (2010) Bluewater
Hunter-Killer (2004-2007) Top Cow Productions
The Huntress (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) DC Comice
Husk (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Hybrid Bastards (Mini-Series) (2007-2011) Archaia Studios Press
Hypergirl (2011-Present) Markosia
The Hypernaturals (2012-Present) BOOM! Studios

_____ :: I :: _____

I Am An Avenger (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
I Love Trouble (2012-Present) Image Comics
I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space (2008) Platinum Studios
I, Vampire (2011-Present) DC Comics
I, Zombie (2010-2012) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Ian Churchill's Marineman (2010-Present) Imagine Comics
iCandy (Mini-Series) (2003-2004) DC Comics
Iceman (Mini-Series) (2001-2002) Marvel Comics
Iceman And Angel (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel Comics
Identity Crisis (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) DC Comics
Ides of Blood (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Idolized (2012-Present) Aspen MLT Comics
IDW: 10 Year Anniversary Comic Book (One-Shot) (2009) IDW Publishing
IDW: The First Decade (One-Shot) (2009) IDW Publishing
Ile Pacifique (2006) Mosquito
Illuminati (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Image Holiday Special (One-Shot) (2005) Image Comics
Image United (2009-Present) Image Comics
The Imaginaries (Mini-Series) (2005-2009) Image/Bluewater
The Immortal Iron Fist (2007-2009) Marvel Comics
Immortal Weapons (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
The Immortal: Demon In The Blood (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Immortals: Gods And Heroes (One-Shot) (2011) Archaia Black Label (Archaia Studios Press)
Impact (1955) EC Comics
Impaler (2006-Present) Image Comics
Imperium (2015-Present) Valiant Entertainment
Impulse (1995-2002) DC Comics
The In Crowd (2013-Present) Big Dog Ink
In Her Darkest Hour (One-Shot) (2007) Image Comics
In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe (2002) Vertigo
Incarnate (Mini-Series) (2009) Radical Comics
Incognito (2008-Present) Icon (Marvel Comics)
Incorruptible (2009-Present) BOOM! Studios
The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy (One-Shot) (2012) Dark Horse
Incredible Hercules (2008-2010) Marvel Comics
Incredible Hulk & The Human Torch (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
Incredible Hulk (1962-Present) Marvel Comics
Incredible Hulks (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Incursion (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Platinum Studios
Indestructible Hulk (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
India Authentic (Ongoing Series) (2007-Present) Virgin Comics
Indiana Jones (1981-Present) Marvel Comics/Dark Horse Comics
Indifference Engine (Mini Series) (2011) Markosia
The Indomitable Iron Man (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Indrajal Comics Volume 1 (1964 - 1982) Bennet, Coleman & Co
Indrajal Comics Volume 2 (1983 - 1990) Bennet, Coleman & Co
InFamous (2011-Present) DC Comics
The Inferior Five (1967-1972) DC Comics
Inferno (Mini-Series) (1995-2003) New Worlds (Caliber Comics)
Inferno (Mini-Series) (1997-1998) DC Comics
Inferno - Hellbound (Mini-Series) (2002) Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
Infestation (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2011) IDW Publishing
Infestation - Outbreak (Mini-Series) (2011) IDW Publishing
The Infinite (2011-Present) Skybound Entertainment (Image Comics)
Infinite Crisis (Mini-Series) (2006) DC Comics
Infinite Crisis - Fight for the Multiverse (2014-Present) DC Comics
Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle For Blüdhaven (Mini-Series) (2006) DC Comics
Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre (Mini-Series) (2006) DC Comics
Infinity (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Infinity Charade (One-Shot) (1993) Parody Press
Infinity Man and the Forever People (2014-Present) DC Comics
Inhuman (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Inhuman Error (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Inhumanity (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Inhumans (1978-Present) Marvel Comics
Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013-Present) DC Comics
Insane Jane (Mini-Series) (2008) Bluewater
Insurgent (Mini-Series) (2013) DC Comics
International Iron Man (2016-Present) Marvel Comics
The Intrepid Escapegoat (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Th3rd World Studios
The Intrepids (2011-Present) Image Comics
The Invaders (1975-Present) Marvel Comics
Invaders Now (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Invincible (2003-Present) Image Comics
Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Image Comics
Invincible Universe (2013-Present) Image Comics
Ion: Guardian of the Universe (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) DC Comics
Iron Age (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel
Iron Age Alpha (2011-Present) Marvel
Iron Age Omega (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
Iron Fist (1975-Present) Marvel Comics
Iron Jaw (Mini-Series) (1975) Atlas/Seaboard
Iron Man & Thor (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Iron Man (1968-Present) Marvel Comics
Iron Man 2.0 (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Iron Man 2: Public Identity (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Iron Man 3 Prelude (Mini-Series) (2013) Marvel
Iron Man by Design (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Iron Man vs. Whiplash (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Armor Wars (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Armored Adventures (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Golden Avenger (One-Shot) (2008) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Hypervelocity (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: I Am Iron Man (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Iron Manual Mark 3 (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Iron Protocols (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Kiss and Kill (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Legacy (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Noir (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Rapture (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: Requiem (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: The End (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Iron Man: The Inevitable (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Comics
Iron Muslim (2012-Present) Boom! Studios
Iron Patriot (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Iron Siege (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Ironwolf (One-Shots) (1986,1992) DC Comics
Irredeemable (2009-Present) BOOM! Studios
The Irredeemable Ant-Man (2006-2007) Marvel Comics
Isle of 100,000 Graves (One-Shot) (2011) Fantagraphics Books
It Girl And The Atomics (2012-Present) Image Comics
Ivar, Timewalker (2015-Present) Valiant Entertainment

_____ :: J :: _____

Jack Kirby's Fourth World (1997-1998) DC Comics
Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Icon (Marvel Comics)
Jake Ellis (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Image Comics
Jane Wiedlin's Lady Robotika (2010-Present) Image Comics
Jason And The Argonauts: The Kingdom Of Hade (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Bluewater
Jason vs. Leatherface (Mini-Series) (1995) Topps
Jemm, Son Of Saturn (1984-1985) DC Comics
Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter (Mini-Series) (2008) Virgin Comics
Jennifer Blood (2011-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Jennifer Love Hewitt's Music Box (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) IDW Publishing
Jericho: Season 3 - Civil War (2009-Present) Devil's Due Publishing
Jesse James (1950-1956) Avon Periodicals
Jesus Christ : The Faith Series (One-Shot) (2010) Bluewater
Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun (One-Shot) (2009) Bad Karma Productions
Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files (2008-Present) Various Publishers
Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Archaia Studios Press
Jindai (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Zenescope
Jingle Belle (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Dark Horse Comics
JLA: Classified (2005-2008) DC Comics
Joe Kubert Presents (2012-Present) DC Comics
Joe The Barbarian (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
John Byrne's Next Men (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
John Carter of Mars: A Princess of Mars (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel
John Carter: World of Mars (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Marvel
Johnny The Homicidal Maniac (Mini-Series) (1995-1997) SLG Publishing
Joker - Killer Smile (2019-2020) DC Comics
Joker's Asylum (One-Shots) (2008-Present) DC Comics
Jon Sable Freelance: Ashes of Eden (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) IDW Publishing
Jonah Hex (2005-Present) DC Comics
Journey Into Mystery v3 (1996-1998) Marvel Comics
JRR Tolkien - The True Lord of the Rings (One-Shot) (2012) Bluewater Productions
JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull (Mini-Series) (2013-Present) DC Comics
JSA vs. Kobra (2009-2010) DC Comics
JSA: All-Stars (2010-Present) DC Comics
JSA: Classified (2005-2008) DC Comics
Judge Dredd (1977-Present) Various Publishers
Judge Dredd The Megazine (1991-Present) Fleetway/Rebellion Publishing
Judo Girl (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Alias Enterprises
Jungle Girl (2007-2009) Dynamite Entertainment
Jungle Tales Of Tarzan (1964-1965) Charlton Comics
Jupiter's Legacy (2013-Present) Image Comics
Jurassic Park (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Jurassic Strike Force 5 (2012-Present) Silver Dragon Books
Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating The DC Universe (One-Shots Collection) (2001-2002) DC Comics
Justice League (2009-Present) DC Comics
Justice League - Gods & Monsters (Crossover/Event) (2015-Present) DC Comics
Justice League 3000 (2014-Present) DC Comics
Justice League Dark (2011-Present) DC Comics
Justice League International v3 (2011-Present)
Justice League of America (1960-Present) DC Comics
Justice League of America's Vibe (2013-Present) DC Comics
Justice League United (2014-Present) DC Comics
Justice League Unlimited (2004-Present) DC Comics
Justice Society of America v3 (2007-Present) DC Comics
Justice: Four Balance (Mini-Series) (1994) Marvel Comics

_____ :: K :: _____

Ka-Zar (1970-Present) Marvel Comics
Kabuki (1994-Present) Various
Kane & Lynch (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Karate Kid (1976-1978) DC Comics
Karney (Mini-Series) (2005) IDW Publishing
Katana (2013-Present) DC Comics
Katanga (2018) Europe Comics
Kato (2010-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
The Keepers of the Maser (1996-2007) Heavy Metal Magazine
Key of Z (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Boom Studios
Kick Drum Comix (Mini-Series) (2008) image
Kick-Ass (2008-Present) Various Publishers
Kid Colt (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Kid Eternity (1991, 1993-1994) DC Comics
Kill All Parents (One-Shot) (2008) Image Comics
Kill Audio (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) BOOM Studios
Kill Barny (One-Shot) (1994) Parody Press
Kill Or Be Killed (2016-Present) Image Comics
Kill Shakespeare (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Killapalooza (Mini-Series) (2009) Wildstorm
The Killer: Modus Vivendi (Mini-Series) (2010) Archaia
Killing Girl (Mini-Series) (2007) Image Comics
Killing Pickman (Mini-Series) (2007) Archaia Studios Press
Kimmie66 (One-Shot) (2007) Minx (DC Comics)
King City (2009-Present) TokyoPop/Image Comics
Kingdom Come (Mini-Series) (1996) DC Comics
Kingpin (Mini-Series) (2003-2004) Marvel Comics
KISS (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
KISS 4K (2007) Platinum Studios
KISS: Psycho Circus (1997-2000) Image Comics
Kitty Pryde And Wolverine (Mini-Series) (1984-1985) Marvel Comics
Knight and Squire (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) DC Comics
Knights of the Living Dead (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Slg Publishing
Kodiak (One-Shot) (2010) IDW Publishing
Kolchak - The Night Stalker (2002-Present) Moonstone
Kona, Monarch Of Monster Isle (1962-1967) Dell Comics
Kong: King of Skull Island (Mini-Series) (2007-208) Markosia
Koni Waves (Mini-Series) (2006) Arcana Studio
Koni Waves: Demonslayer (One-Shot) (2007) Arcana
Korrigans (2000-2007) DELCOURT
Krypton Chronicles (Mini-Series) (1981) DC Comics
Kull (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Dark Horse
Kull the Conqueror / Kull the Destroyer (1971-1978) Marvel Comics
Kull: The Cat and the Skull (2011-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Kull: The Hate Witch (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Kult (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Dark Horse Comics
Kyoteru (2008) Delcourt

