Games which require a supplied crack to work or do not have a protection system.
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Think you can do better? It's your decisions that count: your budget, your buys, your formation, your tactics... your chance to prove it! Use your skills and knowledge to manage your club the way you feel it should be ù now it's your turn.

All football fans around the world, believe they know more about football than anybody else. More than the guy sat next to them at the match, more than the people commentating on the game, more than the manager of their local team.

Championship Manager is the closest you'll ever come to the highs and lows of real football management.

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     1 . Unrar 
     2 . Burn or mount 
     3 . Install the game 
     4 . Copy the crack from the DEViANCE dir on the CD into game dir 
     5 . Play and enjoy, you might die tomorrow
Championship.Manager.2006-DEViANCE.bin  [236.69 Mb]
Championship.Manager.2006-DEViANCE.cue  [105 Bytes]
Championship.Manager.2006-DEViANCE.nfo  [6.9 Kb]


[ Add all 3 links to your ed2k client ]

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thanks wkd post


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Its not got as many bugs as the previous has it?????????


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i have downloaded this game but do not know how to instal it could u help please thanks

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why did this take so long to come out? FM2006 has been out forever, been playing it recentrly.. anyone play both? recommend one over the other?

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no no no no no nooooo!
Darnit, now I wont be seeing my friend Balder for like a few months...He's a CM fanatic!

I guess I should say thank you on behalf of him...But really, I hate j00! Now I wont be getting free dinners cooked by Balder anytime soon..and he's a darn good chef!...Oh my, stuck with my own cooking...


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This is shockin lol

Exactly the same as champ 5....... Stick with Football Manager

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this is infinitely better than champ 5, i'm completely addicted ...

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