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Karate Kid (1976-1978) DC Comics

Postby Rhadamanthys » Wed Jul 18, 2007 6:21 pm

Karate Kid (1976-1978) DC Comics


Publisher: DC Comics
Schedule: n/a
Format: Series
Publication: 1976-1978

Legion of Super-heroes member Karate Kid decides to take some time for a little introspection. In typical thirtieth century fashion, rather than pack his bags and head for the Bahamas, he traverses the time stream and has all sorts of fun in the twentieth century.

Single Issues
Karate.Kid.(1976).1.-.15.-.(CC).rar  [92.77 MB] Check Sources on Check Sources on Dupe Check
-thanks: rwa5084. Rhadamanthys. destiny-angel.
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