_____ :: L :: _____

L' Homme à la fenêtre (2003) Casterman
L'Ange et le dragon (2007-2011) Soleil Productions
L'eau et la terre (2005) Delcourt
L.a. Banks' Vampire Huntress: Dawn and Darkness (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Dynamite Entertainment
La Croix du sud (2006) Dargaud
La dernière cigarette (2004) Vertige Graphic
La Femme Du Magicien (One-Shot) (1986) Casterman
La Geste des Chevaliers Dragons (Mini-Series) (1998-2007) Soleil Productions
La Graine de folie (1996-2002) Delcourt
La Nuit (1976) Les Humanoïdes Associés
La Porte écarlate (1998) Soleil Productions
La Pédagogie du Trottoir (1994) Casterman
La Terre sans Mal (One-Shot) (2008) Dupuis
Lady Deadpool (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Lady Death (2010-Present) Boundless Comics
Lady Demon (Mini-Series) (2000) Chaos! Comics
Lady Mechanika (2010-Present) Various Publishers
Lady Rawhide v1 & v2 (Mini-Series) (1995-1997) Topps Comics
Lady Zorro (Mini-Series) (2014) Dynamite Entertainment
Land of the Dead (Mini-Series) (2005) IDW Publishing
Larfleeze (2013-Present) DC Comics
Largo Winch (2008-Present) Cinebook 9th Art Comics
Last Day In Vietnam (One-Shot) (2000) Dark Horse Comics
The Last Days of American Crime (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Radical Comics
The Last Days of Animal Man (Mini-Series) (2009) DC Comics
The Last Defenders (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
The Last Galactus Story (One-Shot) (1986) Epic Comics (Marvel)
Last Mortal (Mini-Series) (2011) Top Cow Productions/Minotaur Press (Image Comics)
The Last of the Greats (Mini-Series) (2011) Image Comics
The Last Of Us: American Dreams (Mini-Series) (2013) Dark Horse Comics
The Last Resort (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW Publishing
The Last Unicorn (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
The Last Zombie (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Antarctic Press
Lazarus (2013-2018) Image Comics
Lazarus (2013-Present) Image Comics
Lazarus (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Shadowline (Image Comics)
Laïyna (1987-1988r) Dupuis
Le Bruit du givre (One-Shot) (2003) Seuil
Le Cabaret des muses (2004-2008) Delcourt
Le ciel au dessus du Louvre (2009) Futuropolis
Le Collectionneur, Intégrale (2002-2010) Mosquito
Le Conquérants du Mexique (1981) Lombard
Le Curé (2003) Soleil Productions
Le Cycle de Cyann (1993-2007) Casterman/Vents d'Ouest
Le dossier Kokombo (1997) Mosquito
Le Fléau des dieux (2000-2006) Soleil /Marvel
Le grand pouvoir du Chninkel (2001-2002) Casterman
Le Grimoire du petit peuple (2004-2005) Delcourt
Le Khan (Mini-Series) (1994-2000) Soleil Productions
Le Moine fou (1984-1999) Dargaud
Le Monde d'Edena (1983-2001) Casterman
Le prince des écureuils (1998) Dupuis
Le Roi des méduses (1997) Delcourt
Le trésor de Cibola (2004) Mosquito
Le vol du Corbeau (2002-2005) Dupuis
The Leading Man (Mini-Series) (2006) Oni Press
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Mini-Series) (1999-2007) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Lee Falk's The Phantom (1962-Present) Various Publishers
Left On Mission (Mini-Series) (2007) Boom! Studios
Legend Of Isis (2002-2010) Image Comics/Alias/Bluewater
Legend of Isis/Black Scorpion (One-Shot) (2010) Bluewater
Legend of the Shadow Clan (2013-Present) Aspen MLT
Legendary Star-Lord (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Legendary Talespinners (Mini-Series) (2010) Dynamite Entertainment
Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure (2013-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Legends of The Dark Knight (2012-Present) DC Comics
Legends: The Enchanted (One-Shot) (2011) Radical Comics
Legion Lost (2011-Present) DC Comics
Legion of Monsters (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Marvel
The Legion of Night (Mini-Series) (1991) Marvel Comics
Legion of Super-Heroes (1973-Present) DC Comics
Legion of Super-ViLLAiNs (One-Shot) (2011) DC Comics
Legion: Prophets (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW Publishing
Legion: Secret Origin (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) DC Comics
Lenore (1998-2007) SLG Publishing
Les Ames D'Helios (2003-2007) Delcourt
Les arcanes d'Alya (2007-2008) Soleil Productions
Les Armees du Conquerant (2004) Les Humanoïdes Associés
Les Aventures de Jérôme Moucherot (1994-1999) Casterman
Les Cauchemars d'Halloween (2001) Albin Michel
Les Chansons de Raphael en BD (2006) Petit à Petit
Les chasseurs de l'aube (2003) Dupuis
Les Contes de l'Ankou (2003-2007) Soleil Productions
Les Druides (2005-2009) Soleil Productions
Les Enfants d'Ève (2005-) Albin Michel
Les Feux D'askell (1999) Soleil
Les Terres creuses (1980-1990) Les Humanoïdes Associés
Les Trois cheveux blancs (2001) Dupuis
Les voyages de He Pao (2001-2010) Dargaud
Let Me In: Crossroads (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Dark Horse Comics
The Lethal Foes of Spider-Man (Mini-Series) (1993) Marvel
The Li'l Depressed Boy (2011-Present) Image
Libertadores (2004) GLENAT
The Life Eaters (One-Shot) (2003) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
The Light (Mini-Series) (2010) Image Comics
The Light Brigade (Mini-Series) (2004) DC Comics
Line Of Defense (2012-Present) DC Comics
Livewires (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel
The Living Corpse (Mini-Series) (2007-2009) Zenescope Entertainment
Living In Infamy (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Ludovico Technique
Living with Zombies (2004-2006) Goathead Publishing
Loaded Bible (One-Shots) (2006-2007) Image Comics
Lobo (2010-Present) DC Comics
Lobster Johnson (Mini-Series) (2007-2012) Dark Horse Comics
Locke And Key (2008-Present) IDW Publishing
Lockjaw (2009-Present) Marvel Comics
Logan (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Knights (Marvel Comics)
Logan's Run (1977) Marvel Comics
Logan's Run / Logan's World (1977-Present) Various Publishers
Loki (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
The Lone Ranger & Tonto Collection (2008-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
The Lone Ranger (2006-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
The Lone Ranger: The Death of Zorro (Mini-Series) (2011) Dynamite Entertainment
Lone Sloane (1966-2000) Various Publisher
Lone Wolf and Cub (2000-2002) Dark Horse Comics
The Long Tomorrow (1989) Les Humanoïdes Associés
Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Looney Tunes v2 (1994-Present) DC Comics
Loose Cannon (Mini-Series) (1995) DC Comics
Loose Ends (Mini-Series) (2011) 12 Gauge Comics
Lore (2003-2004) IDW Publishing
Los Heresiarcas (2004-2006) Norma
The Lost Books Of Eve (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Viper Comics
Lost Dogs (One-Shot) (2011) Top Shelf Productions
Lot 13 (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) DC Comics
Lovecraft (2004) Vertigo
Loveless (2005-2008) Vertigo (DC Comics)
LoveSTRUCK (One-Shot) (2011) Image Comics
Low (2014-Present) Image Comics
Lucha Libre (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Image Comics
Lucid (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Archaia Studios Press
Lucifer (2000-2006) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Lucifer: Nirvana (One-Shot) (2006)DC Comics
Lucky Luke (2006-Present) Cinebook Ltd
Luke Cage: Noir (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Luke McBain (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) 12-Gauge Comics
Lumberjanes (2014-Present) BOOM!Box
Luminae (Mini-Series) (2014-2015) Magnetic Press
Luna: Order of the Werewolf (Mini-Series) (2012) Famous Monsters of Filmland
The Lurkers (2004-2005) (Mini-Series) IDW Publishing
Luther Strode (2011-Present) Image Comics
Luuna (2002-2008) Soleil Productions
Léon la Came (1995-1998) Casterman
Lüger et paix (Mini-Series) (1987-1989) Les Humanoïdes Associés

