Fixing XviD Problems

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Fixing XviD Problems

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What is XviD?

-XviD is DivX spelt backwards.
XviD is another MPEG-4 based codec just like DivX, major differences may be that DivX is more user friendly and easy to use and XviD is more technical but with more options to tweak it [smile]

Problem: the screen gets very jumpy during playback
Solution: Download and install FFDShow

Problem:XviD plays fine but after a few seconds the picture freezes and the audio goes one
Solution: Bad frames are causing the freeze. You have to remove them. Monty's guide to removing bad frames
Problem: after encoding a XviD movie to VCD with Nero the picture is upside down
Solution: Don't use Nero to encode! Use TMPGENc instead
Problem: The picture is just grey but the audio plays fine
Solution: Reset the decoder's settings to default values and check your video overlay settings and reset it to default.

Problem: Jittery Playback
Solution: Download and install FFDShow

Problem: The movie is in black and white
Solution: Download and install FFDShow

Problem: Red/blue dots during playback
Solution: Update the drivers for your graphics card!

Problem: Very low Ac3 sound with XviD movie
Solution: GO to your ac3 decoder/filter options and increase the volume in the properties

Problem: No video even though it says "codec installed" in gspot
Solution: You have conflicting codecs. Make sure you only have one codec installed!

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checked and updayed :thumbs

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