_____ :: M :: _____

M.I.L.F. Magnet (One-Shot) (2009) Moonstone
Machete (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
MAD Magazine (1952-Present) EC Comics
Madame Mirage (2007-2008) Top Cow
Madame Xanadu v2 (2008-2011) Vertigo (DC Comics)
MadroX (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Marvel Knights
Mae (2016-Present) Dark Horse/Roar Comics
Magdalena (2000-Present) Top Cow Productions
The Magic Order (2018-Present) Image Comics
Magic: The Gathering (1995-1996) Acclaim
Magic: The Gathering (2011-Present) IDW Publishing
Magician: Apprentice (Mini-Series) (2006-2008) DBP and Marvel
Magneto (2000-Present) Marvel Comics
Magnum song (1998) Soleil Productions
Magnus Robot Fighter (2010-Present) Various Publishers
Magog (2009-Present) DC Comics
Majestic (2005-2006) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Majestic (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) DC Comics
Malignant Man (Mini-Series) (2011) Boom! Studios
The Man from Harlem (1987) Catalan Communications
The Man With No Name (2008-2009) Dynamite Entertainment
The Manhattan Projects (2012-Present) Image Comics
The Many Loves of The Amazing Spider-Man (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Mara (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Image Comics
Marauders (2019-Present) Marvel Comics
Margot: Queen of the Night (1997) Heavy Metal Magazine
Marlysa (Mini-Series) (1998-2000) Soleil
Martian Manhunter (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) DC Comics
Marvel 1985 (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four (2005-2009) Marvel Comics
Marvel Adventures: Hulk (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Adventures: Iron Man (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man (2005-Present) Marvel Comics
Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes (2008-Present) Marvel Comics
Marvel Adventures: The Avengers (2006-2009) Marvel Comics
Marvel Apes (2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Boy: The Uranian (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Marvel Chillers (Mini-Series) (1975-1976) Marvel
Marvel Classics Comics (1976-1978) Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary Edition (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Marvel Divas (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Marvel Fairy Tales (Mini-Series) (2006-2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Fanfare (1982-1997) Marvel Comics
Marvel Heartbreakers (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Marvel Her-oes (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Marvel Holiday Digital Comic (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel
Marvel Holiday Magazine 2011 (One-Shots) (2011) Marvel
Marvel Illustrated: Dracula (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: Kidnapped (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: Oz (2008-Present) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: Pride and Prejudice (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: Sense & Sensibility (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: The Last Of The Mohicans (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: The Man In The Iron Mask (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: The Odyssey (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: The Picture Of Dorian Gray (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: The Three Musketeers (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
Marvel Illustrated: Trojan War (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Marvel Knights Spider-Man / Sensational Spider-Man (2004-Present) Marvel Comics
Marvel Season One Guide (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
Marvel Spotlight: Fantastic Four / Silver Surfer (One-Shot) (2007) Marvel Comics
Marvel Super Hero Squad v1 (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Marvel Super Hero Squad v2 (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Marvel Team-Up (1972-2006) Marvel Comics
Marvel Universe Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2012-Present) Marvel
Marvel Universe vs The Punisher (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Marvel
Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel
Marvel Westerns - Outlaw Files (One-Shot) (2006) Marvel
Marvel Westerns: Western Legends (One-Shot) (2006) Marvel
Marvel Zombies (Mini-Series) (2006-Present) Marvel Comics
Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics / Dynamite Entertainment
Marvel: Now What?! (One-Shot) (2013) Marvel Comics
Marvelman: Family's Finest (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Marvels (1994-1996) Marvel Comics
The Marvels Project (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Marvels: Eye of the Camera (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Marée basse (2004) Dargaud
Masks (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Mass Effect (2011-Present) Dark Horse Comics
The Massive (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Mata Hari (One-Shot) (2010) Radical Comics
Max Payne 3: After The Fall (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel
Mediterranea (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) GG Studio
Megacity 909 (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Devil's Due
Megalex (Ongoing Series) (2005-Present) Humanoids - Rebellion
Megas (Mini-Series) (2008) Director's Cut (Virgin Comics)
Melodimages (1992) Vents d'Ouest
Memoir (2011-present) Image Comics
Memorial (Mini-Series) (2012) IDW Publishing
Men of War (2011-2012) DC
Merc (Mini-Series) (2010) Zenescope
The Mercenary Sea (2014-Present) Image Comics
Merciless The Rise of Ming (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Merlin (2010-Present) Silvester
Meta4 (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Image Comics
The Metabarons (2000) The Humanoids Group
Metal Gear Solid (2004-2007) IDW Publishing
Metal Men v3 (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) DC Comics
Metalocalypse Dethklok (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Metamorpho: Year One (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) DC Comics
Metro 2033: Britannia (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) McMaster
Mice Templar (2007-Present) Image
Michael Avon Oeming's The Victories (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
The Middleman (2005-Present) Viper Comics
Middlewest (2018-Present) Image Comics
Midnighter (2007-2008) Wildstorm
The Mighty (2009-2010) DC Comics
Mighty Avengers (2007-Present) Marvel Comics
Mighty Crusaders (2010-2011) DC Comics
Mighty Samson (2010-Present) Dark Horse Comics
The Mighty Thor (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Milestone Forever (Mini-Series) (2010) DC Comics
Millar & McNiven's Nemesis (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Icon (Marvel Comics)
Mind MGMT (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Mind the Gap (2012-Present) Image Comics
Mindfield (2010-2011) Aspen MLT Comics
Minimum Carnage (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel
Mirror Mirror (One-Shot) (2011) Kickstart Comics
The Mis-Adventures of Adam West (2011-Present) Bluewater Comics
Miss Fury (2013-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Missile to the Moon (One-Shot) (2009) Bluewater
The Mission (Mini-Series) (2011) Image Comics
Mister E (Mini-Series) (1991) DC Comics
Mister Terrific (2011-Present) DC Comics
Mister X: Condemned (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Dark Horse Comics
Models, Inc. (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Modern Masters (2003-Present) TwoMorrows Publishing
Modern Warfare 2: Ghost (Mini-Series) (2010) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Modesty Blaise (2004-Present) Titan Books
Mondo (2012) Shadowline (Image Comics)
Monocyte (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) IDW Publishing
Monster Hunters Survival Guide (2010-Present) Zenescope Entertainment
Monstress (2015-Present) Image Comics
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Moon Knight (2006-Present) Marvel Comics
Moonshine (2016-Present) Image Comics
Moonstone's Holiday Super Spectacular (One-Shot) (2007) Moonstone
Morbius: The Living Vampire (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Moriarty (2011-Present) Image
Morning Glories (2010-Present) Image Comics
Mortal Kombat X (2015-Present) DC Comics
Mortifera (2012-Present) Sea Lion Books
Motel Hell (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Motor Crush (2016-Present) Image Comics
Motor Girl (2016-Present) Abstract Studios
Mouse Guard (2006-Present) Archaia
The Movement (2013-Present) DC Comics
MPH (2014-Present) Image Comics
Mr Punch (1995) Vertigo
Mr. Majestic (1999-2000) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Ms. Marvel (1977-Present) Marvel Comics
Muchacho (2004-2006) Dupuis
Mudman (2011-Present) Image Comics
The Muppet Show (Mini-Series) (2009) BOOM Studios
Murder Falcon (2018-Present) Image Comics
The Murder of King Tut (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Murderland (2010-Present) Image Comics
My Friend Dahmer (One-Shot) (2002) Derfcity Comics
My Greatest Adventure (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) DC Comics
My Name Is Bruce (One-Shot) (2008) Dark Horse
Mysterious Ways (2011-Present) Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
Mystery In Space (One-Shot) (2012) Vertigo Comics
Mystery Men (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel
The Mystery Play (1995) Vertigo
Mystery Society (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Mystic (2011-Present) CrossGen (Marvel)
Mystic Arcana (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel
The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross (2003) Pantheon

_____ :: N :: _____

The Nail (Mini-Series) (2004) Dark Horse Comics
Nailbiter (2014-2017) Image Comics
Namor (2003-2004) Marvel Comics
Namor: The First Mutant (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Namora (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Nancy In Hell (2010-Present) Image Comics
Nathaniel Dusk (1984-1985) DC Comics
Nation X (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Nation X: X-Factor (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Nazi Zombies (2012-Present) Antarctic Press
Near Death (2011-Present) Image Comics
Necrosha *Crossover* (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Negation (2001-2004) CrossGen Comics
Nemesis: The Impostors (Mini-Series) (2010) DC Comics
Neozoic (Mini-Series) (2007-2009) Red 5 Comics
Netherworld (2011-Present) Top Cow Productions/Image
The New 52 - Future's End (2014-Present) DC Comics
The New Adventures of Superboy (1980-1984) DC Comics
New Avengers (2005-Present) Marvel Comics
New Avengers / Transformers (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
The New Avengers: Luke Cage (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
New Avengers: The Reunion (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
The New Deadwardians (Mini-Series) (2012) Vertigo Comics
The New Eternals: Apocalypse Now (One-Shot) (2000) Marvel Comics
New Excalibur (2006-2007) Marvel Comics
New Exiles (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
The New Ice Age (Mini Series) (2003-2004) Dargaud
New Mutants (1983-Present) Marvel Comics
New Suicide Squad (2014-Present) DC Comics
New Warriors (1990-Present) Marvel Comics
New X-Men v2 (2004-2008) Marvel Comics
The New York Five (2011) Vertigo (DC Comics)
NewUniversal (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
Nextwave: Agents of H.a.T.E. (2006-2007) Marvel Comics
Nieves (One-Shot) (2012) Arcana Studio
Night and Fog (Mini-Series) (2008) Studio 407
Night Force (Mini-Series) (2012) DC Comics
The Night Man (1993-1995) Ultraverse (Malibu Comics)
Night of 1000 Wolves (Mini-Series) (2012) IDW Publishing
Night of the Living Dead (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Avatar Press
Night of the Living Dead: Back From the Grave (One-Shot) (2006) Avatar Press
Night of the Living Dead: Barbara's Zombie Chronicles (Mini-Series) (2004) Dead Dog
Night of the Living Dead: Holiday Special (One-Shot) (2010) Avatar Press
Night of the Living Dead: Just a Girl (One-Shot) (2007) Avatar Press
Night Of The Living Dead: New York (One-Shot) (2011) Avatar Press
Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Avatar Press
Nightcrawler (2004-Present) Marvel Comics
The Nightly News (2006-2007) Image Comics
A Nightmare On Elm Street (2005-2007) Various Publishers
Nightmare Theater (Mini-Series) (1997) Chaos! Comics
Nightmaster: Monsters of Rock (One-Shot) (2011) DC Comics
The Nightowl (2008-present) Silvester
Nightwing (1995-Present) DC Comics
The Nikopol Trilogy (Mini-Series) (1980-1999) Les Humanoïdes Associés
Ninjas vs Zombies (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Azure Press
The Ninjettes (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
No Place Like Home (2012-Present) Image Comics
No Quarter (One-Shot) (2009) Zenescope
Noble Causes (2001-2009) Image Comics
The Nobody (One-Shot) (2009) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Noir (One-Shot) (2009) Dark Horse Comics
Nomad: Girl Without A World (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Non-Humans (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Image Comics
North 40 (2009-2010) Wildstorm
Northlanders (2007-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Not Approved Horror (One-Shot) (1998) Avalon Communications (America's Comic Group (ACG))
Nova (1976-Present) Marvel Comics
Nova: The Origin of Richard Rider (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Nowhere Men (2012-Present) Image Comics
Number 13 (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Number of the Beast (Mini-Series) (2008) WildStorm
NYX: (Mini-Series) (2003-2009) Marvel
Nüwa (2008) Soleil Productions

_____ :: O :: _____

Obergeist (Mini-Series) (2001) Top Cow Productions/Minotaur Press (Image Comics)
Oblivion Song (2018-Present) Image Comics
The Occultist (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Dark Horse Comic
The Occultist (One-Shot) (2010) Dark Horse Comics
Ocean (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Wildstorm Signature Series (DC Comics)
The Odyssey Presents - Camelot (One-Shot) (2007) Bluewater
Oeil de Jade (2006-2007) Les Humanoïdes Associés
Of Bitter Souls (Mini-Series) (2005) Speakeasy Comics
Oink: Heaven's Butcher (1995) Kitchen Sink Press
Okko (2006-2010) Archaia
Olympus (Mini-Series) (2009) Image Comics
OMAC (2011-2012) DC
The OMAC Project (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) DC Comics
Omega Flight (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Omnopolis (Mini-Series) (2006-2009) Bamboo(Dragonz)
The One (Mini-Series) (2009-2011) GG Studio
Onslaught Unleashed (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Orbit: (One-Shots) (2011) Bluewater
Orc Stain (2010-Present) Image Comics
Orchid (2011-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Orcs Must Die! (One-Shot) (2011) Robot Entertainment
The Order v2 (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
The Origin of Galactus (One-Shot) (1995) Marvel Comics
The Original Ghost Rider (1991-1994) Marvel Comics
Original Sin (Crossover/Event) (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Origins of Marvel Comics (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Ororo: Before the Storm (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
Osborn (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
Our Army At War (War One-Shot) (2010) DC Comics
Our Fighting Forces (War One-Shot) (2010) DC Comics
Outcast (2014-Present) Image Comics
Outer Darkness (2018-Present) Image Comics
The Outsiders (1983-Present) DC Comics
Oz: The Manga (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Antarctic Press

_____ :: P :: _____

Pacify (One-Shot) (2006) Image Comics
Painkiller Jane v2 (Mini-Series) (2007) Dynamite Entertainment
Pale Horse (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) BOOM! Studios
Pampa (2003-2005) Dargaud
Pantha (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Pantheon (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Paper Girls (2015-Present) Image Comics
Paradax (One-Shot) (1987) Vortex Comics
Paradigm (2002-2003) Image Comics
Pathfinder (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson (2008-Present) Dynamite
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Peanuts (2011-Present) kaboom! (Boom! Studios)
Penguin: Pain & Prejudice (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) DC Comics
Penny For Your Soul (2010-Present) Big Dog Ink
Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under (Mini Series) Image Comics
Peter Panzerfaust (2012-Present) Shadowline (Image Comics)
Peter Parker (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Phantom Lady and Doll Man (Mini-Series) (2012) DC Comics
Phantom Lady Archives v1: The Complete War Years (1941-1949) Various Publishers
The Phantom Stranger (2012-Present) DC Comics
Phases Of The Moon (2011-Present) Moonstone
Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Phoenix (2010-Present) Atlas Comics
The Phoenix Resurrection (One-Shots) (1995-1996) Marvel Comics
Phoenix Without Ashes (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Phonogram v1 (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Image Comics
Phonogram v2: The Singles Club (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Image Comics
Pieces for Mom: A Tale of the Undead (One-Shot) (2007) Image Comics
Pigeons From Hell (Mini-Series) (2008) Dark Horse Comics
Pigs (2011-Present) Image
Pilot Season (2007-Present) Top Cow Productions
Pilot Season: 2011 (One Shots) (2011) Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
Pilot Season: Demonic (One-Shot) (2010) Top Cow / Image Comics
Pilot Season: Murderer (One-Shot) (2009) Top Cow / Image Comics
Pilot Season: Stealth (One-Shot) (2010) Top Cow / Image Comics
Pinhead (Mini-Series) (1993-1994) Epic Comics (Marvel)
Pink Floyd Experience (One-Shot) (2010) Bluewater
Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer (One-Shot) (2009) Slave Labor Graphics
Piracy (1954-1955) EC Comics
The Pirates of Dark Water (Mini-Series) (1991-1992) Marvel Comics
Pistolfist - Revolutionary Warrior (Mini-Series) (2008) Bluewater
Pit And The Pendulum (One-Shot) (2009) Bluewater
Pitts (One-Shot) (1993) Parody Press
Plague (2017-2018) AAM-Markosia
Plague of the Living Dead (Mini-Series) (2007) Avatar Press
Plan 9 From Outer Space Strikes Again (One-Shot) (2009) Bluewater Comics
Planet of the Apes (2011-Present) Boom! Studios
Planet of The Living Dead (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Antarctic Press
Planet of Vampires (Mini-Series) (1975) Atlas/Seaboard
Planet Skaar: Prologue (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Planetary (1999-2009) WildStorm (DC Comics)
Planetoid (2012-Present) Image Comics
Plunge (2020-Present) DC Comics
Pocket Full of Rain and Other Stories (One-Shot) (2008) Fantagraphics Books
Point of Impact (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Image Comics
Point One (One-Shot) (2012) Marvel
Political Power (One-Shots) (2009-Present) Bluewater
Popbot (2001-Present) IDW Publishing
Popeye (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
The Portent (Mini-Series) (2006) Image Comics
The Pound (2011-Present) Frozen Beach Studios/IDW Publishing
Poupée d'ivoire (1988-2005) Glénat
Power Girl (2009-Present) DC Comics
Power Man and Iron Fist (2016-Present) Marvel Comics
Power Man and Iron Fist (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel
Power Of The Valkyrie (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Arcana Studio
Powers (2000-Present) Image/Marvel
Powers of X (2019-Present) Marvel Comics
Predator (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Dark Horse Comics
Predator: Homeworld (Mini-Series) (1999) Dark Horse
Predators (Mini-Series) (2010) Dark Horse Comics
Predators: Film Adaptation (One-Shot) (2010) Dark Horse
Predators: Preserve The Game (One-Shot) (2010) Dark Horse
President Evil (2009-Present) Antarctic Press
Prince of Persia: Before the Sandstorm (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Princess Leia (Mini-Series) (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
The Private Eye (Mini-Series) (2013-Present) Panelsyndicate
The Pro (One-Shot) (2002) Image Comics
Prodigy (2018-Present) Image Comics
The Programme (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) WildStorm (DC)
Project Kalki (Mini-Series) (2008) Shakti (Virgin Comics)
Project Superpowers (2008-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Prometheus/Aliens/AVP/Predator: Fire and Stone (Crossover) (2014-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Proof (2007-Present) Image Comics
Prophecy (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Dynamite Entertainment
Prophet (2012-Present) Image Comics
Proposition Player (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Prototype (Mini-Series) (2009) Wildstorm
Providence (2015-Present) Avatar Press
Psylocke (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Pulp Fantastic (Mini-Series) (2000) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Pummeler (One-Shot) (1992) Parody Press
The Punisher & Painkiller Jane: Lovesick (One-Shot) (2001) Marvel Comics
The Punisher (1986-Present) Marvel Comics
The Punisher / Captain America: Blood and Glory (Mini-Series) (1992) Marvel Comics
Punisher / Franken-Castle (2009-Present) Marvel Comics
Punisher Invades The 'Nam: Final Invasion (One-Shot) (1994) Marvel Comics
The Punisher Meets Archie (One-Shot) (1994) Marvel Comics
The Punisher Presents: Barracuda (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel MAX (Marvel Comics)
Punisher vs. Bullseye (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Knights (Marvel Comics)
The Punisher vs. Daredevil (One-Shot) (2000) Marvel Comics
Punisher War Journal (1988-2009) Marvel Comics
The Punisher: Back to School Specials (One-Shots) (1992-1994) Marvel Comics
The Punisher: Holiday Specials (One-Shots) (1993-1995) Marvel Comics
Punisher: In The Blood (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Punisher: Nightmare (Mini-Series) (2013) Marvel
Punisher: Noir (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Punisher: P.O.V. (Mini-Series) (1991) Marvel Comics
The Punisher: Purgatory (Mini-Series) (1998-1999) Marvel Comics
The Punisher: The Origin of Microchip (Mini-Series) (1993) Marvel Comics
Punisher: War Zone (1992-Present) Marvel Comics
PunisherMAX: Butterfly (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
PunisherMAX: Get Castle (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
PunisherMAX: Happy Ending (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
PunisherMAX: Hot Rods of Death (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
PunisherMAX: Naked Kill (2009) Marvel Comics
PunisherMAX: Tiny Ugly World (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Puppy Power - Bo Obama (One-Shot) (2009) Bluewater
Période glaciaire (2005) Futuropolis
Période glaciaire (2005) Futuropolis

_____ :: Q :: _____

Quack (Mini-Series) (1976-1977) Star Reach
Quarantined (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Image
Queen Sonja (2009-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
The Quest for the Time-Bird (1983-) Dargaud
The Question (Mini-Series) (2005) DC Comics
Quicksilver (1997-1998) Marvel Comics

_____ :: R :: _____

R.E.B.E.L.S. v2 (2009-Present) DC Comics
R.I.P.D. (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Dark Horse Comics
Rachel Rising (2011-Present) Abstract Studio
Rage (Mini-Series) (2011) Dark Horse
Ragemoor (Mini-Series) (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Ragman: Suit of Souls (One-Shot) (2010) DC Comics
Raise The Dead (2007-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
The Rampaging Hulk (1977-1999) Marvel Comics
Rampaging Wolverine (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Rank & Stinky (One-Shot) (1993) Parody Press
Rann-Thanagar: Holy War (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) DC Comics
Rann-Thanagar: War (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) DC Comics
Rapaces (1998-2003) Dargaud
Rapture (2009-2010) Dark Horse Comics
RASL (2008-Present) Cartoon Books
Rasputin (2014-Present) Image Comics
Rat Queens (2013-Present) Image Comics
The Ravagers (2012-Present) DC Comics
The Rawhide Kid (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
The Ray (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) DC Comics
Ray Harryhausen Presents (One-Shot) (2007) Bluewater
Realm of Kings *Crossover* (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Rebel Blood (Mini-Series) (2012) Shadowline (Image Comics)
Reborn (2016-Present) Image Comics
Recess Pieces (One-Shot) (2006) Dark Horse Comics
The Red Circle: Inferno (One-Shot) (2009) DC Comics
The Red Circle: The Hangman (One-Shot) (2009) DC Comics
The Red Circle: The Shield (One-Shot) (2009) DC Comics
The Red Circle: The Web (One-Shot) (2009) DC Comics
Red Faction: (One-Shot) (2008-2011) WildStorm (DC Comics)
Red Herring (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Wildstorm
Red Hood and the Outlaws (2011-Present) DC Comics
Red Hood: The Lost Days (Mini-Series) (2010) DC Comics
Red Lanterns (2011-Present) DC Comics
A Red Mass For Mars (Mini-Series) (2008-2010) Image
Red Robin (2009-Present) DC Comics
Red Skull - Incarnate (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel
Red Sonja (1975-Present) Various Publishers
Red Sonja / Claw (Mini-Series) (2006) Dynamite/Wildstorm
Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom (Mini-Series) (2006) Dynamite Entertainment
Red Spike (Mini-Series) (2011) Image
The Red Star - Sword of Lies (Mini-Series) (2006-2008) Archangel Studios
Red Team (2013-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Red Tornado v2 (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) DC Comics
The Red Wing (Mini-Series) (2011) Image Comics
Red Wolf (Mini-Series) (1972-1973) Marvel
Red: Movie Prequels (One-Shots) (2010) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Redneck (2017-Present) Image Comics
The Regulator (Mini-Series) (2002-2009) Delcourt
Reign In Hell (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) DC Comics
Remains (Mini-Series) (2004) IDW Publishing
Repossessed (Mini-Series) (2013) Image Comics
Requiem Chevalier Vampire (2000–Present) Nickel Editions
Rescue (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Resident Evil (2000-2010) WildStorm
Resurrection Man (2011-Present) DC Comics
Ret Rommane (One-Shot) (2008) Bluewater
Return of the Monsters: (One-Shots) (2011) Moonstone
Return to Planet of the Living Dead (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Antarctic Press
The Revenant (One-Shot) (2008) Desperado Publishing
Revenge (2014-Present) Image Comics
Revival (2012-Present) Image Comics
Richelle Mead's The Dark Swan (2011-Present) Sea Lion Books
Riftwar (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
The Rinse (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Boom! Studio
The Rise of Apocalypse (Mini-Series) (1996-1997) Marvel Comics
Road Rage (Mini-Series) (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
Road to Hell (Mini-Series) (2006) IDW
Robert E. Howard's Hawks of Outremer (Mini-Series) (2010) BOOM! Studios
Robert E. Howard's Savage Sword (2010-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time (2005-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Robin Rises - Alpha (2014-Present) DC Comics
Robin v4 (1993-2009) DC Comics
RoboCop (1990-1993) Marvel Comics
RoboCop (1992-1994) Dark Horse
RoboCop (2003-2006) Avatar Press
RoboCop (2010-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
RoboCop (2014-Present) BOOM! Studios
RoboCop vs. The Terminator (Mini-Series) (1992) Dark Horse
Robot 13 (2009-Present) Blacklist Studios
Rocket Raccoon (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
The Rocketeer - Cliff's New York Adventure (One-Shot) (1996) Dark Horse Comics
Rocketeer Adventures (Mini-Series) (2011) IDW
Roger Cormans Battle Amongst The Stars (Mini-Series) (2010) Bluewater
Roger Cormans Black Scorpion (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Bluewater
Rotten (2009-present) Moonstone
Route 666 (2002-2004) CrossGen Comics
Route Des Maisons Rouges (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) GG Studio
Rover Red Charlie (2013-Present) Avatar Press
Roxanna & The Quest For The Time-Bird (Mini-Series) (1987) Dargaud
Ruins (Mini-Series) (1995) Marvel Comics
Rummage $2099 (One-Shot) (1993) Parody Press
Runaways (2005-Present) Marvel Comics
Rune / Silver Surfer (One-Shot) (1995) Marvel Comics
Ruse (2001-2004) CrossGen Comics
Ruse (Mini-Series) (2011) CrossGen/Marvel
Ryder On the Storm (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Radical Comics

_____ :: S :: _____

S.H.I.E.L.D. (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
S.W.O.R.D. (2010) Marvel Comics
SABRE ET L'EPEE (Mini-Series) (2006-2009) Delcourt
Sacrifice (Mini-Series) (2012) samhumphries
The Sadhu (2006-2007) Virgin Comics
Saga (2012-Present) Image Comics
Salammbô (1980-1986) Les Humanoïdes Associés/Dargaud
Salem's Daughter (2009-Present) Zenescope
Sally of the Wasteland (Mini-Series) (2014-Present) Titan Comics
Sam and Twitch: The Writer (Mini-Series) (2010) Image Comics
Samsara (2007-2009) Dupuis
Samurai Jack (2013-Present) IDW
Samurais Blood (2011-Present) Image
The Sandman (1989-1996) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Saucer Country (2012-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Savage Avengers (2019-Present) Marvel Comics
The Savage Axe of Ares (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Savage Combat Tales (Mini-Series) (1975) Atlas/Seaboard
Savage Dragon (1993-Present) Image Comics
Savage Game (2018) ComiXology/Strange Turn
The Savage Hawkman (2011-Present) DC Comics
Savage Hulk (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
The Savage Sword of Conan (2007-Present) Dark Horse
Savage Tales v3 (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Dynamite Entertainment
Savage Wolverine (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Scalped (2007-2012) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Scarface: Devil in Disguise (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW Publishing
Scarlet (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Icon (Marvel)
Scarlet Spider (1995-Present) Marvel Comics
Scarlet Veronica (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Ape Entertainment
Scarlet Witch v2 (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Scarletts Curse (Mini-Series) (2007) Praxis Comics
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustrated (Mini-Series) (2010) Zenescope
Science Dog Special (One-Shot) (2010) Image Comics
Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2013-Present) DC Comics
Scourge of the Gods: The Fall (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel MAX
Screamland (2011-Present) Image
Screamland (Mini-Series) (2008) Image Comics
Se7eN (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Zenescope Entertainment
Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark (One-Shot) (2010) Image Comics
Sea of Red (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Image Comics
Season One (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel Comics
Secret (2012-Present) Image Comics
Secret Avengers (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Secret Invasion *Crossover* (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Secret Invasion Saga (One-Shot) (2008) Marvel Comics
Secret Lives of Julie Newmar (2013-2013) Bluewater Productions
Secret Origins (2014-Present) DC Comics
The Secret Service (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Icon (Marvel)
Secret Six Vol. 3 (2008-Present) DC Comics
Secret Skull (Mini Series) (2004) IDW Publishing
Secret War (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Marvel Comics
Secret Warriors (2009-Present) Marvel Comics
Secret Wars (1984, 1985, 2004) Marvel
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman (2014-Present) DC Comics
Serenity (2005-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Sergio Aragones (Various years) Various Publishers
Sergio Aragones' Groo The Wanderer (1982-Present) Various Publishers
Sergio Toppi Narratore D'Immagini (2001) Lo Scarabeo
Seven Soliders: Frankenstein (Mini-Series) (2006) DC Comics
Severed (Mini-Series) (2011) Image
The Sewage Dragoon (One-Shot) (1992) Parody Press
Sex Criminals (2013-Present) Image Comics
SFSX (2019-Present) Image Comics
Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Sha (1996-2008) Heavy Metal/Soleil
The Shade (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) DC Comics
The Shadow (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Shadow Reavers (Mini-Series) (2001-2002) Black Bull Entertainment
Shadow State (Mini-Series) (1995-1996) Broadway
Shadowhawk (1992-Present) Image Comics
Shadowland *Crossover* (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Shadowman (1992-1999) Valiant Comics / Acclaim
Shadowman (2012-Present) Valiant Comics
Shadowpact (2006-2008) DC Comics
Shadowplay (2005-2006) IDW Publishing
Shadows of Spawn (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Todd McFarlane Productions (Image Comics)
Shahrazad (2013-Present) Big Dog Ink
Shahrazad (Mini-Series) (2015-Present) Aspen Comics
Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu (Mini-Series) (2002-2003) MAX
Shang-Chi: Master Of Kung-Fu (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Shanna the She-Devil (Mini-Series) (1972-2008) Marvel
Shaolin Cowboy (2004–present) Burlyman Entertainment
Sharaz-de (2004) Mosquito
Sharkey The Bounty Hunter (2019-Present) Image Comics
Shaun of the Dead (Mini-Series) (2005) IDW Publishing
Shazam (2006-Present) DC Comics
She Could Fly (2018-Present) Dark Horse Comics
She-Hulk (2004-Present) Marvel Comics
She-Hulks (2011) Marvel Comics
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (1998-2009) London Night/Devil's Due Publishing
Shelena (2005) Casterman
Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak the Night Stalker (Mini-Series) (2009) Moonstone
Sherlock Holmes & Vampires Of London (Mini-Series) (2010) Soleil Productions
Sherlock Holmes (2009-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Sherlock Holmes in the Case of the Missing Martian (Mini-Series) (1990) Eternity Comics (Malibu Grap
Sherrilyn Kenyon's Lords of Avalon (Mini-Series) (2008-Present) Marvel Comics
The Shield (2009-2010) DC Comics
Shinku (2011-Present) Image
Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising (Mini-Series) (2009) Radical Comics
Shrapnel: Hubris (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Radical Comics
Shrugged (2006-2009) Aspen comics
Shuddertown (2010-Present) Image Comics
A Sickness in the Family (One-Shot) (2010) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Siege *Crossover* (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Sif (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Sigil (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) CrossGen/Marvel
Silent Hill (2004-Present) IDW Publishing
Sillage / Wake (1998–present) Delcourt Production/NBM Publishing
Silver Surfer (1968-Present) Marvel Comics
Silver Surfer / Superman (One-Shot) (1996) Marvel Comics
Silver Surfer and Warlock: Resurrection (Mini-Series) (1993) Marvel Comics
Simon Dark (2007-2009) DC Comics
Sin City Collection (1991-2000) Dark Horse Comics
Sinbad - Rogue of Mars (Mini-Series) (2007) Bluewater
Sinestro (2014-Present) DC Comics
Sinestro Corps War *Crossover* (2007-2008) DC Comics
Sinkha (1995-2007) Heavy Metal
Sins Of The Fallen - The Nightstalker (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Zenescope
Sir Apropos of Nothing (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) IDW Publishing
Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder (2009-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Siren (Mini-Series) (1995-1996) Malibu
Six Guns (Mini Series) (2012-Present) Marvel
The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six (2014-Present) Dynamite
Sixgun Samurai (Mini-Series) (2005) Alias Enterprises
The Sixth Gun (2010-Present) Oni Press
Siècle de sang (1994) Soleil Productions
Skaar - King of the Savage Land (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
Skaar: Son of Hulk / Son of Hulk (2008-2010) Marvel Comics
A Skeleton Story (2010) GG Studio
Skin 13 (One-Shot) (1995) Parody Press
Skullkickers (2010-Present) Image Comics
Sky Doll (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics / Soleil
Sky Doll: Lacrima Christi (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel / Soleil
Sky Doll: Space Ship (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Sky Pirates of Neo Terra (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Image Comics
Skybourne (2016-Present) Boom! Studios
Skyman (Mini-Series) (2014) Dark Horse Comics
Slave Girl Comics (Mini-Series) (1949) Avon Periodicals
Sleeper (2003-2005) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Sleepwalker (1991-1994) Marvel
Sláine (2001-2003) Titan Books Ltd
Smallville (2012-Present) DC Comics
Smoke and Mirrors (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
Smurfs (Various) (1982-2011) Various
Snake Woman (2006-2007) Virgin Comics
Snarked (2011-Present) kaboom! (Boom! Studios)
Snotgirl (2016-Present) Image Comics
The Snow Queen (One-Shot) (1983) Interpesse
Soldier Zero (2010-Present) Boom! Studios
Solomon Kane (2008-Present) Dark Horse
Son of Merlin (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Top Cow Productions
Soul Saga (2000-2004) Top Cow
Soulfire (2004-Present) Aspen Comics
Southern Bastards (2014) Image Comics
Space Bandits (2019-Present) Image Comics
Space Warped (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) kaboom! (Boom! Studios)
Space: 1999 (1975-Present) Various Publishers
Space: Above And Beyond (1995-1996) Topps Comics
Spaceman (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Sparta, U.S.a. (Mini-Series) (2010) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Devil's Due Publishing
Spawn (1992-Present) Image Comics
Special Forces (Mini-Series) (2007-2009) Image Comics
The Spectacular Spider-Girl (2009-Present) Marvel
Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) IDW Publishing
The Spider (2011-Present) Moonstone
The Spider (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Spider-Girl (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Spider-Girl: The End! (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Spider-Island (Crossover Event) (2011-Present) Marvel
Spider-Man & The Avengers (One-Shot) (2011) Williams-Sonoma/Marvel
Spider-Man & The Secret Wars (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man / Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do (Mini-Series) (2002-2006) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man / Doctor Octopus: Year One (Mini-Series) (2004) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man / Fantastic Four (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man / Human Torch (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man / Punisher: Family Plot (Mini-Series) (1996) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man / Red Sonja (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics/Dynamite Entertainment
Spider-Man 2099 (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man and Power Pack (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man and The X-Men (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man and Wolverine (Mini-Series) (2003) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man and X-Factor: Shadowgames (Mini-Series) (1994) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2006-2009) Marvel Comic
Spider-Man Saga (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man vs. Vampires (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: 1602 (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Blue (Mini-Series) (2002) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Breakout (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Death and Destiny (Mini-Series) (2000) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Fever (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Knights
Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies (Mini-Series) (1995) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus (Mini-Series) (1995) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Get Kraven (Mini-Series) (2002-2003) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives (Mini-Series) (1997) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: House of M (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: India (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan (Mini-Series) (2002-2003) Mangaverse (Marvel)
Spider-Man: Lifeline (Mini-Series) (2001) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Noir (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Noir - Eyes Without A Face (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Origin of the Hunter (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Planet Of The Symbiotes (Mini-Series) (1995) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Power of Terror (Mini-Series) (1995) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Quality Of Life (Mini-Series) (2002) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Reign (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin (Mini-Series) (2000) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Team-Up (Mini-Series) (1995-1997) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: The Arachnis Project (Mini-Series) (1994) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: The Clone Saga (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: The Final Adventure (Mini-Series) (1995) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: The Lost Years (Mini-Series) (1995) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: The Mutant Agenda (Mini-Series) (1994) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: The Short Halloween (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Spider-Man: Web of Doom (Mini-Series) (1994) Marvel Comics
Spider-Men (2012-Present) Marvel Comics
Spider-Woman (1978-2010) Marvel Comics
Spike (2005-Present) IDW Publishing
Spin Angels v1 (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Spineless-Man $2099 (One-Shot) (1992) Parody Press
The Spirit (1944-Present) Various Publishers
Spitfire (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Splatter (Mini-Series) (1991-1992) Northstar
Spontaneous (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Oni Press
Squadron Supreme v3 (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Stan Lee meets Silver Surfer (One-Shot) (2007) Marvel Comics
Star Blecch (One-Shot) (1995) Parody Press
Star Trek (1967-1979) Gold Key
Star Trek (2011-Present) IDW Publishing
Star Trek / Planet of the Apes (Mini-Series) (2014-Present) IDW/Boom
Star Trek 100-Page Spectacular Winter 2012 (One-Shot) (2012) IDW Publishing
Star Trek Countdown To Darkness (2013-Present) IDW Publishing
Star Trek II - The Wrath Of Khan (TOS) (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW
Star Trek Movie Adaptation (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Star Trek TNG / Doctor Who - Assimilation2 (2012-Present) IDW
Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2011-2012) IDW Publishing
Star Trek/X-Men (One-Shots) (1996-1996) Paramount (Marvel)
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight v1 (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) IDW
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight v2 (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) IDW
Star Trek: Captain's Log (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Star Trek: Countdown (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW
Star Trek: DS9 - Fool's Gold (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) IDW Publishing
Star Trek: Early Voyages (1997-1998) Paramount (Marvel)
Star Trek: Khan Ruling in Hell (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Star Trek: Klingons - Blood Will Tell (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW
Star Trek: Nero (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW
Star Trek: New Frontier (Mini-Series) (2008) IDW
Star Trek: Romulans - Schism (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) IDW
Star Trek: Romulans - The Hollow Crown (Mini-Series) (2008) IDW
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Hive (Mini-Series) (2012) IDW Publishing
Star Trek: TNG (Myriad) - The Last Generation (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW
Star Trek: TNG - Ghosts (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) IDW Publishing
Star Trek: TNG - Intelligence Gathering (Mini-Series) (2008) IDW
Star Trek: TNG - The Space Between (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW
Star Trek: TOS - Assignment Earth (Mini-Series) (2008) IDW
Star Trek: TOS - Burden of Knowledge (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Star Trek: TOS - Crew (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW
Star Trek: TOS - Leonard McCoy Frontier Doctor (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Star Trek: TOS - Mirror images (Mini-Series) (2008) IDW
Star Trek: TOS - Mission's End (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW
Star Trek: TOS - Spock Refelections (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW
Star Trek: TOS - Year Four (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW
Star Trek: TOS - Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment (Mini-Series) (2008) IDW
Star Wars (2013-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
The Star Wars (Mini-Series) (2013-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars - Darth Vader and the Lost Command (Mini-Series) (2011) Dark Horse
Star Wars Adventures: Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear (One-Shot) (2011) Dark Horse Books
Star Wars Adventures: Chewbacca and the Slavers of the Shadowlands (One-Shot) (2011) Dark Horse Book
Star Wars Adventures: Luke Skywalker & The Treasure of the Dragonsnakes (One-Shot) (2010) Dark Horse
Star Wars Adventures: Princess Leia and the Royal Ransom (2009) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars Adventures: The Will of Darth Vader (One-Shot) (2010) Dark Horse Books
Star Wars: Agent Of The Empire (2011-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Blood Ties (2010-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Chewbacca (Mini-Series) (2000) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Crimson Empire (Mini-Series) (1997-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Dark Times (2006-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison (Mini-Series) (2012) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Dawn Of The Jedi (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (2017-Present) Marvel
Star Wars: Halloween Special 2009 (One-Shot) (2009) Dark Horse
Star Wars: Invasion (2009-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Jedi - The Dark Side (2011) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Kanan - The Last Padawan (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Star Wars: Knight Errant (2010-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2006-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Lando (Mini-Series) (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Star Wars: Legacy (2006-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Lost Tribe Of The Sith - Spiral (Mini-Series) (2012) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: Purge (2005-2010) Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-Present) Dark Horse
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-Present) Various Publishers
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Web Comic) (2008-Present)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Strange Allies (One-Shot) (2011) Dark Horse Books (Dark Horse Comics)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (One-Shots) (2008-2010) Dark Horse
Star Wars: The Old Republic (2009-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Star-Spangled War Stories (One-Shot) (2010) DC Comics
Starborn (2010-Present) Boom! Studios
StarCraft (2009-2010) Wildstorm
StarCraft (2010-Present) Tokyopop
StarGate (1996-Present) Entity/Avatar/Dynamite
Starkweather (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Arcana Studio
Starlight (2014-Present) Image Comics
Starr the Slayer (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Starstruck (2009-Present) IDW Publishing
Static Shock (2011-Present) DC
Steamcraft (2012-Present) Antarctic Press
Steampunk (2000-2002) Cliffhanger (DC Comics)
Steampunk: (2011-Present) Antarctic Press
Steed and Mrs. Peel (Mini-Series) (2010) Boom! Studios
Steel (One-Shot) (2011) DC Comics
Stephen King's N. (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Stephen King's The Dark Tower (2007-Present) Marvel Comics
Stephen King's The Stand (Mini-Series) (2008-Present) Marvel Comics
Steve Ditko: Space Wars (One-Shot) (2005) Vanguard Productions (USA)
Steve Rogers: Super Soldier (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Stigmates (1998) Seuil
Stingers (2009-Present) Zenescope
Stitched (2011-Present) Avatar
Storm (1976–Present) Mega Publisher
Storm (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Storm Dogs (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Image Comics
Storming Paradise (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) WildStorm (DC Comics)
Stormwatch (2011-Present) DC Comics
Stormwatch: P.H.D. (2007-2010) WildStorm (DC Comics)
The Strain (2011-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Strange Adventures (2009) DC Comics
The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft (Mini-Series) (2009) Image Comics
The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde (Mini-Series) (2011) Dark Horse Comics
Strange Days (Mini-Series) (1984) Eclipse Comics
Strange Girl (2005-2007) Image Comics
Strange Killings: Necromancer (2004) (Mini Series) Avatar Press
Strange Science Fantasy (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Strange Tales (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) Marvel Comics
Strange v2 (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Strangehaven (1995-2005) Abiogenesis Press
The Straw Men (Mini-Series) (2008) Zenescope
Street Fighter (2006-Present) Udon Entertainment
The Stuff Of Legend (2009-Present) Th3rd World Studios
Stumptown (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Oni Press
Stumptown v2 (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Oni Press
Stupid Comics (Mini-Series) (2002-2005) Image
Stupidman: Rain On The Stupidmen (Mini-Series) (2008) Parody Press
Sub-Mariner (1941-Present) Timely, Marvel Comics
Sub-Mariner: The Depths (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Sugarshock (One-Shot) (2009) Dark Horse Comics
Sugarvirus (One-Shot) (1993) Atomeka Press
The Suicide Forest (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) IDW Publishing
Suicide Girls (Mini-Series) (2011) IDW
Suicide Risk (2013-Present) Boom! Studios
Suicide Squad (2011-Present) DC Comics
Suiciders (2015-Present) DC Comics (Vertigo)
Super Dinosaur (2011-Present) Image Comics
Super Zombies (Mini-Series) (2009) Dynamite Entertainment
Super-Team Family (1975-1978) DC Comics
Super-ViLLAiN Team-Up (1975-1980) Marvel Comics
Superboy (1949-Present) DC Comics
Superboy and the Ravers (1996-1998) DC Comics
Supercrooks (2012-Present) Icon (Marvel)
Supergirl (1972-Present) DC Comics
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes (2006-2008) DC Comics
Supergod (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Avatar Press
Superior (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Icon (Marvel)
Superior Iron Man (2014-Present) Marvel Comics
Superior Spider-Man (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Superman & Batman vs Vampires and Werewolves (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) DC Comics
Superman (1939-Present) DC Comics
Superman / Batman (2003-Present) DC Comics
Superman / Supergirl: Maelstrom (Mini-Series) (2009) DC Comics
Superman / Wonder Woman (2013-Present) DC Comics
Superman Adventures (1996-2002) DC Comics
Superman Beyond (2011-Present) DC Comics
Superman Confidential (2007-2008) DC Comics
The Superman Family (1974-1982) DC Comics
Superman For All Seasons (Mini-Series) (1998) DC Comic
Superman Returns: The Official Movie Adaptation (One-Shot) (2006) DC Comics
Superman Unchained (2013-Present) DC Comics
Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane (1958-1974) DC Comics
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954-2009) DC Comics
Superman: Doomed (Crossover/Event) (2014) DC Comics
Superman: Earth One (Graphic Novel) (2010-Present) DC Comics
Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton (Mini-Series) (2010) DC Comics
Superman: New Krypton Special (One-Shot) (2008) DC Comics
Superman: Red Son (Mini-Series) (2003) Elseworlds (DC Comics)
Superman: Secret Files (One-Shot) (2009) DC Comics
Superman: Secret Identity (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) DC Comics
Superman: Secret Origin (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) DC Comics
Superman: The Kansas Sighting (Mini-Series) (2003) DC Comics
Superman: The Last Family of Krypton (Mini-Series) (2010) DC Comics
Superman: The Man of Steel (1991-2003) DC Comics
Superman: War of the Supermen (Mini-Series) (2010) DC Comics
Superman: World of New Krypton (Maxi-Series) (2009-2010) DC Comics
Supernatural (2007-Present) WildStorm (DC Comics)
Supreme (1992-Present) Various Publishers
Supreme Power (Mini-Series) (2011) MAX (Marvel)
Supurbia (2012-Present) Boom! Studios
The Surrogates (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Top Shelf Productions
Survival Fetish (2018-Present) Black Mask Studios
The Sussex Vampire (One-Shot) (1996) Caliber Comics
Swamp Thing (2011-Present) DC
Sweet Tooth (2009-Present) Vertigo Comics (DC Comics)
Sweets (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Image Comics
Sword Daughter (2018-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Sword of Red Sonja: Doom of the Gods (Mini-Series) (2007) Dynamite Entertainment
Sword of Sorcery (2012-Present) DC Comics
Sword of the Atom (1984-1995) Marvel Comics

_____ :: T :: _____

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (2011-Present) DC Comics
Tag (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Boom! Studios
Tag: Cursed (Mini-Series) (2007) Boom! Studios
Tails of the Pet Avengers (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Tails of the Pet Avengers: The Dogs of Summer (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
The Tale of One Bad Rat (Mini-Series) (1994-1995) Dark Horse Comics
Talent (Mini-Series) (2006) Boom! Studios
Tales of Error (2003) Fantagraphics Books
Tales Of Evil (Mini-Series) (1975) Atlas Comics
Tales of Penance Trial of the Century (One-Shot) (2008) Arcana Studio
Tales of the Dragon Guard (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Tales to Astonish (1959-1968) Marvel Comics
The Talisman (2009-Present) Del Rey Comics
Talon (2012-Present) DC Comics
Tangent: Superman's Reign (2008-2009) Tangent (DC Comics)
Tank Girl (1988-Present) Various Publishers
Tarot of the Origins (2000) Lo Scarabeo
Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose (1999-Present) Broadsword Comics
Taskmaster (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Team 7 (2012-Present) DC Comics
The Technopriests (2004) Humanoids Publishing (DC Comics)
Teddy Scares (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Ape Entertainment
Teen Titans (2003-Present) DC Comics
Teen Wolf (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Top Cow/MTV Comics
Teen-Aged Dope Slaves And Reform School Girls (One-Shot) (1989) Eclipse Books
Teenagers From Mars (Mini-Series) (2003) Gigantic Graphic Novels
Ten Grand (2013-Present) Image Comics
The Tenth: Resurrected (Mini-Series) (2001-2002) Dark Horse Comics
Term Life (One-Shot) (2011) Shadowline (Image Comics)
Terminator 2: Cybernetic Dawn (Mini-Series) (1995) Malibu Comics
Terminator 2: Infinity (2007) Dynamite Entertainment
Terminator-Robocop - Kill Human (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2011) Dynamite Entertainment
The Terminator: 1984 (Mini-Series) (2010) Dark Horse Comics
The Terminator: 2029 (Mini-Series) (2010) Dark Horse Comics
Terminator: Revolution (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Dynamite Entertainment
Terminator: Salvation - Movie Adaptation (2009) IDW Publishing
Terra (2009) (Mini-Series) DC Comics
Terror Inc (2007-2008) Marvel
Terror Inc v1 (1992-1993) Marvel
Terror Inc.: Apocalypse Soon (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel MAX
Terror Titans (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) DC Comics
Terry Moore's How To Draw... (One-Shot) (2011) Abstract Studio
Testament (2006-2008) Vertigo (DC Comics)
The Thanos Imperative (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Thanos Rising (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
That Hellbound Train (Mini-Series) (2011) IDW
That Man Flint (2011-Present) Moonstone
The Theater (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Zenescope
Thief of Thieves (2012-Present) Skybound Entertainment (Image Comics)
The Thing From Another World (Mini-Series) (1991-1994) Dark Horse Comics
The Thing: The Northman Nightmare (Mini-Series) (2011) Dark Horse Comics
This Haunted World (Mini-Series) (2011) Sea Lion Books
Thor (a.k.a. Journey Into Mystery) (1962-Present) Marvel Comics
Thor (One-Shots & Mini-Series) (2005-Present) Marvel Comics
Thor: God of Thunder (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Thor: The Mighty Avenger (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Thousand Faces (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) Humanoids/DC Comics
Threshold (2013-Present) DC Comics
Thrud the Barbarian (Mini-Series) (2002-2007) Mitchell and Wright Printers Limited
Thulsa Doom (Mini-Series) (2009) Dynamite Comics
Thumbs (2019) Image Comics
Thun'da (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Dynamite Entertainment
Thunderbolts (1997-Present) Marvel Comics
Thunderstrike (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
The Tick (2007-Present) New England Comics
Tiger And Crane (Mini-Series) (2008) Bluewater
Time Bomb (Mini-Series) (2010) Radical Comics
Time Masters: Vanishing Point (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) DC Comics
Time Tunnel (Mini-Series) (1966-1967) Gold Key
Time Warp (One-Shot) (2013) Vertigo Comics
Titans (2008-Present) DC Comics
To Hell You Ride (2012-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth (Mini-Series) (2013) Image Comics
Toe Tags Featuring George A. Romero (2004) (Mini-Series) DC Comics
Tom Corbett Space Cadet (Mini-Series) (2009) Bluewater
Tom Strong & the Robots of Doom (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Tom Strong (One-Shot) (2009) Wildstorm
Tomb of Dracula Presents - Throne of Blood (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
Tomb Raider (2013-Present) Dark Horse Comics
Tomb Raider Collection (1997-2004) Top Cow
The Torch (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics / Dynamite Comics
Torchwood: The Official Comic (2010-Present) Titan Publishing
Total Recall (2011-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Toy Story (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) Boom Kids
Tracker (Mini-Series) (2010) Top Cow Productions
Trailer Park of Terror (2004-Present) Imperium Comics
The Transformers (1984-Present) Marvel Comics
Transformers (2006-Present) IDW Publishing
Transformers Movie Sequel: The Reign Of Starscream (Mini-Series) (2008) IDW Publishing
Transformers v2 (2009-2012) IDW Publishing
Transformers/G.I. Joe v1-2 (Mini-Series) (2003-2004) Dreamwave Productions
Transformers: Beast Wars (2006-2008) IDW Publishing
Transformers: Continuum (One-Shot) (2009) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: Evolutions (Mini-Series) (2006) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: Generation One (2002-2005) Dreamwave Productions
The Transformers: Generations (2006-2007) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: Headmasters (Mini-Series) (1987-1988) Marvel Comics
The Transformers: Infestation (Mini-Series) (2011) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: Megatron: Origin (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: Micromasters (Mini-Series) (2004) Dreamwave Productions
The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
Transformers: Nefarious (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation (Mini-Series) (2009) IDW Publishing
Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Movie Prequel (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: Spotlight (2006-Present) IDW Publishing
Transformers: Tales of the Fallen (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: Target:2006 (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: The Movie (Mini-Series) (1986) Marvel Comics
The Transformers: The Movie Prequel (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW Publishing
The Transformers: The War Within (2002-2004) Dreamwave Productions
The Transformers: Universe (Mini-Series) (1986) Marvel Comics
Transmetropolitan (1997-2002) Vertigo (DC Comics)
The Traveler (2010-Present) Boom! Studios
Trinity (2008-2009) DC Comics
Trinity of Sin: Pandora (2013-Present) DC Comics
Trio (2012-Present) IDW Publishing
Trolls of Troy (1997-Present) Soleil Productions
TRON: Betrayal (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
TRON: Original Movie Adaptation (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
True Believers (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
True Blood (2008-Present) TopCow / IDW
True Grit: Mean Business (One-Shot) (2011) Glass Eye
Truth, Justin, and the American Way (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Image Comics
Turf (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Image Comics
Turok (2010-Present) Various Publishers
The Twelve (Mini-Series) (2008-Present) Marvel Comics
The Twelve: Spearhead (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Twenty Seven (2010-Present) Image Comics
Twisted Tales (1982-1984) Pacific Comics/Eclipse Comics
Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) Image Comics

_____ :: U :: _____

Ubu Bubu (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) SLG Publishing
Ultima parano (2002) Delcourt
Ultimate Adventures (Mini-Series) (2002-2004) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics Armor Wars (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics Avengers (2009-Present) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics Captain America (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics Doom (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics Enemy (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel
Ultimate Comics Iron Man (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) Marvel
Ultimate Comics Mystery (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics New Ultimates (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics Thor (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics Wolverine (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics X (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates (2011-Present) Marvel
Ultimate Comics: X-Men (2011-Present) Marvel
Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra (Mini-Series) (2001-2002) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Elektra (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Fallout (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel
Ultimate Fantastic Four (2004-2009) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Galactus Trilogy (2004-2006) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Iron Man II (Mini-Series) (2008) Ultimate (Marvel Comics)
Ultimate Origins (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Six (Mini-Series) (2003-2004) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000-Present) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Vision (Mini-Series) (2007) Marvel Comics
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk (Mini-Series) (2006-2009) Marvel Comics
Ultimate X-Men (2001-2009) Marvel Comics
The Ultimates (2002-Present) Marvel Comics
Ultimatum (2009) Marvel Comics
The Umbrella Academy (2007-2009) Dark Horse
Un an dans La vie 2001-2002 (2002) Stardom
Un point c'est tout ! (1993) Casterman
The Un-Men (2007-2008) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Uncanny Avengers (2012-Present) Marvel Comics
Uncanny X-Force (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Uncanny X-Men (1963-Present) Marvel Comics
Uncanny X-Men: First Class (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Uncharted (Mini-Series) (2012) DC Comics
Uncle Sam (Mini-series) (1997) Vertigo
Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters (2006-2007) DC Comics
Underground (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Image Comics
Underworld: Movie Adaptations (2003-2008) IDW Publishing
Undying Love (Mini-Series) (2011) Image Comics
The Unexpected (2011-Present) DC Comics)
Unfabulous Five (Mini-Series) (2011-2012) Humanoids
Unholy (Mini-Series) (2005) Avatar Press
Union Jack (1998-1999) / Union Jack: London Falling (2006-2007) (Mini-Series) Marvel Comics
Unity (2013-Present) Valiant Entertainment
The Unknown (Mini-Series) (2009) BOOM! Studios
Unknown Soldier (2008-Present) Vertigo (DC Comics)
The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh (Mini-Series) (2009) BOOM! Studios
Untold Tales of Punisher Max (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel Comics
The Unwritten (2009-Present) Vertigo

_____ :: V :: _____

V (1985-1986) DC Comics
Valen The Outcast (2011-Present) Boom! Studios
Valkyrie (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019-Present) Marvel Comics
Vampi (2000-2004) Harris Comics
Vampirella (1969-Present) Various Publishers
Vampires: The Marvel Undead (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
The Vault (Mini-Series) (2011) Image
Velocity (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Top Cow Productions (Image Comics)
Velvet (2013-Present) Image Comics
Venecia Celeste (1995) Aedena
Vengeance (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel
Venom (2003-Present) Marvel Comics
Venus (One-Shot) (2007) Bluewater
Vertigo Visions: Dr. Occult (One-Shot) (1994) Vertigo (DC Comics)
A Very Zombie Christmas (One-Shots) (2009-2010) Avatar Press
Vescell (2011-Present) Image Comics
The Vessel Of Terror (2011-Present) Markosia
Vic and Blood (Mini-Series) (1987-1988) Mad Dog Graphics
Victoria's Secret Service (Mini-Series) (2005-2007) Alias Enterprises/Bluewater
Victorian Secret (2011-Present) Antarctic Press
Victorian Undead (Mini-Series) (2010) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Vigilante v3 (2009-2010) DC Comics
Viking (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Image Comics
Villains for Hire (2012-Present) Marvel
Villains United (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) DC Comics
Vincent Price Presents (2008-Present) (Bluewater Comics)
The Vinyl Underground (2007-2008) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Violet Rose (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Bluewater
The Vision v2 (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Vixen: Return of the Lion (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) DC Comics
Voltron (2012-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Voodoo (1999-Present) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
Voodoo Child (2007) Voices (Virgin Comics)
The Voyages of SheBuccaneer (Mini-Series) (2008-Present) Great Big Comics
Vuzz (1981) Les Humanoïdes Associés

_____ :: W :: _____

W.I.T.C.H (2001-PRESENT) Disney Italia
The Wake (Mini-Series) (2013-2014) DC Comics (Vertigo)
Wake The Dead (Mini-Series) (2003-2004) IDW Publishing
The Waking (Mini-Series) (2010) Zenescope Entertainment
A Walk Through Hell (2018-Present) Aftershock Comics
The Walking Dead (2003-Present) Image Comics
The Walking Dead (Mini-Series) (1989) Aircel Publishing
WALL-E (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Boom! Studios
Walter Koenig's Things To Come (2011-Present) Bluewater
War Goddess (2011-Present) Boundless Comics (Avatar Press)
War Heroes (Mini-Series) (2008-Present) Image Comics
War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel MAX
War Machine (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
War of Kings *Crossover* (2009) Marvel Comics
War Of The Elementals (Mini-Series) (2008) Bluewater
War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath (Mini-Series) (2011) DC Comics
War of the Undead (Mini-Series) (2007) IDW Publishing
War of The Worlds: Second Wave (Mini-Series) (2006) BOOM! Studios
The War That Time Forgot (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) DC Comics
Ward 6 (One-Shot) (2011) Kickstart Comics
Warehouse 13 (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Dynamite
Warhammer (2007-Present) Boom
Warlock (Mini-Series) (2009) Bluewater
Warlord of Mars (2010-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Warrior Nun Areala (1994-2003) Various Publishers
Warrior Nun Areala and Avengelyne (One-Shot) (1996) Antarctic Press
Warriors Three (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
The Warriors: Official Movie Adaptation (Mini-Series) (2009-Present) Dabel Brothers / Dynamite
Warstrike (Mini-Series) (1994) Ultraverse (Malibu Comics)
Watchmen (Mini-Series) (1986-1987) DC Comics
Watchmensch (One-Shot) (2009) Brain Scan Studios
Wayward Sons: Legends (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Red Giant Entertainment
We Kill Monsters (Mini-Series) (2009) Red 5 Comics
We Will Bury You (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
We3 (Mini-Series) (2004-2005) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Weapon X: Noir (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
The Web (2009-2010) DC Comics
Web of Spider-Man (1985-Present) Marvel Comics
Wednesday Comics (Mini-Series) (2009) DC Comics
Weekly World News (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Weird War Tales (War One-Shot) (2010) DC Comics
The Weird World of Jack Staff (2010-Present) Image Comics
Weird Worlds (2011) DC Comics
Werewolf (One-Shot) (2005) Catalan Communications
Werewolves of Montpellier (One-Shot) (2010) Fantagraphics Books
Werewolves on the Moon: Versus Vampires (Mini-Series) (2009) Dark Horse Comics
West Coast Avengers Vol. 3 (2018-Present) Marvel Comics
What If... (1977-Present) Marvel Comics
Whatever Happened To Baron Von Shock (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Image Comics
Whatmen?! (One-Shot) (2009) IDW Publishing
When Zombies Attack!! (2005-Present) GrimmGrottoGoods
Whisky's dreams (1977) Éditions du Cygne
Whispers (2012) Image Comics
Whispers in the Walls (Mini-Series) (2010-2010) Humanoids Publishing
Who Wants To Be A Superhero? (One-Shot) (2007) Dark Horse Comics
The Wicked + The Divine (2014-Present) Image
Widow Warriors (2010-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Widowmaker (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
Wild Bill Hickok (1949-1952) Avon Periodicals
WildCats (2005-Present) Wildstorm (DC Comics)
William Shatner Presents (2009-2010) Bluewater
Willow Creek (Mini-Series) (2008) Zenescope Entertainment
Winter Soldier (2012-Present) Marvel Comics
Winterworld (2014-Present) IDW Publishing
Wire Hangers (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Witch & Wizard (2010-Present) IDW Publishing
Witch (One-Shot) (2011) Kickstart Comics
Witch Doctor (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Skybound Entertainment (Image Comics)
Witchblade (1995-Present) Top Cow
Witchblade Red Sonja (Crossover/Mini-Series) (2012-Present) Top Cow Productions (Dynamite Entertainm
Wizard Magazine (1991-Present) Wizard Entertainment
Wolfskin: Hundredth Dream (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Avatar Press
Wolverine & The Black Cat - Claws II (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel
Wolverine (1982-Present) Marvel Comics
Wolverine - Debt of Death (One-shot) (2011) Marvel Comics
Wolverine and Jubilee (2011) Marvel Comics
Wolverine and the X-Men (2011-Present) Marvel
Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega (Mini-Series) (2012-2012) Marvel
Wolverine MAX (2012-Present) Marvel
Wolverine Noir (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters & Mutants (Mini-Series) (2011) Marvel Comics
Wolverine/Hulk (Mini-Series) (2002) Marvel Knights
Wolverine: Chop Shop (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: Firebreak (One-Shot) (2008) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: First Class (2008-2010) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: Mr.X (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: Netsuke (Mini-Series) (2002-2003) Marvel
Wolverine: Origin (2001-Present) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: Revolver (One-Shot) (2009) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: Savage (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: The Best There Is (2011-Present) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: The End (Mini-Series) (2004) Marvel
Wolverine: The Road to Hell (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: Under The Boardwalk (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: Weapon X (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
Wolverine: Wendigo! (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Wolverines (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
Womanthology (Mini-Series) (2012-2013) IDW Publishing
Women of Marvel (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) Marvel Comics
Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Wonder Girl (2007-Present) DC Comics
Wonder Woman (1942-Present) DC Comics
The Woods (2014-Present) Boom! Studios
World of Warcraft (2007-Present) WildStorm Productions (DC Comics)
World of Warcraft: Manga (Collection) (2005-Present) TokyoPop
World War Hulk (Crossover/Event) (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
World War III (Mini-Series) (2007) DC Comics
World's Finest (2009-Present) DC Comics
Wrath Of The Titans (Mini-Series) (2007-Present) Ray Harryhausen Signature Series (Bluewater Comics)
Wulf (2011-Present) Atlas Comics
WWE Heroes (2010-Present) Titan Comics
Wytches (2014-Present) Image Comics

_____ :: X :: _____

X-23 (2005-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Babies (Mini-Series) (2009-2010) Marvel Comics
X-Campus (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
X-Club (Mini-Series) (2012) Marvel
X-Factor (1986-Present) Marvel Comics
The X-Files / 30 Days of Night (Mini-Series) (2010-2011) IDW/Wildstorm
X-Force (1991-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Infernus (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
X-Man (1995-2001) Marvel Comics
X-Men & The ClanDestine (Mini-Series) (1996) Marvel Comics
X-Men '92 (Infinite Comics) (2015-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men - Worst X-Man Ever (Mini-Series) (2016) Marvel Comics
X-Men Adventures (1992-1996) Marvel Comics
X-Men and Power Pack (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Marvel Comics
X-Men and Spider-Man (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
X-Men Forever (2001-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men Origins (2009-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men Unlimited (1993-2006) Marvel Comics
X-Men vs Agents of Atlas (Mini-Series) (2009) Marvel Comics
X-Men vs. The Avengers (Mini-Series) (1987) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Battle of the Atom (Crossover Event) (2013) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Black Sun (Mini-Series) (2000) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Colossus Bloodline (Mini-Series) (2005-2006) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants *Crossover* (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Deadly Genesis (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Die By the Sword (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Divided We Stand (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Endangered Species (One-Shot) (2007) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Evolution (2002-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men: First Class (2006-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Grand Design (2018-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Hope (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Kitty Pryde - Shadow & Flame (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Legacy (1991-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Magneto Testament (Mini-Series) (2008) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Manifest Destiny (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Messiah Complex *Crossover* (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Noir (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Noir - Mark of Cain (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong (Mini-Series) (2005) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back (Mini-Series) (2010) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Regenesis (One-Shot) (2011) Marvel
X-Men: Schism (Mini-Series) (2011-Present) Marvel
X-Men: Second Coming *Crossover* (2010) Marvel Comics
X-Men: The 198 (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Comics
X-Men: The End (2004-2006) Marvel Comics
X-Men: The Hidden Years (1999-2001) Marvel Comics
X-Men: The Search for Cyclops (Mini-Series) (2000-2001) Marvel Comics
X-Men: To Serve And Protect (Mini-Series) (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Men: Worlds Apart (Mini-Series) (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
X-O Manowar (1992-Present) Valiant Comics
X-Statix (2002-2004) Marvel Comics
X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel Knights (Marvel Comics)
X-Termination (2013-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Treme X-Men (2001-Present) Marvel Comics
X-Women (One-Shot) (2010) Marvel Comics
Xena: Warrior Princess (Mini-Series) (2006-2007) Dynamite Entertainment
Xenogenesis (Mini-Series) (1999-2000) Dark Horse Comics
Xenoholics (2011-Present) Image
Xenozoic Tales (1987-1996) Kitchen Sink Press
XIII (2010-2011) Dargaud/Cinebook
Xin Collection (2002-2003) Anarchy Studios
Xoco (2000-2005) Vents d'Ouest
Xombie Reanimated (2007) Devil's Due Publishing
XSE (Mini-Series) (1996-1997) Marvel Comics

_____ :: Y :: _____

Y: The Last Man (2002-2008) Vertigo (DC Comics)
Yanks In Battle (Mini-Series) (1956) Quality
Yiu (1999-Present) Soleil Productions
Young All-Stars (1987-1989) DC Comics
Young Allies (2010-Present) Marvel Comics
Young Avengers (2005-Present) Marvel Comics
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Mini-Series) (1992-1993) Dark Horse Comics
Young Justice (2000-Present) DC Comics
Young Romance (One-Shot) (2013) DC Comics
Young X-Men (2008-2009) Marvel Comics
Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper (Mini-Series) (2010) IDW Publishing
Youth (2020 - Present) comiXology Originals

_____ :: Z :: _____

Zatanna (2003-Present) Vertigo/DC Comics
Zaya (Mini-series) (2014-Present) Magnetic Press
Zeke Deadwood (Mini-Series) (2009) Slg Publishing
Zen Intergalactic Ninja April Fool's Special (One-Shot) (1994) Parody Press
Zero Tolerance (Mini-Series) (1990-1991) First Publishing
ZFW - Zombies of Foreign Wars (2010) Creators Edge Press
ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2008-2010) Red 5 Comics
Zombie (Mini-Series) (2006) Marvel
Zombie Highway: Directionless (One-Shot) (2006-2007) Digital Webbing
Zombie International (2014-Present) Cappricorn Media
Zombie Powder (2006-2007) Shonen Jump (Viz Comics)
Zombie Proof (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Moonstone
The Zombie Simon Garth (Mini-Series) (2007-2008) Marvel Comics
Zombie Tales (One-Shot & Mini Series) (2005-2009) Atomeka Press/Boom! Studios
Zombie World (1997-1999) Dark Horse Comics
The Zombies That Ate the World (2009-Present) Devil’s Due Publishing
Zombies Vs (2006-Present) IDW Publishing
Zombies VS. Cheerleaders (2010-Present) Moonstone
Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Geektacular (One-Shot) (2010) Moonstone
Zombies! (2006-2007) IDW Publishing
Zorro (2008-Present) Dynamite Entertainment
Zot! (1984-1991) Eclipse Books

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